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that was realised in 1994. This month marks the 30th Anniversary of the iconic comedy film. Following two drag queens, and a transgender woman, as they journey through the Australian Outback to Alice Springs.  It is a must-see film and has many iconic scenes and music's never to be forgotten. It is a must see for all LGBT... lol. It won many awards, including ‘Best costume design’ and a BAFTA.

So - Where were you 30 years ago - 1994. I was still living in London and the thought of Hamilton Hall had not even crossed my mind. I was just 38 years old - owned a large house in Hammersmith - had an INCREDIBLE social life, was running The Gay Spiritual group - and having a ball. These were some of the happiest times in my whole life's memories - yet I knew it was time to pack up and leave everything I had known - my business - my home - my friends and family - all because I felt there was something more important I was here to achieve - and I knew it wasn't just to be a sex symbol to the world - ha ha - a leader in the field of sex work - showing others how to do it in a 5 star way - so I packed up, sold up, moved and hay presto, here we are nearly 25 years later.


Do you have pictures of yourself to share of you 25 - 30 years ago - and pictures now as an older man - to compare ? Clothed or naked.

Here is an example. John Bellamy - Aged 36 and 68.

I know - I know - WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED ?



Location: Plymouth, England.

A British couple made an astonishing discovery under their foundations while investigating why their living room was not level. They uncovered a thirty-three-foot-deep well that dates back to medieval times by pulling up the floorboards. According to research, the well was built as part of an aqueduct in the 1500s. The aqueduct was built by Sir Francis Drake to transport water from Plymouth to Dartmouth. The well’s owners have covered it with a trapdoor and installed lights to show it off since its discovery. Let’s hope it doesn’t become a plot device for the next PARA installation.


The Antikythera mechanism, a surprising discovery in a 2000-year-old shipwreck

Location: Antikythera, Greece

Year of discovery: 1900

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient astronomical calculator dating back two thousand years, composed of thirty precise, hand-cut gears. It has taken scientists years to solve the mystery of this sophisticated tool, which Mike Edmunds of Cardiff University describes as more expensive “than the Mona Lisa”. Sponge divers discovered the machine in 1900 while excavating an ancient shipwreck near Antikythera, a small Greek island. Scientists were able to date the clock to 65 BC using radiocarbon data. Its historical value makes it almost priceless in terms of total value.


Drivers attack complicated and 'unpopular' parking payment apps as older motorists prefer using cash - Story by Felix Reeves - CLICK HERE


A witch’s bottle found in an English fireplace

Location: Watford, England

Year of discovery: 2019

Estimated price: $40*

Contractors in Watford, England, made an unusual discovery in the chimney section of an old pub. The folkloric and spooky surprise was a witch’s bottle filled with an unknown liquid, teeth and shards of glass. The bottle is presumed to date back to the 1800s. It was probably put in the pub to keep witches out. This makes sense as this Watford property was the birthplace of the Witch of Saratoga. The witch’s real name was Angeline Tubbs, and she settled in Saratoga, New York, in 1761, earning her living by reading fortunes and making witch bottles to scare others.


World War II aircraft discovered in the jungle

Location: Rabaul, New Britain, Papua New Guinea

Year of discovery: 1972

Estimated price: $9 million*

The Boeing B-17E bomber known as the “Swamp Ghost” probably caused a lot of damage during the Second World War. until the plane was shot down by enemy fire in 1942 in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. The Swamp Ghost went down during a raid against Japanese troops in Rabaul, New Britain. For decades, the plane remained intact. When it was discovered in 1972, it was in good health thanks to the kunai grass and the mire. The Swamp Ghost was so intact that when it was discovered, there was still coffee in thermoses in the cockpit. According to some sources, such a well-preserved WWII plane is worth around $9 million


A large Lego man washed up on the beach

Location: Yuigahama Beach, Japan

Year of discovery: 2014E

Dead wild animals that wash up on shore are a cause for concern, as it could be a sign of a water quality problem. Who knows what a gigantic, ominous eight-foot-tall Lego man means ? A Japanese surfer discovered this harbinger of doom. The Lego Man was wearing a T-shirt with the ominous inscription “No more real than you”. It seems that the man behind this gigantic Lego is a mysterious Dutch artist named Ego Leonard rather than blaming aliens. According to his website, this artist comes from a “virtual world”. Believe it or not, this is far from the first time such a large Lego has collapsed on the shore. The beaches of Topanga Beach in California and Siesta Key in Florida have also been covered in these behemoths.


de unexpected discoveries. While cleaning, you may have found a small bill in a coat pocket that you didn’t use,

Found hidden in a wall in Action Comics

Location: Minnesota, USA

Year discovered: 2010

Estimated price: $176,000*

It’s amazing what people find in their homes when they renovate them, especially if those homes were built decades ago. While renovating his home in Minnesota, David Gonzales found a copy of Action Comics #1, which was the first issue of Superman in the DC series. Rival Marvel’s Action Comics were among the most profitable comics, and early releases are now rare for collectors. Gonzales’ model, which he later sold for nearly $200,000, was in better condition than many others. Believe it or not, the property’s previous owners, who built it in 1938, had used the comic strip, along with many other papers, as insulation for their walls.


A statue containing a hidden mummy

Location: China

Year of discovery: 1990

Estimated price: $80,000* T

This ancient Buddha statue was precious enough on its own, but in 1990, researchers were surprised by what was hidden inside. These historians tested the Buddha idol because they wanted to restore it to its former glorious glory. The tests would indicate the best method of restoration. The scientists were surprised to discover a human skeleton when they performed an X-ray to determine what the statue was made of. The statue wasn’t a statue at all; it was a sarcophagus for a mummy. Consequently, the scientists chose to leave the tomb as the final resting place for which it had been intended.


80’s Burger King discovered behind a wall.

Location: Wilmington, Delaware

Year of discovery: 2022

Estimated price: $50,000*

Over the years, Delaware’s oldest shopping center, Concord Mall, has seen a number of restaurants, attractions and stores. Concord opened a Burger King in the mall in the late 1980s, but in 2009, the title of the mall’s first restaurant came to an end. However, Burger King was not demolished; it was simply torn down. A photo of the BK hidden behind the wall went viral in the summer of 2022, and people were amazed to see that its vintage aesthetic, despite its 1980s fast-food fame, was still perfectly preserved.


Secret underground theater discovered in Paris catacombs

Location: Paris,

FranceYear of discovery: 2004

Estimated price: $5,000 to $10,000*

Central France is home to a labyrinth called the Catacombs of Paris. When the city needed a better place to store the dead, the Catacombs were built. From the late 1700s onwards, Paris chose to empty the bodies into tunnels five stories underground. Under the waters of Lake Michigan, archaeologists have discovered something strange and incredibly cool. Using remote sensors, scientists discovered a Stonehenge-like construction forty feet below the water’s surface in Grand Traverse Bay. After watching documentaries about Stonehenge on The History Channel, no one yet knows how the prehistoric structure was built. The discovery of a similar structure beneath the surface of Lake Michigan’s water adds even more mystery to the case. More than this fascinating discovery, the researcher did more: he uncovered a pier dating back to the Civil War, as well as a large number of sunken cars and boats underground theater discovered in Paris catacomb back to the Civil War, as well as a large number of sunken cars and boats.


50-year-old safe hidden in kitchen wall

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Year of discovery: 2015

Estimated price: $52,000*

A Phoenix, Arizona couple were renovating their kitchen when they discovered a strange safe hidden behind the wall. They discovered $50,000 and booze, as well as directions for a treasure hunt when they opened it. A bottle of 1960s bourbon was added to the $100 bills. E.F. Schumacher’s 1977 book A Guide for the Perplexed was the final piece in the package. The book contained underlined passages, as well as an Arizona map and a bingo card with underlined numbers. The couple have so far been unable to solve this complex set of clues.


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