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sexualization of children by their own parents.

If you read this tragic article of a young girl found dead at home and where the family seems to have fled the country and so - something is amiss -


Now this is a tragic story and one I make no apologies for adding these comments to.

WHY IS SHE DOLLED UP LIKE A GROWN WOMAN - makeup, earrings, lippy, and while she looks like any other beautiful girl, lets not forget she is only TEN YEARS OF AGE and is already being sexualized by her family. She DOES NOT look like an innocent child of ten years of age at all.

Whatever happened to her is a tragedy and remember, the prime suspects ARE FAMILY MEMBERS - and I sincerely hope those responsible will face justice for such a heinous crime against such a young child.

Here are some pictures from the internet of girls dressed BY THEIR MOTHERS for a beauty pageant ( in the USA ) and this is grooming, sexualization of their own child, and while the USA is going ape shit against drag queens and the LGBT community sexualizing children ( which is just utter and complete garbage ) here are the parents doing it to their own children and NOTHING IS SAID - and these good old Apple Pie - Bible Punching good old Americans are as twisted and sick as any pervert and groomer and pray to the good Lord Jesus every night that Satan ( Trump ) will rid America of the perverts that molest and groom children and here they are the worst kind, as there is no protection for these children from the groomers - as the groomers ARE THEIR PARENTS.

The double standards at play here are enormous and where this spells great danger for anyone who supports the LGBT community.

Just last week a woman was gunned down just for having a Pride Flag outside her business - and she herself was straight, but some ignorant piece of shit brought up with American education and Trump screaming in his ear how all LGBT are child molester's and groomers ( when most paedophilia is straight and not gay ) and these turds cause and create great upheaval and we aint seen nothing yet - as the US election comes closer, the anti LGBT rhetoric will exponentially increase and I am glad I am not living in the USA where this is soon to be out of control.

And here we have parents sexualizing their own little girls in front of the world and nothing is said.

Double standards.

Complete ignorance as to what is the reality.

Grooming - It's a family affair and not the LGBT or drag queens - but Moms and Pops, Aunts and Uncles, brothers and sisters and of course never forget, THE LOCAL PRIEST.


If you have comments on this subject or any subject we share with you here, your input is always invited and shared.

Some people may choose to live in a bubble of ignorance and delusion, but I do not, and I will share all sorts of things with you as a way or WAKING YOU UP as SO MANY hide from the realities of global life and become insular within their own ' little world' and as NO MAN IS AN ISLAND - by pulling together through accurate input and education, can we fight back against tyranny and oppression and not just leave it up to others all the time and then bitch and moan about those who have saved your sorry ass.

Look at Peter Tatchell and all he has done for the LGBT world and yet is the most hated man within the LGBT community - the community he worked hard for changes ON YOUR BEHALF and yet he is bitched about and hated by the very gay people who now benefit from all his hard work.

John Bellamy


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