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"This is Not Racism", Muslim left speechless.

"This is Not Racism", Douglas Murray Leaves Young Muslim SPEECHLESS on Free Speech.

CLICK BELOW and watch a short but informative video on the subject of Muslims coming into Europe and wanting - expecting - us to adapt to them rather than them adapt to us.

THIS is the number one thing that irritates European countries and their citizens, that they feel as if we are being usurped by immigration wanting to change us to suit them rather than the other way round. Many feel the country is being taken over and the aggressive nature of many Muslims berating people who are non Muslims in the streets, screaming how they will one day take over and kill all non Muslims - and how violent their religion seems to be - even compared to Christianity - as both are not true manifestations of God / Allah at all - and both are as made up as SpongeBob Square Pants and Mary Poppins - but at least Mary Poppins has a happy ending and SpongeBob - well he isn't real - sorry to disappoint. .


CLICK HERE - to go to Douglas Adams own web site.

Douglas Murray (born 16 July 1979) is a British author and conservative political commentator. He founded the Centre for Social Cohesion in 2007, which became part of the Henry Jackson Society, where he was associate director from 2011 to 2018. He is currently an associate editor of the conservative British political and cultural magazine The Spectator.

Murray has been praised by conservative writers.

Murray's critics have associated his views with Islamophobia and being linked to far-right political ideologies and the promotion of far-right ideas such as the Eurabia, Great Replacement, and Cultural Marxism conspiracy theories.

Many feel he says what the mass of people are thinking but too afraid to say it.

Many follow him and many hate him, mostly Muslims.

It is NOT racist to not like someone - and where it has nothing to do with their colour, religion or sexuality, sometimes you just do not gel with someone, and to then have bigotry thrown in your face shows that it is the person throwing the accusation who is more likely to be extremely self absorbed and see everything and anything as offensive and an attack on them when it - quite simply - has nothing to do with them BUT - they will fight in their corner that YOU are the bigot and racist even when faced with evidence and even when it is clear they have over stepped, and still these people scream offence until they get their own way or until other such delusional self centred people come together and agree - and there is always safety in numbers, even if the mass is - to put it plainly and in English - DELUSIONAL.

I admire anyone who is brave enough to stand up and be heard.

I dislike those cowards who find fault in others while doing fuck all themselves.

And I have little time for those whose minds are so blocked and so indoctrinated that they - quite simply, are too blinkered to see the truth or to see reality as it is, and not through rose tinted glasses.



John. The UK is in trouble. The Muslim take over of our streets, the aggressive manner they bring with them and the desire to change us into something we are not HAS TO STOP AND BE STOPPED BY OUR GOVERNMENT HELL BENT ON LETTING IT HAPPEN and that saddens me.


John you sent me early a link to review before you inserted it into the Newsletter. Thank you. I did not know Douglas Murray and have now subscribed to his web site as I did like the way he spoke and how he doesn't take sides, he just reads it as it is. Loved it John. Post it and if anyone is offended, then they are not very enlightened people, are they ?


I am a gay Muslim man. Disowned by my family, They would rather see me dead. I had to move otherwise their wish would have been put into practice to save face for the family who feel shame because one son turned out gay and they cannot hold it. Their Muslim faith will have them butcher a loved one, cut their head off and all without a moments thought, rather than face shame from others. I left. I ran. Never returned. They have no idea where I am. That John is my experience of being raised Muslim amongst ignorant people indoctrinated with a belief structure that murders its own. My family. It deeply upsets me to know my Mother would rather have me dead so she can save face. My father also, as he sees it as a betrayal of his masculinity,- his sperm this time was not good enough. Made a queer baby. I have numerous brothers and sisters and not seen or heard from any as parents dominate and too scared to go against the parents.

I am still Muslim but not a hard line - just a gentle soul who enjoys my life and ignores the brutal murdering side of the religion and concentrate on its inner beauty, that so far, man has not corrupted to suit themselves and their small minded view of others.

I no longer use my family given name - and now go by Robby.


This arrived in my In-box today and it was the first piece I read in this weeks Newsletter. After clicking and watching, must thank you John for sending that through. I have felt powerless and a voice in the darkness concerning the problems Europe is experiencing with Muslims, and Douglas Murray says it all so eloquently and clear. Good to know I am not alone in my views.

Loved it.



John. Not all Muslims are terrorists like not all Irish were members of the IRA.

Had to share that with you.

name withheld

ANSWER - Maybe not but just look at the human, animal and financial cost to lives and liberty caused by the small but powerful IRA - and the horrors that millions lived under - in fear - and you are mistaken if you think nothing will come from any of this because as you claim it is small numbers when we can clearly see in the streets, it is not small at all. Open your eyes Ms. Anonymous, open and see the reality. It IS happening.


I see the UK going to the dogs John. Just as I see Germany doing the same and I have lived here for over 20 years and such an aggressive change. I see much of Europe doing the same. This mass exodus of Muslims globally is insane and so many - even the USA. Unless our governments make a stand, like - LISTEN TO YOUR PEOPLE - we can see what is happening so why can't they - as soon we will be ruled by Shia laws and these weak willed mamby pamby politicians like Bumbling Boris - who say and do nothing but hide from taking responsibility for the destruction of the country .

Good for you John. Bob M.


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