Prince of Tides 30 years on.

The Prince of Tides was released nearly 30 years ago...and I’ve just finished an updated director’s edition working with Criterion on this new package for over a year. I hope you enjoy it as much as I’ve enjoyed doing it. SCROLL DOWN - for John Bellamys personal account of this film. We’ve restored the movie to a 4K restoration...and I combined commentary that I recorded in 1991 with new commentary that I recorded this past year. There is a special making-of featurette, along with some archival interviews recorded at the time of release, and a more recent interview I did in 2018. There’s audition and rehearsal footage, deleted scenes and alternate takes, and costume and makeup tests. When I

time to relax Above is a link for a peaceful sit down, phone OFF – cat out – sit comfortably – close your eyes – take a few deep breaths – and concentrate on taking slow deep breaths – in and out ( obviously ) feel your shoulders relax – feel your whole mind, and body relax. keep taking slow deep breaths in and out – filling your lungs ( air is free ) Try and do 20 minutes although the music is an hour and if you can do that – well done you. Done daily at a regular time, has its own rewards. If done with someone else, has 4 times the power. Enjoy. John

Coronavirus Rhapsody: a Covid-19 song in self-isolation - THIS IS BRILLIANT.

CLICK on the link below. This is absolutely brilliant, the cleverest thing I have yet seen concerning the Corona Virus in jest. With vocals by Adrian Grimes, lyrics by Dana Jay Bein, and a very recognisable tune from the legendary group Queen, this maybe captures the mood of many.

An old lady moved into Hamilton Hall today ... NO NOT REALLY.

An old lady moved into Hamilton Hall today. NO – NOT REALLY BUT :- Because of the costs involved in running a car when I have absolutely no income but huge outgoings – as with any hotel, I have staff to pay even if we are closed ;- as I do not want to lay them off ; – and with no bookings and advance monies coming in – and where like most people, we do not have huge cash reserves;- I am cutting down on outgoings where I can. I knew you'd be inpressed. It 'aint Gucci or Ralph Lauren, as I am not a snob - . And I know what you are thinking - - - 'Oh what style John has.' - ha ha - - .- NOT.) I have been turned the heating and hot water to come on just twice a day – morning for 2 hours w

Let's piss off the millennial's

StartFragment Us oldies need to stay alive and healthy for a few more decades even if just to annoy the crap out of the millennial's who consider us useless - even though as I remind them, we are the generation that went to the moon and invented all the platforms that support their social media - and their phones etc. Let's all stay well and live long lives just to piss them off. Keep well. John Bellamy HOME PAGE EndFragment

Dog Show Judge Makes Little Girl With Autism's Day By Letting Her Show Her Stuffed Animal Dog

This is the sweetest and kindest video I have seen in a very long time. Just click and watch. If this does not bring atear to your eye, you are already dead. or CLICK HERE CLICK HERE To be taken to OhMyyyy Home Page - well worth signing up for future news. BLOG HOME PAGE JB/ John: Loved the pece about the girl at the dog show. It really did move this cold hearted old bitch and I felt really moved by the judge and his kindness. Robert. Wonderful John. The judge at the dog show, truly kindness and thought for another at its best. Mark.

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