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Ed Sheeran OH WHY vs Sami Switch OH WHY

Ed Sheeran OH WHY vs Sami Switch OH WHY
Ed Sheeran has been accused multiple times of ripping off other peoples music and using it as his own and here below - is a version of the same song, twice, once by the original artist 6 years ago and another of Ed Sheeran more recently.

See what you think.

The original version by Sami Switch is truly beautiful.

Here are the two versions mixed together to see the similarity:

And here is Sami Switch's version - the original -
this is beautiful.

It seems that Ed Sheeran is not so clever after all and not even clever enough to simply give a credit and share the income. Seems he is a liar, a thief, using other peoples work and claiming it all for your own. There have been numerous cases against him besides just this piece and he is in and out of court fighting to keep his royalties that if cases go against him, will have to pay millions in compensation and ruin his reputation as a composer as no one will ever trust his music to be his alone.


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