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Why are Trump supporters walking out of his rallies?

An Australian who never lost sight of the bigger picture.


He may be a loser, but he is still good for a laugh.

Another day, another captivating Donald Trump rally.

He travelled to Michigan this past weekend to hold yet another rally where thousands of people attended to hear him speak. But this time it was different. 15 minutes into it, people began finding the exits.

It's not surprising. trump is just repeating his greatest hits. Admittedly, he dropped a couple of new nuggets this time, saying “Democrats are cruel and vindictive. Left-wing tyrants called them sinister,” and sing-songed how they’re dangerous people willing to burn every American institution to the ground. He offered praise to Ginny Thomas and again told how his whole 2020 election was stolen.

And people were like, Oh my God, dude, you're just gonna replay the same old shit? Donald Trump is a one-hit wonder. Even though everybody knew who he was when he became the politician, he was the Macarena; that annoying song that eventually became so downright obnoxious that when it came on the radio, you felt like smashing the damn thing with a cricket bat.

The Macarena is Donald Trump; outlandish and new at first until he became downright aggravating; which is why his people filed out of the auditorium. They've heard the same song sooo many times. They’re not gonna sit there and listen to it again for another two hours.

Naturally, Marjorie Taylor Greene made an appearance, so they got to hear something different, but that’s not a good sign for trump either. It's not like he showed up to an event filled with an entirely different species of people. These are his people and they’re bored with him. They don't care what he has to say. They're not even willing to hang around while he spews his crazy, incoherent shit anymore and the ones who did stay looked as though they’d rather be anywhere else on the planet other than stuck listening to him.

Looks like he is failing to get his people energised and motivated. Looks like he’s lost the game. It’s the same tired shit in front of the same tired people, except this time they’re not masking their boredom.

He may be a LOSER, but he is still good for a laugh...

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