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A lot of men work out at the gym to get one of those incredible gym bodies. Many of these men then shave, trim, pluck and wax away any body hair so it shows off the definition - worked so hard for at the gym. The number one thing that attracts a lot of people IS A HAIRY BODY and as so many shave and pluck, it is such a waste. I had an escort on my agency decades ago - Mike - 6'3" tall, and a bit like any of the hairy muscular guys below... really hairy and really sexy and he asked me one day if I would trim and shave his whole body, and after I told him it was a crying sin - he insisted and I used clippers and then a dry shave with powder and he looked like a plucked chicken at the end. I WAS DELIGHTED that he hated it - but admitted it was what he wanted, and BOY did he let it grow back again fast as 1) It was what attracted so many men to him 2) It was so very sexy 3 Most people are smooth and he was one of a very few 4) On my escort agency most the clients wanted hairy hung tops and he was a a hairy hung top, and when prickly when it all grows back in, put customers off and his workload went down until he was hairy again. Anyway: - I advertised his body hair for sale and got £100 for it .... Can you imagine... ??? So there was some good news but he learned that while a lot of hairy men hate being hairy, in many cases, it adds HUGELY to their appeal and many smooth men, as cute as they may be, if hairy - would be 5 star gold and not just 5 stars...

I am smooth and love hairy men... as if you couldn't tell huh ???

Story below.

that is one beautiful ass to the right....

Let me know which is your favourite. If you want smooth - send in your pictures.


I have not hidden my past as a sex worker and how I ran a large Gay Escort Agency called 30PLUS for 15 years and how I met and interviewed THOUSANDS of people over the years who wanted to become an escort on my agency. tall, short, fat, thin, white, black, hairy, smooth, hung or not - all sorts came for an interview. I never had sex with them at the interview as that was so tacky - although most agencies did. I was different. I respected my escorts as I respected my clients. What I did do however, is if I fancied the pants off an escort and I wanted sex with them, I would wait and arrange a duo, where a client wanted to watch 2 escorts having sex together and would pay us handsomely for doing so... and these times were usually great fun. One afternoon I invited this masculine hairy escort round that at the interview was like this guy here - and yet in the

time between when I interviewed him and when he came to do a job with me, he had shaved and waxed EVERYTHING - and he was so sore that I could not even touch him - and it was such a disappointment, such a shame, such a waste and actually, CRIMINAL. The sex was a joke as he just kept wriggling away all the time with the skin being so sore and it was maddening. Absolutely maddening. He soon learned what a mistake it was as all the clients for him went elsewhere - they wanted a hairy man and not a man with bristles all over - as if you want smooth, there are loads of smooth sex workers who - like me - are naturally smooth and not shaved and plucked. I wouldn't use him again until he re grew his hair as an agency specializing in older men over the age of 30 - the more mature and sexually aware sex worker and not some twink who hasn't a fucking clue but who thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread and arrogant but who actually, is just boring. The more mature man - usually but believe me NOT ALWAYS - has a bit more of a clue and know what to do with is. I had up to 120 escorts on the agency at any one time, all colours and all shapes but it was the hung hairy men who got 90% of the work as like me, the clients that the agency attracted and was set up for, were men not twinks - men not boys - men not youths - men for men - and nothing nicer and nothing more normal.

A lot of people resent and envy my lifestyle now, and when I was a sex worker and not only because I had sex with so many men and remained HIV Negative ( never catching a single thing ) but because running an agency allowed me to meet some truly stunning guys who worked for me and became friends, and my social circle was always full of drop dead gorgeous men - and as ' the boss ' and as I was ' the centre ' of it all - it was my agency - and it was grand. It did make me giggle. If you were on my agency decad