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To have, or not to have, anal sex. That is the big question.

WANTED : Clean, warm & moist place to hide my big piece of meat - for a nice long time. Any suggestions ?
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John Bellamy Comments:

As a former sex worker who has had sex with tens of thousands and fucked tens of thousands, fucking made up a large part of what I did and what was expected and I'd have to say at least 75% of my clients wanted to get fucked, and it was just the few who didn't.

Naturally, I always used condoms and remained HIV Negative. Occasionally I would get a client who was not at all interested in getting fucked and it was more common than you would think, that during the early years of AIDS, many made the decision not to fuck any more because of the dangers involved and many - quite simply - found other things to do besides this.

Any lazy and boring person can get fucked. You just lay there and think you are good. Sexually lazy people are a bore - as sex is suppose to be enjoyable and not all up to one person. I appreciate many - MOST - people ( men ) are scared of sex, intimidated by sex, want it, enjoy it, but are crap at it and many think they are good when in truth, many haven't a clue.

Gay men are more adventurous than straight men and gay men have tons more opportunity and the freedom to explore with multiple partners whereas straight men, by and large, cannot, and many resent and envy gay men the ability and freedom to have multiple partners without getting into trouble with ' 'Her in doors.'

What was the TV programme with the catchphrase about the wife being - ' Her in doors ?'

I'll give you a clue, the second of the couple died recently.

Many straight men envy gay men and end up bitter and twisted because their own sex life is so limited while many gay men explore and try new things straight men can often only fantasise about.

People seem to think that sex is all about sucking, rimming, kissing and fucking - when there is a lot more besides these few things and the one thing that I personally would never do, is kiss - as the one thing that revolts me - absolutely turns my stomach - and out of all the weird and wonderful things I have done this may seem very tame - but kissing... YUCKO - I have an intense dislike against spit - saliva - and if someone has a big sloppy mouth to kiss, or even a great sloppy and salivary gob to suck my dick with, IT REVOILTS ME - TURNS MY STOMACH, and while this might seem odd considering all I have done, it just shows we all have our likes and dislikes and this is mine.

Fucking is a responsibility for the top to get - to maintain - especially if wearing a condom - and keep it for a nice long time, is a stiffy.

Not always easy as many - MOST - complain that condoms destroy their hard on and ruins the fuck for either party.

Many are allergic to latex ( what a condom is commonly made from as well as some toys ) and on any internal tissue can burn and rip the skin and it sore as hell. This is true for me. I can wear a condom but could not get fucked by one as it would be so sore it would take weeks to heal.

Some are actually allergic to latex even on their outside skin and can be very dangerous - deadly in fact.

Hence many stopped fucking completely.

Every women I have ever had sex with - just 6 ever - ALL just laid there doing sexy poses in sexy underwear ( but just not sexy for me ... ) and not one, NOT ONE - ever reached out to do ANYTHING to me in return. They would just lay there and the man is suppose to do all the work and if this was a man, I would call him a very selfish lover and unless he joined in and did something back to me - as this was NOT going to be all one way of me giving and you selfishly taking - BUT:- this is EXACTLY how it is for SO MANY STRAIGHT MEN with their wives who lay back and just take it and do nothing in return.

naturally, this is everyone's journey - but from experience from talking to thousands of my clients, this does seem to be really common with women and it is only a few who actually get down and get dirty - as they say - and really get into the sex like men tend to do - and this is often only until the children come along and then it seems, the sex stops.

There is so much in life and sex than fucking all the time and sometimes taking away the stress and responsibility of being clean, staying hard, not coming too soon or not being able to cum at all, and doing other things besides fucking is lighter and easier and comes with a lot less stress and expectations attached.

So besides fucking, what do you enjoy ?

Below, some butt holes for your enjoyment. --------------------------------------------------

A lot of guys move on and beyond fucking and get into bigger things and I mean after they have tried numerous root vegetables and fruit up there, and fisting is the next avenue MANY take and for those who do not like fisting, believe me, it is VERY widely practiced these days as it is safe sex and many want to take their sex lives to the extreme and this sure is extreme.

Me thinks this ass can take more than a dick, don't you agree ? How about a double decker bus ?

Hi John,

I thought I'd write me little story for you and pose a question.

Where have all the dominant older men gone?

I'm a submissive guy. Always been attracted to older dominant men and BDSM (that's a whole other story.)

Ive lived out here in the sticks a long time. As a teen, before apps, I was driving all over the place to bottom because the countryside is so conservative. Usually having to meet in lay-bys etc at their choice.

I'm now in my late thirties and I fear I've reached my submissive expiry date.

The men I like are older (50+) large bear's but they seem to have vanished is it that they've got young twinks throwing themselves at them or that they just aren't interested in bondage?

Kind regards


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