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Should I help ?

John: I thought I would ask your opinion on this. There is this local homeless man - about 28 years of age, handsome and rugged and - sad for him - homeless and he seems to be living in a tent hidden in our local park. I offered him a spare quilt which he accepted and I had a thought...

Should I invite him to my huge flat for the Festive Season to help him out . Robert ( Manchester )




One New Years Eve - about ten years ago - here at Hamilton Hall,- a local guy contacted me and gave me the ' hard done by story' of being alone and poor and while he wasn't homeless, he claimed poverty and cried on the phone and I invited him to come and have New Year Eve with us here at the hotel. For free.

Long story very short - ALL my guests complained about the mans rudeness, bad attitude and agressive manner and I was forced to throw him out - and I mean - physically throw him out - and 11.45pm - real close to midnight, as his behaviour was appalling and considering he was here FOR FREE - I was absolutely appalled and disgsted at his bad attitude towards those who were offering him help.

Amost every single time that I can remember, and I do keep trying, to help those in need, it has almost ALWAYS come back and smacked me in the face and I have been seen as the bad guy while offering help.

Every single time I have been abused, treated like absolute shit and spoken to as if I was a nuisance - and now - I don't help - I turn the other cheek, I walk away, and while I may very well give them money, that is where it ends and I DO NOT offer my hotel and warm bedrooms any more. PERIOD.

Too many times when I have offered help, in all sorts of ways and to all sorts of people, I am left stung.

What astounds me, is I am here, I am not going anywhere while these people NEED CONSTANT AND ONGOING HELP, and by abusing me, I withdraw and then they have no one and - clearly they do not see as far as the end of their nose and cannot see into the future where I am still here and still willing to help IF I AM NOT ABUSED... and they are their own worst enemy.

I then do not have any sympathy at all and they can stay exactly where they are. On the streets.

I offered help, and having had my arm bitten off, pull away and leave them where they are.

I don't care what the reasons are and how they may be hurt, mentally unstable or anything else, you DO NOT BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU. ( unless you are a wild creature and that is in your nature...)

Give money to all the various organisations and let them do the work.

Click here DONATIONS PAGE. if you really want to help.



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