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Happy endings

A rich young woman sat beside a poor elderly man on a plane. She alerted the flight attendant upon taking her seat.

The flight attendant answered warmly, when the woman abruptly said,

“Please find me another seat immediately.”

The flight attendant responded,

“I’m sorry Ma’am, but the economy cabin is fully booked.”

The rich woman replied,

“But I’m not going to travel beside a worthless bum. Do something.”

While the elderly man stared in disbelief, the flight attendant responded,

“I’ll talk to the Captain about this.”

Then flight attendant went to the Captain and asked,

“Captain, a woman feels uncomfortable to sit beside a poor elder man. What should we do?”

Surprisingly, the Captain’s face changed. He looked amused and said,

“This woman is interesting. I’ve never encountered an issue like this before. I have a plan. Listen..”

And the Captain relayed to the flight attendant what he wants to do. The flight attendant was stunned at his plan. In fact, she was amazed.

A few minutes later, the flight attendant returned.

“The Captain said we could use an open seat in First Class. He also wants to apologize for having to travel with such a terrible person.”

As the woman rose out of her seat, the flight attendant reached out her arm towards the poor elderly man.

“Sir will you please follow me?” To which the plane applauded.

Never look down on other people. We are all equal in God’s sight. Regardless of what you have achieved in life, stay humble. Keep your feet on the ground. The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.


“So Gary and I are sitting at zips eating when we see two cops walk out with their food and start walking across the parking lot towards dutch bros.

First, we think they are going to go sit at the table outside on the corner and eat, then they pass it walking to the corner where there is a homeless man sitting with a sign.

The food was for him, we watched them drive down the division, spot the man, turn around, and go inside to buy him food.

You only hear bad things about cops on

Facebook that’s why I’m posting this reminding you that not all cops are unfair or mean. We did think they were going to ask him to leave but we were so surprised by this act of kindness we hopped out of the car just to get a better look. Sad to think we are surprised to see kindness because we expect selfishness in the works every day.”


We were looking at buying a new house several years ago. The house was vacant since the couple was getting divorced and they had both already gotten smaller houses. When we got to the back yard there was an aging yellow labrador retriever that looked to be at least 11–12 years old. The food bowl was empty and the water bowl had been turned over. We used the water bottles that the kids had and filled her water bowl. She followed us around the back yard.

Once we were ready to go back into the house, the dog whined and didn’t want us to leave. She stood on her hind legs and barked over the fence as we drove away as if begging us not to leave her.

We contacted the real estate agent about the dog. She said that the places that the family bought don’t allow dogs and that the dog has been abandoned by the family at the house. I was shocked. My kids didn’t sleep much that night. We went back the next day to see the house again and the food bowl was still empty and the water bowl was empty. We brought the dog food and water and she gobbled it down and drank all the water. Unlike the prior day, rather than following us around the yard, she hunkered down in a hole she had dug under the house to take shelter.

As we were leaving this time, she didn’t come to the fence, she simply had given up. The neighbors from next door came out and said that the family had not been there in days. It would appear that they were starving the dog to death and they were about to call the police.

I called the real estate agent and told them I wouldn’t buy the house if it was the last house on the planet, but I will be taking their dog. If they don’t deliver the dog to me in 24 hours I will call the police. They contacted me and agreed to deliver the dog. We took her to the vet; she was deaf, terribly malnourished and very sick. We spent close to $7,000 on helping her get back into shape. She lived with my family for about a year and half and died at age 14 when she failed to recover from a major surgery and had to be put down. She was a fighter until the end even when being put to sleep.

She never gave up and we never gave up on her. She was a great dog and my kids lives were enriched by saving a great dog. The thing about dogs that are rescued, they always remember they were rescued and have a fierce loyalty and appreciation for it.

Here she is above making herself at home snuggled up with my youngest son.


The following is what she wrote:

'My heart was warmed at Wal-Mart during lunch. This gentleman’s items were scanned and he was given the total. He looks apologetically back at me and starts taking handfuls of change out of his pockets. He miscounts and starts to get flustered. Gives me a muttered,

“I’m so sorry.” His hands and voice are shaking. This beautiful cashier takes his hands and dumps all the change on the counter and says,

“This is not a problem, honey. We will do this together.”

He continues to apologize to both of us as we reassure him it’s ok. They get his transaction handled and he shuffles away. I looked at this wonderful woman and said,

“Thank-you for being so patient with him.”

She shakes her head and replies,

“You shouldn’t have to thank me, baby. What’s wrong with our world is we’ve forgotten how to love one another.”

I want to be more like her.”


Driving through a very select area in Sandbanks - cars parked on both sides and only one lane left for two way traffic - this women pulled out of her drive and drove towards me - completely blocking the road. Neither of us could move as the other was in the way and as she had just pulled out onto the road right in front of me, rather than wait 5 seconds for me to pass and then she could pull out, she decided to pull out and with a FUCK YOU attitude and expecting me to get out of her way when it should have been the other way round.

I banged on the horn and she just sat there - doing nothing, waiting for me to get out of the way.

I got out and approached and she completely ignored me with her windows closed - and it was as if I was not even there.

So I returned to my car and turned off the engine and also sat there.

She got on her phone.

Her husband came out of their house running.

When he saw what he thought was going on, he came storming over to my car and as he came - I could see his figuring out what had happened and his immediate response was to apologise.

This was NOT what I was expecting at all.

He asked - so I told him how she had just pulled out without even looking and now we were at this standoff as I REFUSED to back down the road so she could arrogantly drive past - and he did confess she was useless at reversing and so would be unable to reverse back into her drive and make way - and as I stated, then she should not be in change of such a massive vehicle if she was unable to drive it correctly, and he agreed and again apologised for his wife's behaviour.

I was actually astounded.

He went to her vehicle and she moved over to the passengers seat and let him in and he reversed it back into their drive so we could get through, and I could se him giving her one hell of a shouting at - we could even hear it as we passed, and the last thing we heard was his shouting

' You can use the bus in future.'

and as we passed he waved while she glared daggers at us.

Women - SOME women, assume men will give way, BECAUSE they are women, and the truth is, I AM NOT INTERESTED IN THEIR VIRGINA so I have absolutely no reason to be twisted round their little fingers - as many women do and many men let them, in the hope of a shag. Simple as that.

Good result.


My girlfriend wants me to give my 2 mini schnauzers away…. She knows I love these dogs because they have been there for me through a difficult time in my life. I’ve raised them since they were babies and have a massive attachment to them.

My girlfriend and I moved in with each other almost a year and a half ago and for the last 6 months she complains and says “I DONT WANT DOGS! ! Now, before I go any further she has a mini schnauzer as well. So we are living with 3 at the moment. When she says “I DONT WANT DOGS” she is specifically talking about my 2. I asked her not too long ago who are we going to have take our dogs?” She told me she is keeping hers because her dog is not the problem… I literally almost exploded but kept my cool. I asked her where is the problem with my dogs? She didnt answer… then I asked, ”how is this fair that you keep yours and I have to give mine away?” She again tells me that her dog isn't the problem.

I really don't know how to feel about this situation because I love this woman but I cannot see how this is fair. To me it's SOOOO selfish for her to ask me to give my dogs away. I literally pay ALL THE BILLS!! The rent, also a Mortgage for my condo, which I don't stay in at the moment, food and the list goes on. I never ask for anything and do whatever I can to make this woman happy.

Sometimes it feels like a slap in the face.

She has tried to tell me that I love my dogs more than here which I always found ridiculous. Animal love and human love are totally different and In my eyes not comparable.

One time a year ago she asked me “If I don't want your dogs here what are you going to do”, and I replied

“I guess take my dogs and go to my place?”,

she literally said that hurt her feelings and that I care about my dogs more than her…. to this day she has held on to that and won't let it go. HOWEVER she's told me that she would do anything for her dog no matter WHO IT IS because she loves her pup more than anything…. even when I brought that up she chose to just focus on what I said and not why I replied the way I did.

Nothing I tried to explain gets understood and her absolute stubbornness and blatant refusal to see things from another perspective but her own astounded me. It cut deep and I did take my dogs home and I will never part with my dogs so - as much as I love this women, I now see a horrible - absolutely horrible side of her personality of self seeking arrogance that my opinion is worthless to her and for that, I cannot love her any more, I cannot put up with that and I cannot tolerate such an appalling 'Karen' attitude. I have watched tons of appalling Karen's in youtube and am horrified at their behaviour and to find my own true love is acting like a Karen, appalls and I cannot continue in a relationship with her, as hard and as hurt as I feel, as I hate people like this and never thought she would be one.

My dogs will always come first.



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