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2023 predictions by Gary O'Toole

Predictions with a question mark I am less sure of. The one I am convinced of is a stock market crash. But it may be due to the introduction of a new digital currency by governments. I'm not an economist, so you're guess is as good as mine. But the signatures in the autumn of 2023 are too similar to the 1929 crash to ignore.

The war in Ukraine is maybe good and bad news. Saturn's transit in sidereal Aquarius brought ceasefires previously, e.g. IRA ceasefire, Russia and China "de-targeting weapons". This is due to Saturn's 3rd and 10th house aspects as per Vedic astrology to Mars' signs. But things may escalated before any ceasefires.

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And one prediction I forgot to include was the possibility of many celebrities and pioneers (sidereal Aries) dying in 2023, just as many musicians and performers died the last time Jupiter joined the north node in 2016 (sidereal Leo), "the year of rebellion". 2023 is likely to be as rebellious.

Extreme year economically

Supply chain issues continue

Hyper-inflation for first quarter

Potential stock market crash in Oct/Nov after extremes all year

Markets behave erratically - high possible, but then a crash

Major issues around healthcare, travel and real estate

Possible housing market crash

New monetary system crashing the old one

New centralized digital currency?

Start of a complete new financial system?

Universal basic income suggested in some countries?

Political unrest worldwide contd.

Uprisings continue around the world

The Russian regime challenged more

War in Ukraine could initially escalate before any ceasefires

The U.S. may be drawn into direct conflict, leading to U.S. protests

Nuclear or chemical warfare possible

China may take advantage of chaos with attack on Taiwan

Further divisions in U.S.

Many leaders worldwide challenged or step down

Joe Biden leaves office 2023 - 2024

King Charles abdicating 2023 - 2024?

Shocking turn of events in the summer period, esp. in relation to war

Major issues with water: floods, illness from water contamination, droughts, and record-breaking storms

More viral outbreaks, a return of one and/or a new one

Massive technological advancements - A.I.

Metaverse attempts a firmer footing (Apple), yet it shows its limitations

Advancement in treatments for diseases, incl. mental diseases

Regulations on drugs, incl. psychedelics

New regulations in healthcare/new healthcare systems

New social media platforms/new laws and regulations

Major societal reforms worldwide

Problems highlighted in communities, local and global

New ‘grassroots’ movements/humanitarian movements

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