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Hitler and modern day America

I am always told to avoid mentioning Hitler in anything I write, but when current day politicians seem to be lining themselves up with the ideology of Hitler, by damning and destroying a section of society and getting the mass to go against - with misinformation, evil progaganda and lies - then similarities need to be mentioned and Hitler and his political ambitions when marrying to the likes of Trump, need explaining.

Hitler attacked the jews, the gays, the handicpped, the gypsies and the elderly / mentally infirm and anyone that did not fit his ' norm.'

Mostly of course, he picked on the Jews and villified them through misinformation and the people allowed all sorts of appalling things to happen. The people became brain washed by constant misinformation and blatant lies and swallowed it hook, line and sinker, and either turned against those who had been friends before, or simply turned a blind eye as to what was going on and then claimed ' they didn't know' - when the writing was clearly on the wall - and we all know how this worked out.

Good people turned their backs and ignored what was going on. If they had a voice and spoke against, they were destroyed. Your voice in opposition could be the end of you.

Current day - Some governments, like Russia and the USA are using misinformation against the LGBT communities in much the same way as Hitler did with the Jews and using the LGBT as pawns to garner the public behind them by picking on a minority - stating all sorts of eronious untrue things - like how we groom children for some hidden gay agenda ( which not a sinlge gay man has ever heard of but the straight homophobes seem to know all about it ) and by using the media filled with absolute mistruths and blatant lies - complete mistruths - and this offers a very dangerous path forward.

If you speak against, we all see how the likes of Trump, like Hitler, goes after those who oppose with blatant threats and charachter asassination in the press and all too boost his own cause and to hell with who he destroys in the meantime.

Trump is already talking about jailing anyone and everyone who has ever opposed him - if he gets back into power again.

History is repeating itself and we in the LGBT communities are at risk.

Drag queens do not groom children.

Parents ( and the church ) does that every single day.

Every lesson in life - whether it be at home, in school or in public, is grooming.

Drag queens do not want sex with children - this is usually more common with your local priest.

Gay men - by and large - are not pedophiles - that again is reserved largely for heterosexuals and not gay men and largely - family members or people known to the family - Aunts, Uncles - family friends etc. ( again, your local priest )

Transexuals in sport - even I am against a man with a dick using a pronoun of a women to enter womens sport and win hands down, as this is making a mockery of womens sport and a mockery of true trans who have gone through the whole laborious and painful experience of actually having the operations to truly become the next best thing to a women / man - but always remember, they cannot have a monthly period or menstrate and they cannot have a baby - Period. They cannot shoot sperm and as good as they may look, they are a trans man or women NOT a natural man or women. they CANNOT reproduce - PERIOD. Of course, many trans men and women have had children before transitioning but that was as a man or women - NOT a trans man or women.

The man who is making a name for himself as having had a baby is absolute bollocks. SHE is a trans man who HAS NOT transitioned fully and still has ALL her female parts ' down there' and so can have a child - and why not, she is still a women.

The fact she has had both breasts removed and has a beard from medication DOES NOT MAKE HER A MAN. IT IS ABSOLUTE BOLLOCKS and yet people believe it.

She is NOT a man

She is not even a transman - not yet - not until she has a dick and balls to replace her womb and vagina - she is still a women. A half done trans man. I have absolutely no problem with that but DO NOT LIE and claim to be a man having a baby when that is absolute bollocks.

Apparantly I am a Ciss man - NO I AM NOT. - I am a man, period. No other title except maybe gay man, but any other title you want to give me, other than ' Your Worship' - 'Your Holiness' - or even maybe ' Sir ' - is bollocks and I shall ignore completely. I am also not a lot of things but I DO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I AM and do not need some silly label so others can feel comfortable with me. It's bollocks.

If you act like a Karen ( Google it ) and have an entitled attitude, not only will you be ignored but you will be told just how deeply boring your entitled attitude is and how you WILL NOT get away with it in my world as all you are trying to do is set yourself apart from everyine else with another silly label and you are buying right into the conspiracy theory of divide an conquer.

If you think yourself superior in some manner - BOY OH BOY have I got a surprise for you - and I am the person to bring you down to size and show you the absurdity and just how you are absolutely no better than the postman, dustman, prime minister or space cadet - you piss and shit like anyone else - wipe your own ass like anyone else - and you say and do dumb things as much as everyone else as - we are all just winging it - making it all up as we go along, and if you think you are entitled to bigger, harder, faster, more more and yet more - and if you think you are better than - above and superior than - and if you think you are above the law, decent behaviour and good manners - then do please come and stay at Hamilton Hall because, believe me, I will put you in your place so fast - so sharply and with such power and strength you will not know if you are Arthur or Martha - coming or going,- as unlike that which is popular with those entitled people, I do not follow that journey, - will not pander to what you want to be called - MOSTLY - as it is just attention seeking bullshit by those who have little to say and little to find interesting and often are ignored - so by screaming you are a Him / Her / It / They / Them - etc. I find it just BORING AS SHIT and all just attention seeking.

Who gives a fuck ? I mean. Really - Only those screaming for a title to make them different. No one else gives a shit

Claiming a child of 6 years of age needs to choose a pronoun is absurd. Your sexuality - is not a choice - it chooses you and not the other way round. I never chose to be a gay man, it was natural for me from very early on. I was never asked - never given a choice, never did I even know I had a choice, I was just gay from early on and I followed that path. I didn't need a society to make me choose when a child way before I really understood what sex and sexuality was all about or - come to that - what an emotive subject sex was and how SO MANY are REALLY FUCKED UP AROUND SEX AND THEIR OWN SEXUAL JOURNEY.

Dividing yourself into one of scores of categories just divides us further and drives yet another wedge between people which is exactly what Hitler was - and Trump is - all about - dividing people - breaking up society / communities into many smaller fragmented parts which are easier to bully and manipulate and cause to fight amongst each other.

America is half way along that battle ground and even if Trump looses, a great deal of damage has been done and we all still reel under the influences of what Hitler did, Nazi's are still around, his ideologies are still popular not just with some of the people, but with people like Trump. Damning others is all part of the course for fascists and then half their battle has been done for them, by the ignorant masses who believe all these bully dictator / presidents say.

We live in dangerous times and like those who predicted Hitler's rise to power and danger - and who were laughed at... but who escaped and survived because they were forward looking while millions who laughed at them went to the gas chambers - - the writing is on the wall for us all with what is happening these days and how the far right / the fascists, the Trumps of this world - are taking over and mark my words, we are all in the LGBT community, at risk.



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