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your mail & the bare back rape of our country.

John: It was St. Georges day this week and all I saw was Muslim hordes filling the streets and the police telling the white people of the UK, out to celebrate St. Georges Day, to disperse and leave the area and allow the Muslim Immigrants and refugees the space to pray to Allah IN THE STREETS and we are pushed and shoved BY THE POLICE out of the way. WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE UK ?

Ian ( London )

JB COMMENTS: We all saw it on the news. Clashes - VIOLENT CLASHES - between the police and those celebrating St. George's Day and the heavy handed attitude of the police towards those celebrants and yet Muslims are free to pray in the streets blocking roads and EVEN OUTSIDE OF PARLIAMENT WITH A LOUD HAILER CALLING PEOPLE TO PRAYER - IN THE STREET - OUTSIDE PARLIAMENT - and we - the people of this country are harassed and bullied by the police for celebrating OUR DAY - AND THIS ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTS.

WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH THE UK ? Why is the state protecting illegal action by Muslims and arresting us for celebrating St. Georges Day ?


John: Had to share this with you. Celebrated St. Georges Day with a planned family do. It was ruined by hundreds of Muslims blocking our way out of the area with them praying in the streets and my wife and daughter were shouted at and threats screamed and this is OUR DAY - this is ST. GEORGES DAY - and the police actually threatened us with arrest if we stayed in the area - and we live here - right on the very street - and the police would not listen and were heavy handed with my special needs daughter and the whole thing was disgusting. Who do the police think they work for and who are they protecting when the tax payer - me and my wife - are abused and threatened BY THE POLICE while they protect the illegal immigrant. What is happening to this country.

Richard ( Birmingham )

John: Following on from your piece about the Burqa. This week has been an eye opener for me. I never noticed or ignored before. Went to a local pub on St. Georges day to be harassed by scores of immigrants - presumably Muslim, shouting how the UK culture did not suit them and how we had to adapt to their lifestyle so they could feel at home. If they do not like our culture then bugger off home and leave us in peace.



John: As usual. I admire your balls - all 3 of them. The way you take on board hard subjects like last weeks piece on the Burqa. With so much going on against us Brits by the very people who want to change us into something this country is not - THE GOVERNMENT IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS - and we the people are struggling to find our ability to celebrate being BRITISH while the state does all it can to damn and destroy us for doing so.

I agree with you John and well written.

Mark A.



If the state wants a war between the people they certainly are stirring it up to boiling point by abusing us locals and giving special protection to the immigrants. Matt S.

John: I live in Wales. Have done all my life. We have more than our fare share of immigrants filling 4 and 5 star hotels. Yet they moan and carry on complaining how bad everything is.

This week we hear how it is too Welsh for them and how they are demanding we change to suit their culture, habits, foods, prayer time and so much more and the arrogance IN SOMEONE ELSES COUNTRY - is staggering and guess what John, the police and officials did and said nothing but usher us white locals away making room so they could pray in the street.

This is my land. This is my country. There 's always been a welcome in the hillsides of wales so why are we being ushered out by our police in place of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. If the state wants a war between the people they certainly are stirring it up to boiling point by abusing us locals and giving special protection to the immigrants.

It really is coming to a head John, so buckle down, stock up, there's a battle coming.

Darren ( and I'm not the only gay in the village.)


I read your article about burqa ban and my opinion is giving people the freedom to wear whatever they want. We are not the morality police to judge a bikini over a burqa. By definition, pluralism is to accept everyone as they are.

The other other stuff u mentioned about Muslims fucking 13 year olds or killing the infidels... I don't think its fair to judge a whole religion of a billion people with the practices of a few assholes who know jack shit about their religion. If they did something culturally, like Pakistani men fucking 13 year old girls and Afghani men fucking 13 year old boys, that has nothing to do with Islam. Maybe in their perverted village culture this prevails, but it certainly has nothing to do with Islam.

Just because more than half of the Christians fornicate, it would be unfair of me to state that Christianity encourages or demands fornication from its followers. Don't judge the religion by the practices of a corrupt few.

Just my two cents.



( JB Comment: ) It is no more to do with Islam than the paedophile priest has to do with the catholic faith. Is that what you are saying ? Of course we judge the religion by the corrupt few Hugh - everyone does, when we see abuses at the hands of the clergy and nothing is done but cover it up then the church involved IS RESPONSIBLE.

The Archbishop of Boston ( Bernard Francis Law ) (USA) back in the late 1980's WAS responsible for moving over 90 paedophile priests around the diocese of Boston Massachusetts and therefore HE WAS A GROOMER, A SUPPLIER - or better known as A PIMP - AND THIS IS THE CHURCH TOP OFFICIAL HIDING IT FROM SOCIETY.

This is reported to be the same in all religious institutions and not rampantly just within the catholic faith, but Jewish, Muslim and all religious circles have their reports of abuse covered up and in many instances, encouraged / hidden BY the church / Priest - Rabie - Mullahs etc. and do not deny this Hugh as the evidence is easy to find, and the church echelons ARE responsible.

When they hide these perverts - when they do nothing to stop it, and when they openly encourage hostilities between the locals and the illegal immigrants - then the church IS responsible. They could teach acceptance and encourage integration, but they do not, they threaten and abuse - they make demands - they harass and abuse and all in the name of religion Hugh so please - get with the programme and do not talk to me about how the religion is not responsible when it damned well is. 100% it is responsible Hugh and offering to turn the other cheek IS NOT WORKING HUGH, just LOOK at the harassments over the St. Georges Day festivities up and down the country and see how the police protect the Muslims at prayer and harass and beat and arrest those celebrating OUR DAY - HERE IN THE UK - AND FOREIGNERS CAUSED TROUBLE AND THE POLICE TOOK THEIR SIDE. So are the police massively misdirected in their jobs or just massively scared of being labeled racist - which we know is the truth.?

I think it is time you opened your eyes and looked at what is happening Hugh.

If ANY religion accepts and does nothing of a sin, then the religion / the church IS RESPONSIBLE - PERIOD - and if you don't get that Hugh, then you REALLY need to open your eyes and see reality in a different light than through those rose tinted glasses you seem to be wearing.

I am NOT anti Muslim. I am not Jewish or Christian or anything else. I was raised C of E but pulled away because of too much abuse and clap trap lies - by the church itself - and I try and live a spiritual life - where all religions have part of the truth - part of the story - and I am NOT anti religion, as long as it teaches love and honesty, truth and compassion, and sadly - most religions are as far from these teachings as they can get. But I AM DEFINALELY anti ANY religion that does and says nothing to stop war, whether it be global, regional or local - whether it be about politics or the people or the religion itself.

If you keep your gob shut and say and do nothing then you are as guilty as the rapist, murderer, bigot and racist.

If all you do is get your phone camera out and video a women getting raped - or a person being beaten, then you are as guilty as the rapist and as guilty as the beater - FOR DOING NOTHING.



Good Afternoon John,

I just wanted to reach out and say I've been following Hamilton Hall a number of years, and recently saw your '3 in a bed' episode once again after many years.  

I'm sorry to read about your ill health and do hope that treatment is going well.  Your story is inspirational and I love what you have done for people over the years.  What you stand for and the fascinating person that you are.  I could listen and watch the youtube channel for days on end.

In the world of celebrity, you really are so much more unique and honest and true than those.

Keep living your dream, keep smiling and never change.


Dear John: Having stayed with you a few months or so ago I had to e mail and say a big thanks for everything. I went from you to another gay venue and compared to Hamilton Hall there really was absolutely no comparison at all,- Hamilton Hall wins hands down. They offered 2 breakfast cereals where as you have - what - over 15 ? No fresh fruit. Tinned grapefruit - yuck - and as we know grapefruit is not good for older people as it interferes with our medication so it seemed a bit foolish offering it. There was something wrong with the ambiance - it was off, it missed the mark, it had an arrogant ' THEM AND US' atmosphere where it was 'the staff V the guests' - and it did seem as if we were in the way all the time and they seemed to really resented guests being there. So I deliberately asked for things to be awkward and difficult just to piss them off and the condescending attitude prevailed. The owners were also clearly all about having sex with the guests and I was horrified. They kept asking if I wanted a massage or did I want to join them in the jacuzzi and no I bloody didn't. Nice place but the people John, oh the people were not as upmarket as the venue. I think they use the place to make a tax free income and get sex without any bother. In future it will definitely be a NO THANKS to that venue.




JB COMMENTS: I was ASTOUNDED this week to receive a nice pleasant e mail from someone - and I will point out it was a nice pleasant e mail so no problems there - but in it he asks what I am going to do with Hamilton Hall after I die, - actually mentioning who I was leaving Hamilton Hall to in my will.


Maybe if I had more faith in the LGBT community ( which sadly I absolutely do not ) I would form a charitable non profit trust and leave the venue to a committee to keep it going but as I do not trust gay people to do the right thing - especially when it comes to money - and not to work from a fucked up sense of ego and self self self all the time - who and what I do with the venue after I die is rather none of your business and I was astounded someone actually had the temerity to even ask. It actually make me chuckle in amazement. Everything comes to an end - and one day so will Hamilton Hall and by then, the gay scene will be almost non existent as everything will either be all on the internet or banned because the Muslims have taken over and we LGBT are in hiding like in so many other countries. Simple as that.

It did, however, made me chuckle.


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