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Woman grins as she's sentenced for 20-year campaign of abuse against her husband

An abusive wife who assaulted, taunted, threatened and humiliated her husband for 20 years grinned as she was sentenced to four years in prison.

Sheree Spencer was sentenced to four years in prison (Picture: MEN Media)© Provided by Metro

Mum-of-three Sheree Spencer, 45, punched, kicked, slapped and bit her husband Richard during persistent ‘nasty’ attacks that left him in fear and feeling trapped. She called him a ‘p****’ every day while beating him and forced him to clean up her own faeces.

The prison security guard was sentenced at Hull Crown Court after leaving her partner with a permanently disfigured ear and damaging his laptops, phones and clothes.

Judge Kate Rayfield told her that the abuse of Mr Spencer was ‘the worst case of controlling and coercive behaviour I have seen’.

As well as a prison term, Spencer was given an indefinite restraining order against her victim.

But she was still seen smiling as she left the dock to be taken down to the cells.

Spencer admitted coercive and controlling behaviour between January 2016 and June 2021 and three offences of assaulting her husband, causing actual bodily harm, between January and April 2020.

Michele Stuart-Lofthouse, prosecuting, said that the couple had been together since 2000 and lived in Bubwith, near Selby, at the time. They have three young children.

Spencer’s violent behaviour towards her husband came to light after police were alerted due to concerns.

Even she was arrested, Spencer continued to ‘exert control’ over Richard during Family Court hearings, claiming she was the victim.

While sharing his story, Mr Spencer said: ‘I have had to seek help from my GP on several occasions.’

Videos shown to the court revealed ‘persistent, nasty physical and emotional abuse’ on a frequent basis, sometimes several times in a day.

She grinned as she was taken down to the cells (Picture: MEN Media)© Provided by Metro

Mr Spencer ‘cowered sometimes on his hands and knees on the floor’ as he was threatened and assaulted His wife showed ‘utter contempt for him’ and sometimes ‘whispered in his face in the most sinister way’, the court heard

She was also said to shout orders at him after drinking three bottles of wine a day.

Defence barrister Richard Pratt KC said that there was ‘little if anything’ that could be said in mitigation.

Mr Pratt said: ‘It’s a shocking, distressing case. Alcohol played the most significant part in what happened.’

During her job with the Ministry of Justice, Spencer had been working on a project connected with the impact of custodial sentences on families.

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Chris Ferrari Comments


What is the percentage of male and female domestic violence UK?

The CSEW estimated 2.4 million adults aged 16 years and over experienced domestic abuse in the year ending March 2022 (1.7 million women and 699,000 men). This equates to a prevalence rate of approximately 5.0% of adults (6.9% women and 3.0% men).

The figures above vary depending on who you ask, BUT - one thing is certain - MOST MEN DO NOT REPORT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE FROM THEIR WIVES, as they are far too ashamed to admit to being bullied by a women.

My own Mother would stir up the shit, load the bullets - PROVOKE AND PROVOKE AND REALLY PROVOKE, - and then sit back and watch as she got my Step Father into trouble because of her stirring it up , and she then ALWAYS claimed to be the victim and when we as family members saw what was going on and what was real - we would tell her off and OH BOY - she would turn on the waterworks and claim no one loved her and that we always blamed her and how she was always being ganged up on by us, when the truth was sometimes her actions were appalling and when we told her off - as I am NOT about to allow ANYONE to act like this no matter who they are - she really didn't like the fact it was not working and would sulk for hours.

WE ALL IGNORED HER - yet it never stopped, she never learned even after I sat her down several times and asked ' What happened to you when you were a child, were you molested, abused, raped - WHAT ??? as SOMETHING must have happened to her - something made her this way - as she was emotionally abusive and would cause a screaming row that she enjoyed as SHE WAS CENTRE STAGE AND GETTING ATTENTION.

My wife of 10 years dominated and abused not just me but our kids. She was a bully. Came from a family with no love and wanted everything her way and I simply had no voice at all. She bullied. She pushed and shoved. She hit and then claimed to everyone what an abusive husband I was. ONLY through videotaping her on many occasions, did the truth come out at the divorce where she was claiming I beat her up when the truth came clear at the divorce hearing when - to her horror - I had phone and video camera proof ( I had set up hidden cameras as I KNEW something was off and for almost a year, I taped almost every confrontation ...) and she spluttered and fumed and eventually lost it in front of the court and SCREAMED AT ME ' HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME YOU FUCKING CUNT.' - and the case was over.

I also got full time custody of our children and SHE HAD TO PAY ME MAINTENANCE MIONEY FOR THE KIDS and this just fumed inside her and she was FURIOUS and I was forced to get a restraining order against her where she was not allowed within 500 yard of me - and all arranged meetings with the children had to be done with a policeman present as I was not to be nearby. She eventually was sentenced to 30 days in jail for abusing this and breaking into my home and she tried to attack me yet again ( we moved soon after ) - so we moved state.

I got fill custody of the boys and she had to pay alimony and as ordered by the court, take Anger Management Courses.

Men do hit.

Women hit as well.

Women assume a man is not allowed to hit back.


You hit me.

I hit back.

It is BULLSHIT otherwise.


C. Ferrari


Thanks Chris. Much appreciated.

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