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6'3" and hung like a horse. .

I was a sex worker full time for over 15 years.

I specialised in the very best full body massage with relief ( a wank ) with shower and refreshments.

I had a delightful Massage Room with full shower en suite.

I also had a full Sex Dungeon Room and in here I specialised in leather, rubber, uniform and the heavier dominant forms of sexuality where I was the hung top master.

I also started and ran


and this was hugely popular.

I interviewed hundreds of guys for the agency over the years and a few stick out in my memory.


Sam told me at the interview that he had been married for 12 years - had 2 daughters and in all of that time he had only seen his wife naked once - when she forgot her bath robe and went from the bathroom to the bedroom with just a towel.

THAT was the only time he ever saw her naked.

Once every 6 weeks, under the quilt, in the darkness of night, she would pull up her nighty ( which was worn down to her ankles, wrists and up to her neck, so a complete coverage ) and tell him to ' Go on then' - and she would lay on her back and allow him to fuck her BUT SHE NEVER - EVER - NOT ONCE, TOUCHED HIM. Not a single kiss and sexually, NOTHING AT ALL, NOT EVEN A FINGER TOUCHED HIM... and he had to cum as quickly as possible and then she would run RUN to the bathroom and wash wash wash before coming back to bed. This was repeated every 6 weeks JUST TO KEEP HIM PLYABLE, MANAGEABLE, PEACEFUL AND ' OFF THE BOIL' - and after 12 years, he left her, came out as gay, saw my advert for escorts wanted - and applied.

This is not him below or anyone I know, just an example of how beautiful some men are while their partner wants nothing sexually to do with them...

As usual I had to ask him to strip naked so I could see what his body was like and as usual, I would always turn away and be working at my desk while they stripped and I allowed a few minutes, while chatting - to fluff a bit as I am tiny when down but big when up, and I allowed a few minutes to give them some space, and when I turned around and saw him I asked...

'Let me get this straight. Your wife laid next to you for 12 years, repulsed. Was she a lesbian ? '

He answered no and that she had since re married. ' And she never touched you in 12 years ? '

He agreed that yes, she had never ever touched him.

'I am sorry Sam. But to be honest, I would lick you from top to fucking toe... What was she fucking thinking ?'

He laughed and became one of my top escorts being VERY MUCH IN DEMAND and he is still, to this day, escorting and today is the big hairy daddy type MUCH in demand, and this woman, this WIFE who wonders why her relationships do not last, was REPULSED BY THIS MAN....... Sam - He was 6'3" tall, late 30's, handsome, muscular beefy build , built BEAUTIFULLY, divine hairy chest, ENORMOUS COCK AND BALLS, hot hairy ass, strong legs and a powerful build and to most of the world was a real head turner - someone you notice in the crowd and not just because of his height, but because he was truly a handsome built man, a man who men AND women looked at and admired. A man who MANY men would envy his physical body.

A man many women would want to look good on his arm.

A man gays would go crazy for sexually, as he was breath taking.

Yet for 12 years, he laid next to a refrigerator ever night who prayed she didn't have to ' keep him happy' for another 6 weeks between fucks and who, clearly, loathed any form of physical contact with not just her husband, but anyone or anything.

BOY she was fucked up.

He has enjoyed a sensational sex life since and was one of my top escorts. NOW: I heard TONS of stories like this from my clients. That their wives only came across every month or so and that other than that, sex was a complete joke. Many stayed because she was a good mother, a good wife ( other than being sexless ) and that while the sex life was a problem, everything else was fine and so ' put up with it' and complained to everyone they could. MANY MANY women do not want the man, they want the children and the money and the lifestyle but they do not - actually - want the man in the picture at all, just give me the kids and fuck off, paying the bills so I don't have to work and pay me as much as the courts demand so I can have a comfortable lifestyle and all without hubby but while hubby struggles.

I have a friend whose wife told him on the actual wedding night that she didn't need sex again as she now had the ring on her finger and now things were going to change. He packed up there and then and left and divorced her using an annulment as it was never consummated after the wedding ( things were so different beforehand ) and she lost out... but many put up with and stay put and hope beyond hope - empty hopes and a miserable sexless life follows, and believe me, THIS IS VERY COMMON.

I would always point out that after having children women are tired, it's a full time job, it is hard work on your body,- breast feeding, 4 hourly feeds, nappies to change and sleepless nights etc. but as they pointed out, IT NEVER RECOVERD even when the kids were older and a lot less work, it never improved, and she got exactly what she wanted, a man who paid the bills and did as he was told, while he was left constantly angry and bitter and sex starved.

She then wondered why there were so many fights and petty arguments. Why he was out late so many times a week, Why he was a perfect father but paid her the minimum as trying to get round her was a waste of time, being nice, buying flowers, being good to her Mother and being the perfect husband got him nowhere, and the inner turmoil for him, the lack of stimulation and sexuality and even the complete lack of affection - ANYTHING - even just a hug and a pleasant easy kiss goodnight and not the cold shoulder all the time - and yet the law backs the women and men are the baddies.

No one has to have sex just because the husband or wife wants it.

No one should be made to feel they have to do anything in life.

In a relationship there has to be compromise but when you know your partner is grinning and baring it, putting up with something just to keep you quiet, and how they would really rather not, then how can you enjoy yourself and how can you feel good and happy in a relationship so lop sided and so warped and so one sided that one gets everything they need while the partner does now. Compromise counts for a lot, but it has to be genuine and real and clearly, not just because you have to.

But when a women tells me - as they have- that they know when the husband is getting a bit ' funny' and they know it is time for a quick 5 minute fuck and how the husband Is okay after that - and when I point out to these women that that is NOT the correct reasons for ' making love to your husband' as all she is doing is manipulating and controlling, every single women I have had this conversation with, just laugh at this ... and I am forthright in my condemnation of their deliberately manipulative manner and I do tell them to get some therapy before their husband leaves and before they end up alone as no man wants a relationship like this.

Trouble is, they don't care., If the man leaves, he has to keep her financially, and male 3 friends all went self employed so the government could not bleed them dry paying monies to a wife who had manipulated the whole relationship to get him to leave of his own accord so she could play the victim and claim all the money while not working and enjoying the home and laughing at him behind his back to all her friends... other women who also like to control and manipulate their men.



Homophobia largely comes from married men who recognise as gay, and who are often in denial and hiding from the world and often even from themselves, that they actually want sex with another man, and living tis lie even to themselves means they resent, they envy, they are piss jealous of ANYONE who actually enjoys a healthy sex life and so throw abuse at the gays they meet who are out and proud and enjoying their sex lives - and gay life in general as best that is available, and homophobia comes from these sexually frustrated men longing for some attention, someone to touch them, someone to be intimate with and all too often, just someone who will touch them and be sweet.

But it is not always the women at fault.

Most men are crap at sex.

Many men have nasty dribbly smelly foreskins and shitty asses and know very little about personal hygiene.

Many men just assume other gay men will want to see their smelly little dick and make all the wrong moves and many - don't have a clue. Many men do not listen to their wives, do not get their point of view, ignore the kids, concentrate on work and then she feels ignored and is hardly likely to want to offer pleasure to the man who hasn't a clue.

It does go two ways but Sams story above was a common one I heard so many times and unhappy relationships follow.

Sexuality is an important part of anyone's relationship and for many, it is the core that keeps the relationship together - but in all honesty - friendship is more important - getting along, understanding, listening and compromise. Being friends and sharing a laugh and not dreading him coming home from work - not dreading that night every 6 weeks - not worrying about if it's tonight as that stress has consequences attached and bad moods, depression, mood swings and ill health follows.

Relationships are mine fields and hence these days and for the last 30 odd years, I have been more than happy to be single - thank you.

Sexual frustration causes anger, depression, mental health, bitterness and resentment. Sexual frustration leads to rape and bullying. Child molestation. Abuse of many kinds and wars.

Sexuality so damned by the church out of fear of loosing control over their flock that sexuality was damned because the ancient church knew of its power and the church usurped that power and reduced it to almost nothing, and nothing is simply not good enough these days. People are not prepared to listen to the church spout this crap and damning a natural act - sex - and the church has lost its way in many avenues of the human soul but sex, is the strongest of them all.

Society has so bought into the way things are and back women more so than men when there is a split and men are left to pay the bills. Things are changing though. Let's hope sexuality is taught correctly in schools ( which I know it is not ) and lets hope since the sexual revolution in the 1960's where everything changed - JUST IMAGINE WHAT IT WAS LIKE BEFORE THAT TIME...

John Bellamy Your input is always invited.

Last thought. That's why we get so much abuse here at HH from the married men who resent us out gay men and who can do what we like, with whom we like and with no questions asked ... NOT like in the straight world at all and the resentment and bitterness from the jealous few damns and destroys everyone.

Often Grandfathers who are gay and bitter. There are a LOT out there.


Dear Christine,

I’m disappointed in you as a daughter. You’re correct that we have a “shame in the family,” but mistaken about what it is.

Kicking Chad out of your home simply because he told you he was gay is the real “abomination” here. A parent disowning her child is what goes “against nature.”

The only intelligent thing I heard you saying in all this was that “you didn’t raise your son to be gay.” Of course you didn’t. He was born this way and didn’t choose it anymore than he [chose] being left-handed. You however, have made a choice of being hurtful, narrow-minded and backward.

So, while we are in the business of disowning our children, I think I’ll take this moment to say goodbye to you. I now have a fabulous (as the guy put it) grandson to raise, and I don’t have time for heartless b-word of a daughter.

If you find your heart, give us a call.


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