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Babs has a new album out - and watch Randy Rainbow's parody on her. ...

Release Me 2 is an upcoming 2021 compilation album of rare and previously unreleased tracks by American singer Barbra Streisand. Scheduled to be released on August 6 in CD, vinyl, and digital formats, it serves as a follow-up to her 2012 compilation Release Me.
  1. 1 ) Be Aware (Bacharach/David)

  2. 2 ) You Light Up My Life (Carole King)

  3. 3 ) I’d Want It to Be You (Tomberlin/Landers/Dorff) – with Willie Nelson

  4. 4 ) Sweet Forgiveness (Afanasieff/Bettis)

  5. 5 ) Living Without You (Randy Newman)

  6. 6 ) One Day (A Prayer) (Bergman/Bergman/Legrand)

  7. 7 ) Rainbow Connection (Williams/Ascher) – with Kermit the Frog

  8. 8 ) Right as the Rain (Arlen/Harburg)

  9. 9 ) If Only You Were Mine (B. Gibb/A. Gibb/S. Gibb) – with Barry Gibb

  10. 10 ) Once You’ve Been in Love (Bergman/Bergman/Legrand)

  11. 11 ) When the Lovin’ Goes Out of the Lovin’ (Parker/Whiteside) (Target-exclusive bonus track)

Randy Rainbow sings a parody of the new album and it is BRILLIANT. CLICK HERE TO WATCH
Or cut and paste this into your server:-

Your e mails :

John - I just loved the Streisand parody by Randy Rainbow and thanks for sending me it, I watched it over and over and sang all the words and laughed and laughed. He is brilliant and cannot wait for the new Streisand album to come out. Big fan. Robert.

Thank goodness for Barbra and Rainbow and between them this video made my day. Absolutely cheered me up., Went and dug out Funny Girl ( the movie ) - and watched as the song ' Greatest Star' is originally from the show and had to have a blast from the past. Such a wonderful way of wasting an afternoon. Simoin. H.

OMG I am speechless. Bob.

Saw her live once and am never likely to do that again and anything new on Streisand is always well received. She is the greatest star and thanks toi RR for putting this together and yto you John for sending it to me. Good one.



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