Passenger who squeezed flight attendant’s butt & called him “gay boy” gets sent to prison

The attacker had 105 prior offenses. No kidding. An unruly passenger was just sentenced to six months in prison for the sexual assault of a male flight attendant. The passenger, Gavin Capps, was flying with EasyJet from Manchester, U.K., to Iceland for work this past January, when he attacked the flight attendant. Related: 4 firemen arrested for attempted sexual assault of a male teenaged volunteer Capps had three beers on the flight and went to the front of the plane to get more, but he was sent back and told to wait for the in-flight service. When the duty-free trolley came down the aisle, Capps took 400 cigarettes from it and hid them under his seat. Flight attendants warned him to stop c

“Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling tweets profane transphobic message to 9-year-old fan

As she has done previously, she claimed it was a mistake but says anyone outraged should "take your censorship and authoritarianism elsewhere." Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has continued her streak of endorsing anti-transgender speech, but this time the beloved writer has accidentally involved a nine-year-old girl in her prejudice. Rowling has been retweeting children’s drawings of an upcoming character for a project she’s working on. But when she shared the girl’s sketch, she also included a line copied from an anti-transgender website that included the f-bomb and extremist rhetoric. Related: Bookstore trolls J.K. Rowling by donating money from her book sales to a transgender charity Ro

One Year of Log Cabin Building / One Man Building His Dream House

13,627,168 views on youtube Cruising bored one evening on youtube - a log cabin build came on screen and I thought it was a build done on camera in 20 minutes, and as the guys looked cute, I put it on. Over 2 hours later I couldn't believe I was so mezmerized and interested in this build, which was still not complete even at the end of over 2 hours. It was now past 2am and I was still there watching with fascination. I learned after that that there were numerous videos building the same house bit by bit and I was hooked. The work involved is astounding. First he single handedly cuts down over 90 selected trees. He then trims them and scrapes the bark off each and every one and the work

bereavement pandemic

Many of us older ( more mature ) LGBTQ have experience living through a pandemic already where fear and death went hand in hand. This was in the 1980's. It seemed to come from out of thin air and swept through the gay community like a sunami - where death rode in on a charger and took no prisoners. In the beginning it centred itself around the gay community and almost a generation of young men were wiped out either by the disease itself or some years later through the drug companies trying out new medications such as AZT in MASSIVE quantities - to figure out what dosage to use and so humans were the guinea pigs and thosands were killed with medical poisoning, and it took some ye

Escape to the Chateau

I fel madly in love with Dick and Angel Strawbridge earlier in the year. For those who know, these intrepid people bought a very run down old French Chateau is deplorable condition, and through a 5 year restoration project filmed for Channel 4 - have turned it into a splendid B&B and wedding venue and I have loved watching every single minute. I fell in love - not just with the 2 f them, but with the chateau and the thought of being ale to do such a thing. when doping up a venue of this kind it takes a great deal of money and hard work but also patience - a huge amount of patience, as nothing will ever go exactly as planned and no building work on this scale will ever be easy and you tru

Iconic gay activist Larry Kramer passes away at 84

Playwright and gay HIV activist Larry Kramer passed away at age 84. According to the New York Times, he died of pneumonia early this morning. Kramer was a legendary activist who co-founded the Gay Men’s Health Crisis, an organization devoted to helping people living with HIV and AIDS. He was later kicked out of the organization for his confrontational style. Susan Sontag once called Kramer “one of America’s most valuable troublemakers” for his actions that targeted Wall Street, public health offices, and the Catholic Church. He grew frustrated with what he saw as gay men’s apathy towards the HIV pandemic as well as the government’s inept response. In 1987 he helped co-found ACT-UP, a direct

Thankyou Dan, for your thoughtful words.

Hi John Never been to Hamilton hall, but i have followed you for years. I follow because i have the utmost respect for you as a man and a human being I always tell people i am NOT a flag waving queer. I have a hatred for snowflakes and gays screaming about their rights, when they have done nothing to earn them Older gays have fought and in some cases died for the rights that are now enjoyed by the young these days I get so pissed off when some celebrity says they have be homophobically abused etc I dont care what people call me, poof, queer, fag or the not often heard favourite of mine Shirt lifter lol Which is odd as i am a total bottom lol The funny thing is that the most horrendous

rain rain rain - it is so meditative

I can sit and watch the rain for hours. There is something meditative about it. Which of these allows you to just sit and sink into it - in a warm and dry space ? This is so Dawn French in Vicar of Dibbley COMMUNITY LIVING FOR MEN BLOG HOME PAGE I am a twin and had an older sister 2 years older. As children , we were rarely alone with our parents as one of the others would always be around. NOT that I craved singular attention at all. BUT - One rainy Sunday afternoon my parents took me with them - leaving my brother and sister with a Grandparent - to go on the bus and see a vacant property they were thinking of renting, and I would be about 4 or 5 years of age - walking along beside my

I broke a rib this week

I broke a rib this week and it is as painful as hell. We had 2 tonnes of topsoil delivered for the new veg beds and it needed shovelling into the beds. No problem. There were two of us and we did it pronto - with a little sweat and puffing we got it done. RIGHT AT THE VERY END when I was just leveling the soil out in one of the beds, I must have turned oddly because this shocking snap occured in my right chest and I was a doubled up in agony. It felt as if the rib had broken and the ends were rubbing together in my chest which was sore as hell. I phoned 111 and the very sweet women asked me some details and spoke to someone else in the background and she agreed with my assesment that I had


BLOG HOME PAGE IF YOU HAVE PICTURES TO SHARE - PLEASE SEND THEM IN TO Tell me your favourite picture and why ?

The Georgia Guidestones

The Georgia Guidestones are a granite monument erected in 1980 in Elbert County, Georgia, in the United States. A set of 10 guidelines is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages and a shorter message is inscribed at the top of the structure in four ancient language scripts. I broke a rib while working in the garden this week and while in pain, I found a comfortable position to sit and watch telly in the evening but was nervous to move into bed for the fear of the pain involved and doing so in comfort, so I stayed where I was for most the night. Tons of cushions, a big throw and me with my feetup. Freeview on the telly is wonderful and I watched Ancient Aliens - and as I love

veg garden

I have had a veg bed area built at the back of Hamilton Hall next to the garage. Ordered the bricks before the lockdown and was then told I would have to wait 6 weeks for a 24 hour delivery, which we did - and it was frustrating not being able to get on with it, especially as we were in lockdown and could have used the time... which we did eventually anyway... just 6 weeks later. I am thrilled. Honey, my dog, doesn't know what to make of it as the bread I throw on the garage roof for the birds, usually falls on the ground where she finds it later - and now - it falls into these new beds and she has lost her forbidden snacks... Better for her diet and better for the birds. It looks a bit


he's going to make it sore ... ha ha I'd like to make him sore... Bless me Father for I am about to sin and sin again but won't be able to tell you because i'ts rude to speak with your mouth full. Ride me Cowboy... Er - I mean - Ride 'em Cowboy. Or whatever. BBC - BIG BLACK COCK blog home page

news from america

Hi John, So very happy to read about the changes you've made to your establishment to assure the health and safety of yourself and eventual bookings of your guests. We have absolute fools here in the USA taking horrible risks and possibly endangering by refusing to maintain social distancing and wearing masks. I was in Thailand end of February and already they were practicing those safety precautions and my husband and I followed there lead. Our hotel was handing out masks and hand sanitizer as freely ad candy on Halloween...we returned home on 03/09, perfectly healthy to security agents in LA with neither masks or gloves while screening travelers... Very proud of you and your efforts and G

Changes at Hamilton Hall

Hamilton Hall is a NOT FOR PROFIT VENUE No other men only hotel in the UK offers as much as we do to help, support, promote and heal the physical, emotional and spiritual mind, body and soul of men. < < < PERIOD > > > Many resent Many envy Many offer nothing at all while resenting those of us who do CORONA VIRUS & SOCIAL DISTANCING AFTER WE RE OPEN ON FIRST ENTRY INTO HAMILTON HALL. PLEASE ADHERE TO SOCIAL DISTANCING WHERE POSSIBLE THROUGHOUT THE VENUE If you cough, sneeze or have the sniffles, then we expect to see you use a tissue and dispose of in the proper manner. BE RESPONSIBLE. We will check your Body Temperature with an Ear Thermometer on entry and at various times during your stay

Turkey orders schools to stop letting kids draw rainbows because it’s a “plot to turn children gay”

Children worldwide have been drawing rainbows and hanging them in windows to comfort others during the coronavirus pandemic. While governments around the world focus on finding a cure and preventing the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus, Turkey’s government is warning about a different ridiculous danger. Children worldwide have been drawing rainbows and hanging them in windows to comfort others during the coronavirus pandemic. The Turkish government has ordered schools to stop participating because it is an international “plot to turn children gay.” Egitim-Sen, a teachers’ trade union, confirmed administrators were being instructed to end any participation in the project. The art museum Ist


IT'S TIME TO ACT We all know deforestation is destroying habitats, fueling climate change, and increasing pollution. But most people just don't feel it's possible to do anything to help. If we don't all do something NOW this world will not be the same for our children and grand kids. And the animals who currently live here will be gone forever. Planting trees won't solve all the world's issues. But it's something tangible that we CAN do that will make a BIG difference and start saving the lives of millions of endangered animals immediately. So we are conserving 100 existing trees and planting 10 new trees for every item sold. Trees May Be Our Only Hope...And

FREE TANTRIC SEX - A gift from Hamilton Hall

TANTRIC SEX - FOR FREE November 20th - 22nd 2020 FULL BODY NAKED MASSAGE WORKSHOP WEEKEND with FREE TANTRIC SEX INSTRUCTION Like all business - we haven't a clue as yet if and when this quarantine / lockdown period will end and if and when it does - how the ' herd mentality' will affect people as - maybe numbers of infected rise and more lockdowns are put in place. We simply do not know. This weekend is very 'hands on' and we shall all play it by ear and pray that this pandemic is over by then. No one want to spend in excess of £500 with any of the groups who over charge over complicate - over indulge their own ego and over look how the western mind does not always understand eastern philos

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