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J.K. Rowling posts 700-word diatribe trying to justify her transphobia

Rowling's transphobia has only grown more unhinged over time

After recent rants opposing a transgender-inclusive hate crime law and implying that trans people are criminals who don’t need legal protections, billionaire Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling recently published a 709-word social media post explaining her anti-trans views and what she has decided defines a woman.

Her April 6 post post ends with two tired transphobic tropes: that trans women are a violent threat to cis women and gender-affirming care harms children. Neither one is true, but her post still provides insight into the views that inform Rowling’s bigotry.

Curious about what a TERF is? Learn who trans-exclusionary radical feminists are and their troubling views on trans people.

Rowling starts by defining a woman as “a human being who belongs to the sex class that produces large gametes” — that is, egg cells as opposed to sperm cells. Rowling says it makes no difference if a woman has ever been pregnant, birthed a child, or able to produce viable eggs, “S


Dear John, I feel the need to share my thoughts on trans women - - A TRANS WOMEN is not a women - She is a TRANS WOMEN - She cannot have a period and have babies. A TRANS MAN is NOT a man - He is a Trans Man - and will never shoot spunk out of his created penis - his pee hose that gets hard through an artificial implant. He is and never will be a fully fledged man, but will always be a TRANS MAN.

Both have the right to be who and what they choose, I absolutely stand by that - and despite how they could not live with themselves as they were, yet they expect us to live with them as they are. Funny that.

I will always respect and value all trans but when they scream and shout at me that they are women when clearly they are not - and when they shout and scream they want acceptance - and acceptance needs to be earned and screaming at me because I mis pronouned them, just goes against their cause entirely and they shoot themselves in the high heeled foot.

Michael C.


Catholic priest jailed after male escort ODs at his gay sex party

The escort overdosed on erectile dysfunction meds. Then the cops arrived...

A Polish Catholic priest has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after an investigation into an August 30, 2023, gay adult play party in the priest’s apartment. At the party, a male sex worker collapsed after overdosing on erectile dysfunction medication and was subsequently “mutilated,” according to The New York Post. The victim ultimately survived.

Father Tomasz Zmarzły was convicted of sexual offenses, supplying drugs, and failing to provide assistance to a person in danger of loss of life or serious bodily harm. He held the party at his apartment in the southern city of Dabrowa Gornicza and reportedly kicked out an attendee who threatened to call the police when the man collapsed.

The catholic couple was hiding in plain sight at Pride events, gay bars and clubs around the world.

The ejected man called an ambulance and police, and the priest allegedly wouldn’t let the authorities in when they arrived. Authorities reportedly found the unconscious man “lying on a bed with his lower body severely mutilated,” though media reports didn’t explain how he was injured. The victim was hospitalized and later discharged.



Stonehenge may have aligned with the Moon as well as the Sun

Published: April 19, 2024 5.21pm BST

When it comes to its connection to the sky, Stonehenge is best known for its solar alignments. Every midsummer’s night tens of thousands of people gather at Stonehenge to celebrate and witness the rising Sun in alignment with the Heel stone standing outside of the circle. Six months later a smaller crowd congregates around the Heel stone to witness the midwinter Sun setting within the stone circle.

But a hypothesis has been around for 60 years that part of Stonehenge also aligns with moonrise and moonset at what is called a major lunar standstill. Although a correlation between the layout of certain stones and the major lunar standstill has been known about for several decades, no one has systematically observed and recorded the phenomenon at Stonehenge.

This is what we are aiming to do in a project bringing together archaeologists, astronomers and photographers from English Heritage, Oxford, Leicester and Bournemouth universities as well as the Royal Astronomical Society.

There is now an abundance of archaeological evidence that indicates the solar alignment was part of the architectural design of Stonehenge. Around 2500 BC, the people who put up the large stones and dug an avenue into the chalk seemed to want to cement the solstice axis into the architecture of Stonehenge.



Don’t blame Dubai’s freak rain on cloud seeding – the storm was far too big to be human-made

Some years ago, I found myself making my way up the narrow stairs of a Learjet on a sultry runway in a deserted airport near the South Africa-Mozambique border. The humidity was there to taste – the air thick with it.

The weather radar was showing a fast-developing thundercloud. Our mission was to fly through the most active part of the storm, measure it, fly through again while dumping a bin load of dry ice, turn hard and fly through for a final measurement.

The inside of the Learjet resembled a food blender, so severe was the turbulence. Thousands of meters below, a smaller plane would be threading through the storm downdrafts measuring the rain. It isn’t something you do every day although the saucer-sized hail dents on the wings of the Learjet told of its many prior engagements.

Apart from the fun of flying through the core of a thunderstorm in a Learjet, I didn’t think much about the time I was lucky enough to be part of that project. Until I heard about the recent freak storm in Dubai.

The project I was part of, neatly named Rain (Rain Augmentation in Nelspruit), was a cloud seeding experiment several years in the making. Cloud seeding involves adding tiny particles into a cloud in order to give moisture something to attach to and form droplets. Gradually those droplets merge and become heavy enough to fall as rain. In theory, the “seeeded” clouds will grow more droplets suitable for rain.



The world’s oldest conjoined twins have died – what we know about this rare condition

The world’s oldest conjoined twins, Lori and George Schappell, recently died, aged 62.

Doctors predicted that the twins (who were joined at the skull and shared 30% of their brain) would not live past the age of 30. But the twins defied expectations and managed to live long and successful lives.

The twins made headlines in 2007 when George came out as transgender.

Conjoined twins are incredibly rare, accounting for about one or two in every 100,000 births. Sadly, about 60% of conjoined twin births are stillborn or die shortly after birth. Conjoined female twins are three times more likely to survive than males.



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