Madonna is a COVID conspiracy theorist who believes Trump’s quack “doctor”

She says Trump's quack doctor that believes infertility is caused by having sex with demons in your sleep "is my hero" for being a truthteller. Madonna has courted controversy for her entire career, but she may have finally taken it too far. The singer posted a video to Instagram that was shared by Donald Trump on Twitter that featured a quack physician, Dr. Stella Immanuel, who claims hydroxychloroquine can cure COVID and that infertility is caused by having sex with demons in your sleep. Related: Trans woman sets herself on fire to protest government’s poor COVID-19 response Madonna removed the post after the service blocked the video originally, saying the content contained false informat

How Pink Salt Took Over Millennial Kitchens

It’s not healthier for you. It doesn’t technically come from the Himalayas. But pink salt’s appeal has exploded nonetheless. We all have it in our kitchen cupboard and we have all been told how it is better for yoiu than ordinary salt - but is it ? CLICK HERE AND READ MORE blog home page

MALE NUDES August 2nd 2020

Hamilton Hall has hosted HAIRY BEAR WEEKENDS in the past. Would you guys like another weekend exclusively for hairy guys and their admirers ? Please let me know. October 23rd - 25th 2020 NAKED PHOTOGRAPHY WEEKEND @ HAMILTON HALL Bring your body and your camera and we shall take some pictures of you - on your camera. for the various places you need a naked picture. Want to bring your ' toy cupboard' and have some pictures taken using them. Want some decent shots you just cannot get on your own. No Camera - No problem. We can take some for you and e mail them directly to you and guarantee we do not keep copies. Want to take some pictures of other naked men. Got some artistic idas to share

WEAR YOUR MASK - and stop being a child.

Q. If I have my mask on and I walk by someone who does not have a mask on, and that person sneezes and I just happen to walk by as they sneeze, can the droplets get into my eyes and cause Covid-19? A. I don’t think we can answer that question with 100% confidence at this time. I think it is biologically plausible. Some research has begun pointing in that direction. If there are droplets that an infected individual is producing by coughing or sneezing or even speaking, then the front of the eyes, conjunctiva, are directly exposed, just like the nasal passages are exposed. In addition, people rub and touch their eyes a lot. So there’s certainly already the vulnerability The virus could enter t

Texas GOP lawmaker brutally mocked for talk of bringing space aliens ‘salvation through Jesus’

A Republican Texas state congressman on Friday was instantly buried in mockery after he began musing about the possibilities of converting space aliens to Christianity. Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland reacted to reports about declassifying information on UFO sightings by stating that any aliens aboard the ships would have to accept Jesus Christ into their hearts if they wanted a chance at eternal paradise. Texas State Rep. Jonathan Stickland - he looks normal enough, but believes Aliens should be followers of Jesus. I wonder how they would even know Jesus existed ... “IF aliens are real, salvation through Jesus Christ is the only way they enter Heaven,” wrote Stickland, who describes h

unsatisfactory sex life & abuse messes with your head.

We all know why some men are so fucked up. Lack of a sex life. Resentment and envy, jealousy and hatred is them aimed at those who are perceived to be enjoying a healthy sex life by those who are not. From boys to old age men, sex plays an important part in the make up of many men - while seemingly being less important for women. However - if a women is a Mother - then she is knackered each day raising a baby with breast feeding every hour ( a girlfriend locally is giving between 18 and 21 feeds a day - every day - since her baby was born a month ago ) and expecting her to be horny and up for it - like us men often are - is plainly dumb stupid - SHE IS KNACKERED, HER NIPPLES ARE SORE - HER

You could have gay sex in Roman times as long as you were the top.

Gay sex in Ancient Rome was not only easy to come by, it was an accepted part of being a Roman – even in the army.. The Romans didn’t see being gay as bad or sinful. But they also didn’t exactly admire it altogether either. While they didn’t necessarily punish homosexuality, they did look down on anyone who was the bottom in gay relationships. Evidence suggests Roman society didn’t even see sexuality as a spectrum like we do today. They were essentially indifferent to sexual orientation. Instead, they focused their prejudice on the submissive or feminine, or the bottom in gay relationships. Meanwhile they championed the dominance of tops or the person doing the fucking. And it’s all down to

Covid 19 shrinks the gay scene even further

Two more gay bars are not re opening after this close down here in Bournemoputh and the whole town now only has one bar - a sauna - and Hamilton Hall aimed at the gay community. Dozens of hotels, bars, night clubs and saunas have been here over the decades and in the last few years they have closed never to re open as the gay scene does not support or value, and then complain when there is nothing left. Covid 19 seems to have been the reason some have given while taking the money from the government to stay open and stay staffed and then closed up shop as fast as the cheque clears. Not sure this is morally acceptable as the governments hand out is not a present, it is meant to help business


There’s an unwritten rule: men with pickle-dicks are good for cuddling, not for fucking. But when you are on the hunt for big dicks, do you actually know where to look? # 8. THE NETHERLANDS Most of the country’s territory may be below sea level, but the same is not true of the nation's dicks. The Dutch rank very highly in the chart of the most well-hung nations. Beside being the tallest nation in Europe, the Dutch hold another European record - that of having the largest penises. The erect length of a good old Dutch cock is 15.87 cm, or 6.24″. So, why not consider a trip to the Netherlands? # 7. GAMBIA Oh yes, there’s a lot of truth in the cliché about African men and their sizable penises.

took a tumble

I took a tumble this week and hurt myself. Was coming in from the garden when I tripped on the steps as one of the slabs lifted up and tripped me. CRASH - down I went. Bashed my head against the table inside the door and spun round and crashed down onto my left shoulder. I lay there still as anything - semi conscious, and after what seemed like an age of just laying there I did have to say - 'Is anyone going to come to my aid ? as there were 3 guys in the garden who had seen me fall and that's when it seemed they jumped to help although I think they lept at the initial fall, it just seemed an age before anyone said or did anthing to help me. I twisted myself round and my left arm was just ha

Poland election draws ‘pink line’ through Europe

Andrzej Duda’s fight against ‘LGBT ideology’ helped bring out support for his re-election, but turned off many young and urban voters in last week’s close-call presidential election READ THE ARTICLE HERE John Bellamy Comments; I always thought that to be allowed membership of the EU, each country had to jump through all sorts of hoops putting in place certain laws etc,. to qualify. Once allowed admission, surely these countries cannot go back on these guidelines and reverse decisions made in order to be able to access the EU. Poland reversing its LGBT laws are in sure violation of that access and must be thrown out o


DRESSED ROUGHLY AS GIRL In Shakespearan times women were not allowed to act on stage as it was seen that acting for women was the same as a whore... so men became famous for dressing as women in parts. In the script the letters D.R.A.G. would be inserted meaning Dressed Roughly As Girl... and there you have it. Rue Paul above was on an LGBT Cruise I did a couple of years ago and I have only opne thing to say about his performance... well several... BORING AS SHIT. NO STAGE PRESENCE AT ALL DID NOT READ THE AUDIANCE AT ALL DJ'd WITH THE SAME MUISIC WE HAVE ALREADY HEARD ALL WEEK CAME DRESSED AS A MAN WHICH FOR AN LGBT CRUISE - ER HELLO - WE WERE ALL EXPECTING TO SEE HIM IN DRAG. GROSSLY - G

Can you get COVID-19 from sexual activity?

Is sex between strangers allowed and safe ? This question keeps being asked of me here at Hamilton Hall as if I am the expert. I have suggested that like me - they could Google it. No idea why some people cannot Google things for themselves. We have already been through one pandemic which descimated our community where tens of thousands of young gay men died back in the late 80's and 90's - and we survived. If you were not born back then and have grown up with HIV / AIDS, we survived by ABSTAINING - NO SEX - or at least SAFE SEX - because we were scared. DEATH IS SOMEWHAT FINAL. We took responsibility. We were mature. We were intelligent enough to figure out the dangers and we survived b

Beginner's Guide To Anal Stretching

When it comes to sex toys, it can be a mine field. Too big - Too small - Made from the wrong material - Expensive. Wrongly made, - Inferior workmanship and all sorts can go wrong. As a former sex worker I learned long ago that when you find a company that offers a good product, at a reasonable price, and is efficient and friendly, you stick with it. When you compare prices between companies for the same item, it can vary enormously. CLONE ZONE - PHENOMINALLY EXPENSIVE - Talk about adding it on to screw the gay market. Items at £9.99 are £6 in any other sex shop. As a sex worker we learned long ago to avoid Clone Zone. Maybe that is why they overstretched themselves financially and had t

Homosexuality V Religions

The Christian Church is responsible for mass genocide - mass torture - mass murder of men, women and children - by priests and nuns - plus the slaughter of hundreds of thousands in the Crusades and even today, the church damns and destroys whole communities - whole sections of society - millions of people world wide - and all because they are LGBT. The Bible is not the word of God;- Was not written by God and is far from accurate to the original documents it was copied from. Written by scores of different men - then massively edited over the centuries to say what a load of sexually frustrated and fucked up monks ' thought' it meant, and they applied their dogmatic screwed up frustrations

New King Size suite at Hamilton Hall

Our Dorm Room for 4 sharing has proven to be a very popular room over the years. Very popular. 4 naked men sharing a bedroom together. You can imagine. But times have changed. Dorms are not allowed as they do not allow for Social Distancing. (SD ) Clearly, SD is going to last for a long time and it will be an age before we even vaguely get back to ' normal' after this lockdown and global melt down. So the Dorm Room is going to have a massive make over. It will be turned into a small but very comfortable King Size bedded room with a lounge area with TV and DVD - shower room en suite - and will be available as a Super King within the hotel OR: For rent as a Community Live In Guest with this b

living with a drunk

Living with a drunk is no fun. Anyone who does, knows how you walk on egg shells around them all the time in case they flair up. The mood swings are out of control and you fear saying anything - as you are constantly on guard about what is going to ' go down' next. Taking advantage. BOY do they take advantage. Zero appreciation. Nothing you do is right. Me Me Me attitude all the time and not a moments thought for you and what you are going through. It doesn't even enter their thoughts. Yet they do not see it. They WILL NOT see it - because they do not want to. It is easier to open another bottle and swig away. Running away into a bottle is a cowards way of living. It is not coping with li

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