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America bashing - 'Oh do grow the fuck up.'

Last week I got an e mail from someone complaining about how - in their opinion - I was America Bashing in last weeks Blog and also how I was rude about the UK dental system.

I basically told them that as they had been on my data base for over 2 years and in that time I have never - ever - heard a single word from them in that whole period and the first time they do get in touch IS TO COMPLAIN - AND TO BE HONEST, IT REALLY MAKES ME LAUGH AND SEE THIS PERSON AS A SAD BUNNY WITH NOTHING REAL IN THEIR LIVES AND WHO THROWS THEIR BAD ATTITUDE AT OTHERS.


The headlines of last weeks Blog was about how I was told on December 23rd I was diagnosed with cancer and on the 28th how my dog had been put to sleep and all this asshole could do was find fault with what was claimed to be ' offensive' to them, and that absolutely made me laugh out loud as if I was of the sort who took offense, their action were actually offensive in its ignorance of something personal and powerful, a story which - CLEARLY - they don't give a damn about and find America Bashing more important than a friend with cancer.

So you ignore some painful truths about life and death with cancer and how a loving elderly dog was put to sleep and the one thing you find to concentrate on was how you considered my America Bashing OFFENSIVE, when in actual fact, I FIND YOUR ATTITUDE OF UNCARING - UNINTERESTED AND ABSOLUTE EMOTIONAL COLDNESS - OFFENSIVE , as it sends a loud message about how you actually do not give a fuck about anyone - actually - and only claim offense as it gets you noticed whereas we just ignore you - as we do not even know you - and THIS is what you do to get noticed ?

No thankyou.

No good work.

No wonderment how I do it all while being diagnosed with cancer and yet I am still obliging thousands with the Blog - No sympathy or understanding or friendship offered at all, just a moan about something that is irritating them but no one else.

Prioritise is the correct way of spelling the word in just about every English speaking country bar America, who always re spell English words and then tell us we have spelled it wrong.

It is not prioritize in the UK.


It shows that some people are so locked away in their own little world - Some are so small minded - Some do not notice the world around them and then scream when something enters their little world and they do not know how to handle it, as in this case.

It really is time for so many - like this guy - to grow the fuck up and be a little thankful to others who do what they do not.


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