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women who sexually molest men - it goes two ways folks.

Women, it seems, think it is funny to sexually molest a man - ie: pull up his kilt - grab his junk - tweek his bits etc. and yet if a man was to do this to them, they would - and do - scream the place down. It seems to women, they can - and men cannot. One set of rules for them and another for men. It seems women are nothing more than prick teasers and when you react to their groping your bits, they scream the place down and the man is always the one to blame when it was the women who was the abuser.

If we are going to have laws that accompany bad behaviour, THEN THE LAW NEEDS TO BE APPLIED EQUALLY TO BOTH SEXES AND STOP THE MAN BLAMING ALL THE TIME.


Here - Men Address Things Women Might Not Realize Are Sexual Harassment When it comes to sexual harassment, everybody needs to be on the same page. The focus has predominantly been on educating men BUT women are responsible for sexually harassing men and get away with it and / or turn it around and claim it was THE MAN who molested THEM and get innocent men in trouble.

Look at Amber Hurd and Johnny Depp, where SHE was the foul bed shitting abuser and not him;- She was the one who sliced off part of his finger :- She was the abuser MASSIVELY - while lying and manipulating the public to think she was the victim of domestic abuse and she has put women's fight against abuse back decades with her claims that all turned out to be a lie as SHE was the abuser while screaming how hurt she was as a feeble little women against the powerful and oppressive man.

Her lies have destroyed her career and her standing in society.

Her lies have put women's rights back decades and now any time a women shouts she has been abused, we shall need extra proof as look what Amber Hurd did - she lied and manipulated for her own gain a pack of lies - and any women in the future has that appalling reputation to get over before anyone will believe them.

Amber Hurd has proven to be a cunt. An enormous cunt. And I use that word here with the most vitriol and venom I have towards what this cunt of a women did. Tens of thousands of mens lives have been ruined by manipulative women who abuse.

Men wanted to discuss some of their experiences that some people may not realize are harassment.

"Men of Reddit, what’s something women don’t realize is sexual harassment?"

First up, let's listen to our Kindergarten teachers and keep our hands to ourselves. Gloves On "As a guy just because I have long hair doesn’t mean you can walk up to me and run your hands through it when I don’t even know you." TheSilkySpoon76

After the kids came along my wife started throwing tantrums and hitting out at me. I thought it would pass but she became the bully, always treating my worse than a child and patronising me in front of all our friends and the violence which was always facilitated in private so no one knew, spilled out one day and others saw how she treated me and were in absolute horror. She had told everyone how I abused her - while the truth was she would beat me up and I would be black and blue and always made an excuse - until that day when friends saw and I felt it time i stood up for myself. I did one day strike back and because we had friends over who saw her attack on me - and how I just defended myself, and she went ballistic. The divorce was easy and all went my way. I even got the kids. Happy days.


"Definitely a long hair or curly hair problem. actually why do people think it’s cool to touch your hair, beard, muscles, pregnant belly etc?? personal space everyone!" ashoka_akira

My wife cock teased me almost the whole of our first ten years of married life. She would tease my cock and get me all excited and then claim a headache and nothing was forthcoming. This went on for years - on a very regular basis, so I found myself a girlfriend to have regular sex with and when my wife found out 18 months down the line, she tried to blame me but when I pointed out how big a cock teaser she was and how we had not actually had sex in over a year - and how this was HER RESPONSIBILITY - SHE WAS THE ABUSER HERE - teasing me along and then saying no... and she actually got it and realised her mistake and it has been better ever since. I still have the girlfriend though.. best of both worlds now.


Big Mistake

After the kids came along ( twins ) my wife screamed the first time I tried to have sex with her and she how I was just a dirty pig after sex all the time ( we had not had sex in almost a year because of her pregnancy ) and how I revolted her and more to the point, her mistake was to scream at me - how she only wanted me for my sperm and to have children and now I could fuck off and leave her with the twins, oh and don't forget to pay all the bills for the next 20 years.'

To which I reminded her they were MY CHILDREN TO, and I divorced her and got custody of the twins - ( long story ) as she had no income, no job, and appeared to the Family Court as this caring Mother which the judge saw right through ( a women judge ) and I was given custody of the twins and they have been with me ever since, now almost 18 years of age - and I remarried and their Step Mom is wonderful and we are all happy. The X wife however, grew bitter and angry, messed around with a few other guys and all dumped her eventually - childless - and she got what she deserved. Mork

Blamed me entirely.

At a party a pile of drunk women assaulted me. My clothes were ripped off and their hands were all over me. I know it sounds foolish, but I fought against the women and eventually got away and THEY complained about how I had molested THEM - all 6 of them - and THANK GOD the club had security cameras as I was arrested that night and when it came to court - because the club produced the video - 4 of the women were let off with a caution while the other two spent time in jail and were placed on the Sex Offenders Register - and yet it seems they still saw nothing wrong in what they had done and bad mouthed me everywhere they went.

I reported them to the court for this.

I got the last laugh as the court called all 6 women back to court. There they were reminded that they were guilty and any more forms of harassments and sexual abuse from them - he - the judge - would pull them back into the court system so fast and they would spend time in the county lock up until they woke up to what they had done and it seemed to the judge, were still doing.

That worked.


Prick Tease

In a night club a complete strange women came up ad groped my cock and I instantly just turned round and slapped her so hard she fell over a table, knocking all the drinks over and was sprawled over the floor. I hit our instantly and wasn't aware of who it had been, a man or a women. Luckily a door woman / security guard had witnessed the whole thing and took her to one side - as she was screaming and carrying on as if she was the innocent one here - and threw her out of the club and barred her. He was apologetic and got the bar to give me a free drink and kept apologising. It seems, the door-PERSON ( oh dear - have to be correct here ) had more idea of decent behaviour that most women have towards how they think it okay to prick tease a man in that manner.


Some women think they are above the law

At a funeral a women tried to pull up my kilt ( yes I am Scottish ) and when I instantly did the same thing to her in return she went into tears and screams and a complete melt down of being sexually assaulted and she called the police. With 20 odd witnesses who all spoke up and told the police EXACTLY what had transpired, I decided to teach her a lesson. The policeman asked if I wanted to take it further and I did tell him I was not that concerned but because of her action, her lying trying to say I had molested her first, I pressed charges against her, and when the police put her in handcuffs - she went ballistic - absolutely ballistic.

She was help over night and let off with a cautioning and I hope she learned the hard way that it is NOT okay for a women to grope a man any more than it is the other way round, and trying to get a man in trouble - like those who falsely claim they have been raped - needs addressing and where a women does this, she needs to be imprisoned and put on the sex offenders register. PERIOD. Hartshorn

Leave me Alone "Some women once tried to take off some of my clothes in a club (without me showing interest in them at all). When I told them to «f**k off» after a while, they got angry at me. Never been so confused." "Edit: I almost forgot lmao. They talked to one of the guards at the club right after. " "Don’t know what they said, but as they talked to him, they pointed at me. (Maybe they said that I was the bad guy or something). When I saw that, I just left. I figured the guard would trust the two girls more than me. Club was boring anyways." UngabaBongDong Fix the Damage "I had a drunk young lady rip my button up shirt off in a bar on a dance floor then proceed to cup my d**k. I was mad so told her and her friends to f**k off after I got my shirt back from them, which had all the buttons torn off except the bottom 2. That was super annoying but I was just going to deal with it until I was asked to leave by the bouncers for yelling at women and not buttoning up my shirt." "Another group of women approached me and said they had the whole thing on video which I then sent to the bars management and got a $200 gift certificate for it. In hindsight, I probably should have just taken it to the police. I never felt in danger or scared for my safety but it was totally inappropriate and if I did that I would be in jail." krzysztoflee

You're an Adult "I was working at a birthday party in a bar once, and a really drunk 40 year old woman decided to just walk behind the counter and slip a banknote into my shirt. She then started to rub around my chest like some sort of massage I guess? It was really weird, I just stood there confused waiting for it to end." "Her husband was watching the whole time and didn't seem to happy about the whole thing. But nobody really seemed to care or just laughed about it. If I as a 40 year old man had done that to a 17 year old girl working at a bar, I would've gotten one hell of a lawsuit." Xender04

Grannies "Every wedding and funeral I have ever been to as a Scotsman, there are a gaggle of horny grannies who at every opportunity try to get a look under the kilt." bonjelascott

Not okay, grannies. Let's respect cultural tradition and healthy boundaries. She gets it now...

"I’ve been into weightlifting most of my adult life. As a result, my arms and chest are noticeable. I’m not like a body builder or anything but I’ve got big arms and a protruding chest. Women think that they can just grab on my arms and rub my chest without permission or warning. I think that they think it’s okay because they compliment me afterwards. It makes me uncomfortable." "My fiancée never really took me serious about it until at a work party one of my female coworkers basically groped my arms in front of her and it made her jealous. She gets it now." LIAR! "The same exact crap that applies to sexual harassment against women. I had a girl I used to work with slap my a**, grab my crotch and try to rub her breasts against me. When I took it to HR nothing was done about it. A week later I got written up because she lied and told HR I had verbally abused her." SugoiBakaMatt

Where is She? "My partner was at a truck stop waiting for his food when some lady came up and grabbed his junk. Just walked up and shoved her hand down his pants. He pushed her off, said he was taken and told her to f**k off. She reached for him again and said 'Well she isn't here now, is she?'" "It disgusts me people are like this, regardless of gender. It's even worse that women aren't held as accountable as men are." peckerlips

This is Odd... "My partner went to a job interview and the older woman kept touching him as they talked. Like on his arm or hand. I told him that’s not okay and he doesn’t have to take that." "He said that he didn’t want to make a scene because she might accuse him of harassment in retaliation and she had his information."

Men put up with harassment out of fear too.

Different reasons, but it sucks for both genders." Excuse You? I once had some chick walk past me and squeeze my junk and another one slap my butt and I'm pretty sure that neither of them knew that that was sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment is still all too prevalent. We have a long way to go and believe me, some of the worst offenders are women.


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