It's a different world than when I was 16. I am glad to be older - glad to be more mature - glad to have lived through the birth, the life and now the coming death, of the gay scene. If you've decided that you’d like a finely aged wine, instead of a can of larger, then maybe it’s time you considered dating an older man. When I was 16 my first lover was 42 and we lived together for over 8 years. There are many benefits to dating older men that you may have over looked. However:- My lover at 16 - being 26 years older than myself at 42 - I can now look back and say he ' DIDN'T HAVE A FUCKING CLUE'. As a 16 year old back in 1971, I was very naive compared to today. At 16 I had no idea wh

On Stonewall anniversary, the NYPD launched a brutal unprovoked attack on LGBTQ people

As Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted about honoring Stonewall, the NYPD was unleashing pepper spray on LGBTQ people dancing in celebration. The NYPD may have apologized last year for raiding the Stonewall Inn, spawning days of riots and police brutality, but they apparently haven’t decided to stop the behavior. As Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted about honoring Stonewall, the cops were unleashing pepper spray on LGBTQ people dancing in celebration. Yesterday, as the Queer Liberation March wound down and participants celebrated in nearby Washington Square Park, police charged into the crowd, swinging batons, shoving people to the ground, and arresting a handful of participants. The officers kept their

“We’re helping people with their health as well as their enjoyment of life” Mike – Co-owner So much of what we buy in supermarkets today is processed, unnatural, packed with chemical colours, preservatives and flavour enhancers. We really don’t see why it should have to be that way. There are two reasons. It’s simply not how you were designed to eat, and eating real food can remind you of how food should taste. Without flavour enhancers and chemical colours, food simply tastes better. It’s good for you too – in a truly life-enhancing way. It’s become such a cliché to say ‘you are what you eat”, but it really is that fundamental. You can see it so clearly and quickly with children – stu

how you are managing in lockdown ?

Hi John: Thought you might like a little piece for your Blog. During this lockdown I have been holed up with my partner of just over 3 years. We have lived together in my flat for the last 2 years. I am 48 - he is 33 and while I never previously thought this about him, he has turned into one of those 'entitled' people who thinks the world owes him something. During the lockdown where it was just the two of us in the flat because I wouldn't always do as he wanted - watch on one of the 3 TV's what he wanted - go to bed when he wanted - and because he decided he didn't like what I cooked any more and wanted to cook his own food and not even enough for two - just himself - and because he sta

Naked men for freedom

- FREEDOM IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER - - TIME TO STILL TAKE CARE - - AND TIME TO START LIVING AGAIN - God is saying to Adam ' This is your brain. Use it wisely.' Outstanding. Gag bitch ! You're going to make it sore ... LOVE THIS AND HOW DAMNED TRUE Oh to be this young again... HEALTH & SAFETY TRIP HAZARD - AND WHAT A BEAUTIFUL MAN AS WELL Oh My. Superb. And so big... Slurp Slurp. Training down to Hamilton Hall BLOG HOMEPAGE

New York recommends glory holes in latest pandemic sex advice

Doctors say this reduces the heavy breathing & gasping that speeds the virus. Mutual wanking is also ok, but at a distance ! New Yorkers have long arms ! The Covid-19 pandemic has raised many issues that governments have not expected to face, prompting them to give advice that they never thought they should. Imagine being elected on the basis of the freedom you were going to grant everyone, then a few months later telling them “stay inside, if you leave, you are breaking the law”. OK, imagine now having to take into account how excited your population is because they have not had sex in the past two or three months due to lockouts. Well, this is the problem that many countries and cities fa

Naked August @ Hamilton Hall

August is NAKED MONTH @ Hamilton Hall. After months in lockdown, do you need some intercourse with other men. Talk - Share - Laughter - Discussion - Moan - Praise - Love or even Put right - as we have all suffered as our social lives have bottomed out - and other than social media - what we ALL need is some face to face time with people and not feel threatened or scared to be in the company of others - and to share oral intercourse as it relaxes the mind, opens the pathways and allows friendships to blossom and in some way we need to EXPLODE and be around other men when we do. The anxiety of solitude or being stuck with the same few people for so long, is where we all need to get out and

From Surviving to Thriving

Life abounds with possibility. We have within us the capacity to change things, but only if we are willing to change ourselves. We have written the human story that now unfolds in front of us, and the only way we can change the story is if we are willing to rewrite it. Join Marianne and special guest Neale Donald Walsch for an intensive workshop and learn what it takes to experience this time as a creative pause — one in which we’re not overwhelmed by anxiety, but rather motivated and inspired to participate in the creation of a better world. A Note from Marianne Dear Friends, So much is happening today, and all of us are finding our way through the chaos. It seems the world itself is in cri

State of Independance

BLACK LIVES MATTER - LGBTQ LIVES MATTER - WOMEN'S RIGHTS MATTER - MENS RIGHTS MATTER - PEOPLES LIVES MATTER - EVERYONE'S LIFE MATTERS - JEW - CHRISTIAN - MUSLIM - HINU - BUDDHIST - WHO CARES - 'ALL - LIVES - MATTER' - EQUALITY IS WHAT MATTERS and if you think a section of humanity does not deserve life and liberty, then you part of the problem. Try telling that to the domineering governments some countries have - like the USA - who believe the people come second to authority - when that authority is there simply to protect and watch over the people NOT to have officers in places of authority brutally attack, pepper spray, electric shock and sit on their neck or gun down until dead - inn

Happy Buddha

I use a lot of joss sticks. I love all sorts of odds and ends often found in those spiritual shops you come accross. While at home - check out this 'on line store' that is here in Bournemouth and offers a really large range of all sorts of things and is where I get my joss sticks from. Really friendly people, gay and gay friendly - and why not keep the pink £ in the gay community. Web site HERE Address: 86 High St, Poole BH15 1DB Open ⋅ Closes 5:30PM Phone: 0844 334 4274 BLOG HOME PAGE Hamilton Hall is not connected to Happy Buddha. This is a FREE PROMOTION as we all need to keep our head above the water - we all need to keep our business afloat at this time, and we all need to help each oth

anti bacterial gells

At a time when we are all using gallons of anti bacterial gels etc. John asks if this is a healthy thing for the planet. Correct me if I am wrong please. I have invested heavily in Covoid 19 precautions for the hotel. Gallons of Anti Bacterian gell and cleaning liquid, Masks etc.and I was reading an editorial some time ago that stated that anything that is antibacterial continues working after you wash it off into the sewage systen - where it keeps killing bacteria. That it continues to work all through the sewage system and even out into rivers and the ocean. Anything that disrupts the natural balance of Mother Nature - and anything that continues killing something natural and needed in t

This gay guy’s hilarious rant about small town Trump supporters is absolute perfection

"Keep your seatbelts fastened," he says, "because we are now reaching the turbulent part of this video, and I guaran-damn-tee you some panties are going to get in a wad." Andrew Joseph Duffer — a gay guy in a “happy hooker” t-shirt living in a northeast Texas town (population less than 5,000) where “racism and homophobia run rampant” — has posted a charmingly angry five-minute video rant where he explains the judgmental and self-serving way his supposedly Christian townsfolk treat Black and gay people while supporting President Donald Trump. “If you’re a Black person and you can act white and dress white, whatever the f*ck that means, you’re considered a White-Black person and you won’t expe

assisted suicide

Assisted Suicide - or at least having the right to choose when and where you want to die - is a subject most agree is long over due. With the vast majority of people saying they feel the same, isn't it about time the government got around to dealing with this all important topic. - Many fear death - then demand and insist everyone else see it their way and that usually means with a religious background full of hate and fear - as most religions are. Many years ago we hosted a workshop for an Australian physician who was promoting Self Assisted Suicide for the terminally ill - not the depressed or any other reason but only the terminally ill who had no choices left. It was a day filled with


When someone screams that a certain statue in a certain part of town is the representation of a slave trader, they forget all about the massive stone buildings that fill cities like Liverpool and Manchester built buy companies involved in cotton and sugar - all who used slaves in the industries that brought great wealth and power to the UK. Are we now to take down these massive buildings - now converted into top of the line apartments and offices :- Are we to destroy all visible signs of our history because some people get upset. NO WE SHOULD NOT. Why: Because a statue is not just a statue. It represents a part of our history that is considerd bad, and visibly seeing that statue invit


DRAG - From Shakespear - Only men were allowed to act and so some because famous for playing female parts and the story line would be written - ' Mary comes in left stage in DRAG' - meaning DRESSED AS GIRL. As a child I had been to many Pantomime and seen many comedians in drag on stage as drag goes back centuries in the UK culture and unlike anywhere else in the world - it is very British. Raised in show business, I was use to ' dress ups' as my Father specialised in ' Olde Time Music Hall ' playing the piano and comparing - and my Mother was a top London fashion model and sang with my fathers 8 piece band, as well as Mantovanni - so more dressups. Being an identical twin - my brother an

The US religious rights is flipping out over the Supreme Court ruling in favour of LGBTQ rights.

By Bill Browning and extra commentary by John Bellamy The US religious rights is flipping out over the Supreme Court ruling in favour of LGBTQ rights. As the week has worn on, the ranting from religious leaders and hate groups have become more and more extreme. ( so much for religion then... ) After the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of LGBTQ employment nondiscrimination rights, ( hooray ) conservative groups and politicians quickly issued statements condemning the decision. The religious right, however, is gnashing their teeth and rending their clothes in horror at the notion that they won’t be able to discriminate in 'the name of God'. As the week has worn on, the visions of do

Enforcement of face coverings on public transport

You are not allowed to get on public transport if you are not wearing a face covering, unless you have a legitimate reason for not wearing one. Transport staff may tell you not to board or ask you to get off. If you refuse to wear a face covering, you can receive a fine from the police or Transport for London enforcement officers. The fixed penalty notice will require you to pay £100 (reduced to £50 if paid within 14 days). When you can remove your face covering You should remove your face covering if asked to do so by a police officer or other relevant person. It is important to wash or sanitise your hands before and after touching your face covering. For longer journeys, take more than one

Lockdown eases tomorrow Monday 15th June 2020

Across England, a total of six big changes will take place next week as lockdown regulations are lifted. From Monday, June 15 - the changes will include the reopening of shops and outdoor activities, and places of worship – but only for private prayer. However, safety measures will remain in place too. Here's a round-up of the key changes from Monday, June 15: 1. From June 15, anyone using public transport in England will be required to wear a face covering All hospital visitors and outpatients will also need to wear face coverings, and hospital staff must use surgical masks as of June 15. They do not have to be the same masks as those worn by hospital staff and can be made from scarves, ban


Could you have done something to stop this murder ? If a bystander had pushed policaman Derek Chauvin off George Floyd, saving his life, would they be facing charges for assaulting an officer? Here lies the problem. I am sure many people who watched the video screamed at the screen that someone should have pushed the cop off and done something but it is almost certain you would have been in trouble for assaulting a police officer. .It is a bit like the old adage:- : If you had a time machine, and you went back in time and killed Hitler then after you return to normal time and you tell all your friends: “ I killed Hitler ! I killed Hitler ! ” - they reply: “ Who is Hitler ? ” If you t

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