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Okay - so I have a big dick,. Erectile dysfunctions affect us all, eventually.

Okay, so I have a big dick.

Lucky me.

Lucky the thousands of clients I had when I was a sex worker.

My dick helped made me a rich man - but was just one small part ( excuse the pun ) of the service I offered. There is SO MUCH MORE to being a successful prostitute than having a big dick.

There is so much more to sex than just dick. Regardless of what many claim, most are size queens - deny it all you like - and / or size aware - and those who deny, sometimes harbour resentment and envy. Pure and simple.

Dick size can COMPLETELY fuck up some peoples lives, relationships and standing in society - and many feel inferior ( WRONGLY as there is more to life than just your dick ) but many men with small dicks can be somewhat fucked up because of it and I have seen peoples lives absolutely ruined and all for something they can do nothing about.

My multi millionaire lover decades ago had a small pecker - while his brother - also gay - had a monster dick, and my lovers resentment and bitterness toward his brother ruined any decent relationship they could have enjoyed.

They agreed to live in separate states ( American ) and almost every time they were together my lover would start a fight, over something, and the deep seated foundation for his anger towards his brother all stemmed from his small pecker and his giant monster. Oh it was never mentioned - never spoken about - but as I am no dummy and as I am an empath and as I could see with my own eyes exactly WTF was going on, it was so sad to be in a relationship with a man I deeply loved and have that also thrown at me -

' All you have going for you is a big dick...' ( oh really .... )

DO NOT tell me I am wrong.

Your dick is yours and be proud of it and anyone who thinks differently - GO FUCK YOURSELF. We all have what we have and accept that. Sadly though, the gay scene is full of resentful envious bitter men who throw abuse at those they envy, not just dick size but lifestyle, looks, personality, education, wealth, and even for simply being ' out' - and an assortment of reasons why so many throw bile at others - and we do know the truth and can see right through to what is REALLY the problem, and sadly, all too often, it comes down to their perceived ' LACK OF MANHOOD'.

Big cars or motorbikes - big dogs like Pit Bull or Rottweilers - tend to hide the fact that there is a small dick owner trying to make up for their - once again - perceived - lacking in the plonker department.



But all too often the bigger the dick, the harder ( pun again ) it is to keep it hard - especially if fucking with a condom.

Yo Yo dick.

It happens.

No big deal.

Smaller dicks tend to stay harder longer and can even become what I call 'bone hard' and do not even go down after cuming for a long time.

Monster dicks are actually a handicap.


This affects most men ' over a certain age' and heavy drinkers, over eaters and all sorts of mental health can be the cause and there are various ways of helping.

My Prostate has swollen and is blocking my peeing - which is common in most men past middle age and I am on medication that helps - BUT KILLS MY HARD ON - hence the need for Viagra to help.

This short video on Youtube I found interesting . CLICK HERE

This has affected me over the last dozen years or so, and thank goodness for Viagra and the various drugs that can assist in getting a stiffy.

Naturally, if you have heart or breathing problems it is NOT advised to take these drugs as they can lead to serious health issues and even death, especially if also doing poppers, which is a NO NO.

Some years ago here at Hamilton Hall, a very overweight customer called out at 5am ' HELP - HELP ' and I was out of bed so fast and found him sprawled out on the stairs saying he thought he was having a heart attack. He was in my car so fast on the way to the hospital I didn't even wait for an ambulance.

The doctors said to leave him and I would be contacted later.

11pm - so 18 hours later odd, the hospital called and said I could collect him now.... and when at the hospital the doctor told me it was all caused by him taking 2 Viagra tablets - so 200mg of Viagra and this was the cause.


Half a tablet is fine - so 50mg - and considering we had no other guests in - and considering it was just him and I in the hotel, WTF WAS HE THINKING.... as I MOST CERTAINLY was not about to have sex with him and the concept never even entered my mind, but clearly, he thought otherwise.

and it is easy to find other sites and other products if you just check out the internet.

So enjoy your pecker, dick, cock, plonker, schlong, willy, penis, admiral, colonel, man meat, fuck tool, any way you can and be happy with what you have, it is all you have.




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