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From Russia with Love ???

I have been chatting theough e mail witha young man in Russia.

He is 24, blond and really cute. Not my type at all but I have been emjoying a conversation for the last 3 or 4 months.

He has a job and a flat and seems quite happy and when I asked him about how it was living as a gay man in Russia now it had banned all aspects of gay life and how the bars, clubs, saunas and anything involved with gay life was now being targeted by the police for closure and arrest - and his fear was obvious. He simply - at present - didn't know.

A bit like our Clause 28 here , anything seen as promoting the LGBT Agenda - as the straights call it - was banned.


The more they shout and scream about the LGBT the more they show themselves up as the guilty ones.

Grooming is when someone builds a relationship of trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate, exploit or abuse them. The church has been doing this for just about for ever - grooming children in Sunday School to believe the clap trap they want to use in order to grab a hold of your mortal soul and keep you 'one of theirs' for life - and the Magdelene Sisters were found to have been doing this for over 150 years and brutally abusing the children in their care and thousands, beaten to death by God Fearing Nuns - who trafficked young girls around the world after claiming to their parents that their daughter had died - and this ' ownership' of the child gave these nuns carte blanch to do what they wanted - and we all know about the horrors these nuns inflicted on thousands of innocent young girls.

Need we talk about local government and about the children put into council care homes - orphanages - and where so much abuse happened at the hands of Social Workers, Care Workers, Priests and Nuns ?

Do I need to reiterate the damage and horrors inflicted on children by those paid to protect and nurture. How about the mass of girls groomed by Pakistani groups of men in the UK while Social Services seemed ignorant - or turned a blind eye, to what was going on ... and those employed to protect and nuture claimed ignorance once the police got involved and arrests made.

So when we have countries like the USA and Russia claiming it is for the protection of children, the double standards at play, the transferance of responsibility, the avoidance of the truth and the attack on innocent people by those more likely to be the actual groomer, is bad for the children and bad for the safety of a generation of children left at the mercy of these groomers while innocent people within the LGBT community are targeted and blamed.

Russia is massively clamping down on LGBT life - just as America is currently doing, and most is avoidance of the truth.

Find a minority.

Claim it is evil.

Use propaganda / bullshit and down right lies to tell a different story - vilify these people as groomers, sexual predators of minors, spreaders of HIV and other STD's - mentally unstable and more - and when you tell the lie often enough people begin to believe and the mass who once accepted, turn against and the fascists - the trouble maker - the real person responsible for the wrongs - cast the blame elsewhere and while everyone is chasing the Bogey Man in the LGBT community, the bad guy gets away with absolute murder and is right under your noses, in plain site.

Jimmy Saville would be proud.

The correspondance with the Russian boy abruptly stopped within days of the law in Russia being introduced and within days of bars etc. being raided, arrests made and venues closed - and now the LGBT community in Russia is living in fear - and I do hope my friend is okay.

We take what we have in the UK so much for granted and many will never give a thought to people like Peter Tatchel and others who have stood up and faced the bigots and fought - and fought hard - to get the LGBT community to where it is in the UK today - and many do not give a fuck for anyone but themselves and if and when the day comes and the clock it turned back and we here in the UK loose a lot of what we have fought for, like in the USA, maybe then these self centred LGBT will get what is happening and wake the fuck up and - when it is too late - see their errors. Their arrogance,- their self centred attitude and mst of all, their ignorance to reality.

It is NOT all about the next shag, The next party. The next chem sex session or late night drag show. It is about LIFE AND LIVING and if that's all your life is, the next shag and the next drag show etc. then you are as vacuous and shallow as a balloon. Beautiful on the outside but absolutely nothing at all to speak of - inside - just shallow and empty.

It is these ballons who constantly find fault and complain.

It is these balloons who fight for even more labels to split us yet further apart.

It is these balloons who ruin the LGBT scene.

It is these balloons who simply do not care for anyone or anything but themselves.

It is these balloons who are a disgrace and who offer a shameful face of LGBT to the world and who are usually boring uninteresting people who just like to be heard while having - actually - nothing constructive to add.

If we lived in Russia, many would not cope at all.

So drop to your knees and clap your hands together and give thanks to - who ever - that you are not living in Russia or America or any of the 70 odd countries that still make being LGBT illegal or at best - arrestable under false charges.

At jhis Christmas time of the year, it is time to count your blessings and what you / we have going for us and say a VERY BIG THANKYOU to the Universe that you were not born in one of these countries. Out of the 53 countries in the Commonwealth - a loose association of countries most of them former British colonies - 29 have laws that criminalise homosexuality.

Although the original British laws applied only to men, countries that criminalise homosexuality today also have penalties for women who have sex with women.

The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (Ilga) monitors the progress of laws relating to homosexuality around the world.

It says the death penalty is the legally prescribed punishment for same-sex sexual acts in Brunei, Iran, Mauritania, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and in some northern states of Nigeria.

In five countries - Afghanistan, Pakistan, Qatar, Somalia, and the United Arab Emirates - there is no legal clarity and the death penalty could be applied.

Makes you stop and think - huh ?



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