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African Americans demand reparation - Don't hold your breath mate, it'll be a long wait coming.

I’m black and I wonder when white people will pay us reparation. Why not?


I am African American and demand that the US Government pays us billions in reparations to compensate us for years of slavery and where the US became rich of the backs of the black slaves


As a white man, let me ask you why I should pay you money?

And if you got a good explanation as to why, then how much should I pay you?

I should also add that despite being a white man, I live in the UK. A country which ended slavery years before the USA did.

I should also add that even though I am white, I am mixed race in that I have two types of white in me. The first being Anglo-Saxon and the second being Slavic. Whilst Anglo-Saxons are often accused of being slave owners of black people (though there is no direct evidence of this) Slavic never have.

In fact I would even add that the term slave comes from slav as it was the slavs who were taken as slaves by Muslims during the 9th Century.

So what about our reparations?

So on top of the fact that I am not in the same country as you, I am of mixed race (despite both being white) and one of those races is the reason the name is called slave, do I still need to pay you reparations or even pay you any attention at all other than a screaming - I assume - African American person centuries after the fact trying to get something for nothing.

Finally I should add that you were never a slave. Your forefathers may have been but just because you are black, doesn't mean a direct link to slavery. Once again, all we have here is someone trying to get something for nothing.

Take responsibility for your own life instead of using your race as a way to make money.

When will the descendants of the African Kings who sold captives pay reparations?

When will the Muslims' descendants pay reparations?

How about the Jewish descendants?

Why is it always the eeeeeeeevil whitey?

Black people in Africa rounded up and sold the slaves to white people. Start in Africa to get those reparations back. Also less than 1% of the white people in the USA are the ancestors of slave owners. Most white people were Irish like me and treated as bad or worse than black folks

Besides, the first people who should be paying anything is the African leaders who sold the slaves to begin with. Then, the white people from European decent can start getting their money from their nations leaders as well. The Jews can get their from Germany and other nations that participated in the holocaust as well. Shit, the list goes on and on.

So if you are black and screaming for reparation, learn the truth and grow up and behave as you are just as racist, just as bigoted and just as loud and obnoxious as those you claim ' did you wrong' while the truth is Hun,. your own ancestors sold you down the river and not the white man, but your own kind... Blacks selling blacks into slavery.

Jason H.


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