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PRIDE - the movie

I know I have reviewed this film before, but having watched it again last night with a friend and had not seen it in a while, and it made me cry all over again in all sorts of places, I thought it warranted some more exposure.

This is a part of our Gay History we need / should know. It is one thing for the gay community to move forward but we must never forget those who came before, who fought the good fight - walked the marches, held the banners and made a statement on behalf of the tens of thousands who will do nothing but complain and find fault while benefiting from the work others have done.

I wanteched it last night with a young giuy of just 25 and thought he would be bored, as this is history for him and happened before he was even born, and he loved it - was enthrawled.

I think you will agree this is a beautiful and well documented part of gay histoey and as funny as hell and as sad and poignant as anything.



John Bellamy. -----------------------

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