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Shove anything too far down my throat and I will gag.

Shove anything too far down my throat and I will gag.

Now I can deep throat just fine thanks, but some times it is just too much to take and you end up gagging.

Like deep throating a huge dick, it seem a bit of a waste when there is too much left over - and you REALLY want that monster dick right down your throat - trouble is - you just cannot and it makes you gag.

Know what I mean ?

Whatever your choices in life, I celebrate that this is right and correct for you.

BUT: - DO NOT shove it down my throat or I will gag. Period.

Same goes for reformed smokers - vegans / trans and anyone claiming a different pronoun as well as politics and religion, but here and now, let's concentrate on vegans and pronouns - forced down our throats until we gag.

I do not care what you want to call yourself - and I do not care what pronoun, title, sexuality or religion you want to hold dear to yourself and the clue here is - TO YOUR SELF - as stated, I DO NOT CARE.

Now if you are a vegan and all you want to do is cram your beliefs down my throat all the time, you will make me gag - and I will tell you to fuck off.

Same goes with anything - really - and while I THOROUGHLY enjoy a long and interesting discussion on religion, politics, and just about anything and everything;- how come the Vegans are so righteous, so correct and we - the rest of the world who eat meat and dairy - are contemptuously treated as ignorant assholes who really should know better - and that kind of arrogant attitude puts most people right off their cause and we just stop listening.t

I do not like being bullied.

I do not like being condescended to by some fool who assumes they are right and we are wrong.

I do not listen - I switch off - and if and when I - with an educated argument in return - get talked down to as if I am a fool who doesn't know what he is talking about, then THEY have lost the argument as if they cannot discuss in an educated manner - and rather put me and my opinions down as stupid and uneducated, then they alone have destroyed their own argument as they HAD to turn it nasty and find fault when - neither side is wrong - both sides of the argument are correct, it is just we see things differently and accepting that is part of life's journey.

Being an asshole with you Vegan beliefs is NOT to be crammed down my throat - thank you very much.

I recently saw an article about how a Trans Woman can have babies and that trans men shoot spunk, when they cannot. This is absolute bollocks. Trans may look like the sex of their choice and have ' the bits' that look like a vagina or a penis, but the penis does not supply sperm any more than a trans women produces an egg. She does not.

Period. She can never have a baby - Period. Any trans man claiming to be pregnant is NOT a full man but a women half way through transition and still has all her lady parts so - of course - she can have a baby. Pretending to be a man having a baby just ridicules the whole thing with lies and bullshit - and this totally confuses many less educated people.

If you feel you are mis gendered - GET OVER IT. I will feel absolutely no responsibility if I should get it wrong - as - who the hell knows these days - and if someone tells me what to call them, as far as I am concerned, IT IS ALL ATTENTION SEEKING - and I most certainly DO NOT, WILL NOT AND NEVER - EVER WILL - buy into your small minded attempt to garner attention when other than your pronoun, you have so little of interest.

DEMANDING others call you Them, They, He, She, It, just makes you a laughing stock - claiming to menstruate when clearly you are a trans, just makes you look so foolish while screaming for more attention through lies and misinformation. I will not buy into your bullshit and will always respect you as a trans person, more than you know - but do not lie to me and claim to now be 100% women - as if you are - fuck off into the real world, leave the trans world behind and now you are what you wanted to be - a women or a man - be it trans - then why live the rest of your life on public display - DELIBERATELY putting yourself out there as trans, when you can vanish into the world as a women / man of your choosing and just live your life quietly as the sex of your choice.

We all know the reason. ATTENTION SEEKING. Oh you may claim to want to be an example for others to follow, the trouble is, many are not good examples of anything and are filled with anger, with rage, with a fucked up sense of entitlement and demands that - get them nowhere.

When you shove it down my throat, I gag, and you loose any respect and value I may have had for you and your cause.

The band wagon left a long time ago when gay men fought for equal rights that many now like to hitch a ride on KNOWING it was the gay men who fought the good fight for the last 50 years and now, they jump on the band wagon of acceptance and GOD KNOWS WHY the trans world assumes it belongs attached to the gay world as - personally - of all the trans I have met, and remember I hosted trans events here at Hamilton Hall, most were married with kids - and very few were gay - or even bisexual, and only entered the LGBT world during transition as the gay world is more accepting and they feel more at ease with gay men. But that is where the similarity stops.

You are very welcome to be anything you like but do not expect anyone to straight away know your pronoun, and we should NOT have to ask or you will take offense - if you look like a girl then you may be called Miss or Lady and if you take offense, then grow up and get over it - especially if your looks confuse.

There is NO SUCH THING as THEY or THEM as both are plural so - er - how does that work ?

You are very welcome to take up pottery, cooking classes, learn a new language or even fall in love and get married. It is your life and you find happiness and contentment wherever you can and with my blessing, everyone is welcome to a good and happy life - YET - why is it so many trans are so adamant, such bullies, demanding their correct pronoun, shouting it from the roof tops and demanding to be heard. They do their cause no good at all and just turn the public against them.

When someone who has been mis gendered screams about it and gets people fired from their job, then this is insanity - absolute abuse of the system and adherently just so wrong. '

I was so offended' -

Who cares if someone calls me the wrong name, pronoun or anything else... Who cares and more to the point, why are people SO OFFENDED when THEY KNOW they are the odd one out and the one who WANTS the attention, even if good or bad - and unless you want the attention, SHUT THE FUCK UP and just get on with living your life - just as billions of other people do who feel lost in their lives - wondering where to go next, what life has in store for the future and if they are ever going to find love.

Screaming about your pronoun just puts people off you and you will find yourself very alone and wondering why - and the answers are clear.

You brought it on yourself by politicising your differences and demanding attention.

Whatever your choices in life, I celebrate that this is right and correct for you.

Do NOT make it all about you and forget the rest of the world is not interested.


Your comments and input are always welcomed and invited on any subject. I will also point out that if you have a difference of opinion to myself - WONDERFUL - share it with me and lets open a dialogue to learning. We only learn through each other.

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