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Time to score a goal for love and equality ahead of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar

This week, we delivered a message loud and clear to FIFA's front door: that now is the time for them to kick away the hate and score a goal for love and equality ahead of the upcoming World Cup in Qatar.

For too long, FIFA has dragged its feet. Their inaction and hypocrisy is putting LGBT+ lives at risk. It is up to them to stand in solidarity with Qatar's LGBT+ community to ensure that this year's World Cup is safe for all.

That's why All Out partnered with Swiss organizations Pink Cross, Lesbian Organization Switzerland (LOS), and Transgender Network Switzerland (TGNS) to bring a message of action to FIFA's front door. And look at how amazing it was:

The action was a huge success, and it couldn't have come at a better time.

Just as we were hosting the event, Qatar's World Cup ambassador described being gay as "a damage to the mind," and FIFA's former president, Sepp Blatter, admitted that choosing Qatar as a host nation was a mistake.

And, Valérie, our message of solidarity and action is resonating with folks around the world. Our stunt was covered by media from across the globe, including the UK's BBC and Euronews to Brazil's Globo G1.

People like you – All Out supporters and members – make these moments possible. Valérie, your support is crucial in helping show the world that we stand in solidarity with Qatar's LGBT+ community.

Would you like to see more powerful moments of solidarity like this one? To show the world the strength of the LGBT+ community? 💓

Thanks for going All Out, Justin, All Out (he/him)

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