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the police are useless

AS you read last week, we had a guest die on us here and Woody spent 20 minutes with the 999 people on the phone instructing him to give CPR - and staring into the face of dead eyes may be how some people earn a living but it is NOT something we get to do - in fact - is probably something most people never get to do in their entire life's journey.

It may be nothing to some - but it is emotional and upsetting for others.

Here we have a guest we reached out to and befriend.

Here was a sick man screaming for help.

Here was a man whose whole family had pushed him away and

here was a man who felt completely lost as to where to go, what to do, how to restart his life, how to stop drinking and how to make it up to his family - his friends and all those who had pulled away because they had had enough of his - somewhat typical alcoholics behaviour - and re build his life without the booze.

Like for so many alcoholics, they simply cannot see a way out... a way forward... a way through ... and turn back to what they know and understand - more booze - and the cycle goes round and round.

What astounds me is the complete and utter lack of any consideration - support - sympathy or even counseling we may need - we who had the guest here and were a part of his ending, and we have been utterly and completely ignored.

We assume after the Coroners Office phoned and asked the same dumb questions we have already answered 4 or 5 times - ' Do you know his date of birth, where does he work, family members etc.' and WTF would a hotel know intimate details about a customer ? Clearly dumb questioning - maybe not the first time ... but after that.,.. just one hand not having a clue what the other hand is doing.

I can completely see now why the police have such a bad rap at catching criminals and just car chase instead... USELESS - not a clue. Really disturbing how incompetent some police officers are while giving you all the attitude that just beggars belief.

So after a phone call from the policewoman in charge - I TOLD HER OFF WELL AND TRULY and stated we were absolutely disgusted in how we have been abandoned, how we have been irritated with repeated questioning asking all the same questions and how while the paramedics were brilliant, the police had offered little but arrogance and an attitude that sucked.




and the respect and value from those designed to aid and assist was appalling and the last thing we expected was to be ignored and just treated with such distain. Hence I gave her a piece of my mind and policewoman or not, I WILL SPEAK MY MIND IF AND WHEN SOMETHING NEEDS SAYING and she flapped her lips and made excuses which DID NOT get past me at all and we ended the conversation with her having been told EXACTLY what we thought of how they had treated us and how it was a no wonder so many have so little faith in the police when they act like that.

They may very well be over worked, under funded, under trained and all sorts of excuses, but there is no reason for arrogance and that condescending manner towards us offered. THAT GETS UP MY NOSE.

They simply are not very good at their jobs. PERIOD.


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