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God does NOT mend your wounds.

A STORY: I was at the grocery store yesterday and heard a loud crash and something shattering. Being curious and concerned, I walked towards the sound and saw some people whispering and looking back to the end of the next aisle.

When I walked down that aisle, I saw an Older Lady had hit a shelf and many things had fallen to the ground and broken.

She was kneeling on the floor embarrassed, frantically trying to clean it up.

I felt so bad for her because everyone was just standing there staring at her! So, I went over and knelt beside her and told her not to worry, and started helping her pick up the broken pieces.

After about a minute, the Store Manager came and knelt beside us and said, “Leave it, we will clean this up.”

The Lady, totally embarrassed said, “I need to pay for all this first.” The Manager smiled, helped her to her feet, and said, “No Ma’am, we have insurance for this, you do not have to pay anything!”

If you have read this far, I would like for you to give me a minute. Wherever you are, close your eyes, and imagine God doing the same for you!

Collecting the pieces of your broken heart from all the blows that life has thrown at you. The cost for your mistakes, sins, and errors has already been healed. God is poised to mend all your wounds. He wants to gently lift you to your feet again, clean up your mess, and pick up all the broken pieces. He wants to heal you! He wants to take care of your soul!

We can have that same insurance and it’s called GRACE!


John Bellamy responds: I was sent this piece above and loved it on first reading until I realized how very wrong it is. In its simple beauty it hands over all responsibility of learning by our own man made mistakes - to God - and we are just helpless fools allowing The Father to repair what we have messed up. NOT SO - GOD DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY AT ALL. God gives us the tools to run our pwn lives and not expect us to keep running home every time something goes wrong. How else do we learn. In the book - Conversations With God - God is asked this very question about why S/He doesn't stop wars etc and the reply is simple -

When you teach your children the rules of play in the garden, you do not constantly watch them - as they know the rules and it is up to them if the break them and pay the consequences and as much as any parent wants to keep that extra special eye on their child, you have to let go and TRUST that they have listened and heard your guidelines and you MUST let them off the leash to make their own mistakes and grow and evolve from there. So I DO NOT believe in just allowing God to takeover your life and sorting it all out for you as then you learn nothing. God, in her wisdom - allows US to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes and not get in volved. If you want to blow up the planet and kill billions, so be it, it's YOUR CHOICE - YOUR FREE WILL - GOD DOES NOT INTERFERE. God guides and hints and whispers in your ear, but all decisions are up to you.

Not God.

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s story and what is says, it ends all wrong and incorrect. .


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