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nice things to do for others.

In 1975, Elvis was at a car dealership in Memphis to buy a new Cadillac. While choosing his car, he noticed an elderly woman who was observing the cars with great interest but with a sad expression. Elvis approached her and asked what she was looking at. The woman replied that she was simply daydreaming since she couldn't afford a new car.

Without hesitation, Elvis decided to buy a Cadillac for her. The woman, incredulous and overwhelmed with emotion, burst into tears of joy. Elvis paid for the car entirely from his own pocket and made sure all the necessary documents were in order.heart of gold. He loved to see the happiness in t This spontaneous act of generosity became one of the most famous episodes in Elvis's life, demonstrating his generous nature and his desire to help others.

His friend and bodyguard, Jerry Schilling, has recounted, "Elvis was not only an extraordinary entertainer, but he also had a he eyes of the people he gifted."


I was driving through the country lanes in Dorset this week and this tractor driver passed me shouting ' The end of the world is nigh !' - I think it was Farmer Geddon.


My neighbours dog is left at home all day while he is at work and while he works for himself and is in and out during the day, the dog was wining and lonely so as it was a sunny hot day and I was sunbathing for an hour in the garden, offered for her to come and be with me and Madge in the garden for the afternoon, and they had a ball - playing and jumping in and out of the paddling pool I put up just for the dogs and they had a great time, and is always better than being in the house alone, especially in the summer months.

Watching them play together was a delight and I shall upload a small video on our YouTube channel of them together.


John Bellamy adds a personal note :- It was a long hot day on Thursday and I popped to Aldi to get some salad stuff for lunch as Woody and I sat in the garden and took a couple of hours to relax in the sun. The lady in the que to pay behind me was this little old lady with - amongst her shopping, a bunch of flowers.  I quietly asked her if she was buying the flowers for herself and she looked up and said ' Yes dear.' - and I asked if she wouldn't mind me paying for them for her - and she was absolutely blown away and kept saying how there are some kind thoughtful people still around, and the cashier got chatting as well and the old dear asked us both if we could guess her age - and when she told us she was 99 - and we were both gobsmacked.

She was of sound mind and while a little stooped over, was out and about shopping for herself and at 99 - was remarkable.  I asked how she did it and she  said her son feeds her lots of healthy food like fruits and vegies and I teased and asked teasingly - ' What about the gin ??? '  and she laughed and said ' Well - there is the red wine.'- and we laughed the three of us. 

I had packed my things and as I left I wished her a happy day and she was still chatting to the cashier about how there are still kind people around and it actually made my day, as much as it probably made hers.

It is so easy to do something as small as this and only cost £3.50 - so not a fortune and in small ways we can each reach out and offer a moment of kindness and thoughtfulness to someone - no matter who - and help cheer the day and bring a smile.


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