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John. Your advise please. I am on grindr and have never met anyone in over two years. What am I doing wrong. My profile states.

Passive bottom seeks lads between 18 - 25 to fill me up. 72 yrs young. Must be blond and smooth. Blue eyes will win hands down. Hung big please . I cannot accommodate but can travel ( bus ).


Sorry to be blunt, but I get so many e mails complaining how younger guys just do not go for older men in their 70;s and 80's and how many old men have profile names like Passive Lad - SexyBoy - London Lad - and being retired and getting your pension means you are MOST CERTAINLY not a LAD or a BOY at all, you are an old fossil and it's misleading and does not help you at all.

Try an advert like - Passive Grandpa seeks Active Grandson. Age 18 plus - If grandson can accommodate - all the better.

or even

Grandpa seeks naughty grandson for punishing times both ways.


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