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Your e mails this week with sexy ones below

Here are a couple of the e mails received from you this week.


Our little Gracie had just turned 15 on 8-17-2023. ( 17th August 2023 )

It was a surprise, as we felt she would be with us another year, as our 2 before her both were just shy of 16 yrs.

She lost most of her site last year, but we did much to make her happy and adjust. We were also told at the time, she had hi blood pressure, and a heart murmur... as they said we took her on the 5th of November, as she was so weak, we didn't know what was going on.. She had a murmur and was in an awful shape, worst day of our lives...In such a long mom passed on 2-1-2013, and I saw her take her last seemed so similar...I just wanted her to be ok...I held her as she went completely sad....

So it was a terrible day for us, but we were with her and miss her more than we can say. I'm sending a few pics. I was looking out the back patio and thinking I wish Gracie could give us a sign she's happy and ok with what happened, and an hour later Tom, my partner took a picture of the little stone the vet did for us, and there's a perfect little hart on her little pad that was her paw print on the stone. I felt better, but I was hoping for a different sign.. but it's a lovely happening anyway.

Be well my friend. Hugs n love.

I hope all goes well for you...



I was in Spain last few weeks and read your Blog when sunning around the various swimming pools. I returned to Glasgow and read the next weeks Blog from HH on the train.

I am currently in a computer café in Earls Court writing this and had to say thanks for the Blog / Newsletter as it really does make my week. Keep it up John



Hi John: Good to see the pics of the older guys, reminded me some years ago when i was about am 55...I was in Sussex staying with a friend and got chatting to the man opposite. He was just feeding pets for his sister so only staying a few days...he was about 57, tall and slim and muscular...wearing some very tight jeans with a nice bulge...I kept looking at it...he smiled at me and led me inside....

He pulled down my shorts and took off my vest as was summer....he worked on my nipples...mmm...balls and my rock hard cut good...then he worked on my tight little ass....I was soon on my knees sucking his hard cut dick.. I love a cut dick ]..he grabbed some baby oil and greased up his dick and soon his hard cock was in my ass...felt so good....then he threw some cushions onto the floor and I was on my back...again taking all his hard cock.......he nibbled the back of my neck and ears while fucking my ass....

i told him i can take want my man seed he said....yea....i want it all. .I replied...fill me up with your seed.....I played with his nipples...felt his body quiver and he pulled out most of his dick and spunked in my ass...I felt the warm seed....then he pumped his cock back inside me and I spunked loads over my abs....we smiled....cleaned up and I crossed the road back to my friends house with his warm seed in my ass....mmmm...about an hour later I could feel his seed dripping out my ass so had a good....!!!...probably best sex I ever had...!





When I was 12 years old my parents returned to South Africa and in those days, because I was born here, I was not allowed to reside in SA so my parents ' gave me away' to a friendly local hairdresser who raised me. My Parents and 3 older siblings left me - and some would say abandoned me, but it was great. All very odd but it did me no harm and while I am gay, this had NOTHING to do with who raised me. I was not groomed. I was no forced and I was raised by decent people - decent gay people - decent gay men - who were honest, caring, loving and supportive and when I came out to them as gay - aged around16, they did all they could to enable me to have straight friends, a straight lifestyle and not to dwell too much with being gay and living the whole gay thing - and to enjoy life in the real world and use the gay scene if and when I felt the need. This advise served me well over the following 50 years and as an old man now, I see how lucky I was.



John: I thought I had a gay postman. He's always very friendly when he rings my door with a parcel, we always chat for a few minutes, all smiles.

Last week I answered the door in tiny shorts and with a semi hard on and his eyes went straight to my crutch as he held out the parcel and as he held the digital signature thing quite close, I had to stand real close to sign it and he touched my knob and smiled. What more can I say, he hand delivered a very special package that day and left with more than a Christmas tip and Mr. Postman Pat MOST CERTAINLY has a very handsome and larger than life parcel to deliver and it's all beautifully wrapped ( uncut ) and has all the trappings of a real beauty. We sucked each other dry. Now I shall have to send myself parcels so he rings the doorbell again and next time, I might answer the door starkers and see his reaction.

Mike ( Sheffield )


Does anyone remember MIKE ARLEN'S GUYS ?


Hi there you are...I went to Muscat, Oman when I was about 35...went to visit a Arab friend...we stayed in a hotel for a week so he could have some fun...I got lots of attention from all the male staff.....came to my room to ...check for any used plates or glasses etc....of course i got to work on their big hard cut dicks and balls....and then they all had my tight little ass....usually i got spunked in the ass about 2 or

3 times a day...all hot muscular lads....gagging for my one evening I got into the lift from hotel bar to ground floor, an older guy about 60 smiled and touched my ass...I was wearing some tight white jeans...hence lots of attention from all males....we chatted downstairs in the foyer, told me he was a fisherman, married etc...he had a nice slim wiry muscular body and i could see his big hard dick under his white dish dash...which all the men wore...he lived in a house up the road so off we went....he turned on the tv and got undressed and revealed a huge rock hard cut dick....of course I got down onto it and sucked the dick and worked on his balls.. He didn't like me touching his nipples....said that was for lady sex....not sure what he meant by he greased up his dick with some body moisturizer and I was soon on my back taking his hard dick.. He was quite rough...and fucked me hard....after maybe 20 mins he said....OK. .Now you are have taken me.....I didn't feel him cum....he played with my nipples and I spunked on my abs....and left....I saw him next day in the hotel but he said his wife was about so no action....I met him again and had lube with me this time....again he took my ass and spunked me....shook my hand and thanked me for giving him my ass......he said it was good and tight and better than fucking his wife's pussy...!!!

Regards Tom.


John: Stayed in a gay hotel in Blackpool a while ago.

Never again.

I felt dirty and tacky when it came to leave.

I never feel like that at Hamilton Hall.

Sticky carpets. Few bedroom doors actually lock. Boring colourless décor. Friendly but oh so down market I do not do sleaze and this was all about sleaze. Makes me completely appreciate how hard you work to keep your venue up to date and as nice as it always is.



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