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we stand with the community

We stand with the Trans community

This month, let’s all give a nod to the Trans community and to Trans Day of Remembrance (TDOR) on Saturday, 20 November. TDOR has been commemorated on this date since 1999 to remember Trans people who have been attacked in transphobic hate crimes across the world.
PinkUk is highlighting this important date in the calendar for everyone in the LGBTQ+ communities, which ever community (or none) you identify with.
We encourage every-one to show solidarity with the Trans community by expressing support in social media or in any way you can.

According to one TDOR site, 3664 trans and gender-diverse people have been reported killed across 75 countries in the 13 years up to September 2020.

These are the reported cases, and the true figure may be higher. To find out more or help to commemorate the day, See our Trans page.

Love & Pink Respect from Dave & the team, PinkUk


John Bellamy Comments: Hamilton Hall has always offered a safe space to gay, bi, trans, straight and any man still making up their mind as to what label - what sexuality - they want to recognise with - and all I can say is that I am so confused with all the new sexualities that when I was growing up, had never even been heard of before... and whatever you may now choose to be - we support that and with encouragement and support, welcome men of all colours, shapes, sexualities, sizes and - well - anything as long as it is non abusive towards others.

Gay men may have had a kind of legal status since 1967 - but the true equality did not come until many decades later and not without a great deal of political campaigning by people like Peter Tatchell and Bryan Derbyshire - CHE - LGSM and with PRIDE being a political statement and not a fun day out as it is today - as it stood for something - as the gay men attending Prides back in the 70's onwards - stood for something - and it was not just about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll as it seems to be these days. The political power of Pride has been so watered down that it is barely visible any more and the fact that scores of other countries still suffer from homophobic laws - look at Hungary and Poland making new laws FORCING WHOLE AREAS TO BE LGBT FREE ZONES - while the EU threatens but does nothing - and this could be the break up of the EU as Poland pulls away as does Hungary as they do not like the EU to be bullies telling them what to do - but reversing laws enacted to be able to enter the EU in the first pace - and then reversing those laws to draconian levels, it's a no wonder the EU is limiting income to Poland and Hungary as their actions are backward and not forward - and limits LGBT life. In the 70's and 80's many individuals like Peter Tatchell who stood against the tyranny and abuses aimed at our community were arrested and jailed and many, quite simply, were murdered just as trans people have been murdered yet somehow, this is overlooked. Many hate Peter Tatchell while he has done more for gay rights than any other person alive and why these fucked up self centred shallow empty faggots who find fault in him and hate him, are an absolute disgrace to the LGBTQ scene and owe people like Peter a MASSIVE THANK YOU and not the hate that many throw.

It seems that anyone - for any reason, who stands out from the rest - who does more than the rest - puts himself out there to help and do good work, is always hated and vilified by those who do fuck all but take what has been done with absolute arrogance and moan about those who got them this far.

Most of these are married ( to women ) gay men. Many flit on and off the gay scene when it suits them. Many - MANY are homophobic. Many - offer a bad attitude towards out gay men. Many destroy the very scene we gay men have built and many older married men who are closet gay, destroy.


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