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Thai and Asian men are so - pretty and boyish

With a friend jetting off for the second time in a year to Thailand, I thought you might like to see some Asian / Thai guys to get you in the mood ... Boyish - smooth - pretty - innocent looking - bit like me 50 years ago.. ha ha

I get well over 400 e mails a week. Many in business. Many spam, many from readers offering input, advise, stories and usually true life experiences. Some I share with you on here and many, after answering, turn into a dialogue between us.

John Bellamy

John. I love the hairy guys you offer us and I also love the Asian smooth guys as well. Different people for different things I suppose. Asian guys when I am feeling active and the hairy guys when I am feeling more passive. Somehow the thought of a Thai guy dominating me doesn't work. That's when I want to be a top master... Kevin.

Never thought I would fancy Thai boys. Went with friends on holiday and being as I'm the older man now and not the pretty passive chicken I was decades ago, thought I'd ' give it a go' with being a top with a passive young Thai guy and bloody hell John, I am 56 and he was 25 and what a good fuck. Why have I been wasting all these years. Returning to Thailand as soon as I can. Rob.

Is this Ting Tong from Tooting ?

Happy New Year to you John, Woody and Gary. Love the pictures you send me weekly. Hot men and cute young guys all mixed together. Perfect for that Sunday afternoon wank. Neil.

Where would you like to lick first ?

Love your naked mens pages each week sent to me. Sunday mornings are a great day with your Newsletter. Spend the afternoon reading and wanking. How do you do it week after week - always something fun and something educational and always topical. Great stuff John.

David D.

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