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Brenda Lee In Tears After Learning 'Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' Just Hit No. 1 For First Time

Brenda Lee In Tears After Learning 'Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' Just Hit No. 1 For First Time

The 78-year-old singer, who recorded the holiday classic in 1958 when she was just 13, was stunned to learn that the song had reached no. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart for the first time since its debut.

In a clip posted by Billboard, Lee, who was just 13 when she recorded the festive hit, joined Universal Music Group Nashville CEO Cindy Mabe in reflecting on the enduring passion of Lee's fans.

"Today, we're No. 1 on the Hot 100 Billboard charts, 65 years later."

Lee, visibly moved, wiped away a tear and responded, "No." Mabe reassured her, saying, "You are.” Overwhelmed, Lee asked, "Really?" Mabe confirmed, "You are," leading to an emotional hug between the two.

In an interview with Billboard, Lee expressed gratitude for her record label, acknowledging the hard work of everyone involved.

Lee remarked:

"I'm happy for everybody here that's worked so hard to make this happen because in today's world, everything moves so fast and furious. But I'm telling you this: My label has come to bat."

Lee also took a moment to remember the late Johnny Marks, the songwriter behind the holiday classic, along with other hits like "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "A Holly Jolly Christmas."

Lee shared Marks' story of inspiration:

"He was laying on the beach in New York, took a nap or something, and when he woke up, he saw the pine trees were kind of swaying. I said, 'You got pine trees on the beach in New York?'”
“He said, 'Yeah,' and I thought the pine trees are rocking, and he went home and came up with 'Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree.'"

The internet is smitten by this wholesome story:


JB COMMENTS: Thank goodness that awful women Mariah Carey is not Number One again at Christmas. She is such a diva - a right up herself diva. Awful women, almost as bad as Diana Ross. Awful people, the pair of them, mega spoiled divas ( small D you notice ) brats - and like Joan Crawford, insisted on being treated as ' the star' 24/7 by everyone. Oh please, you still shit and piss like everyone else... Give me Dolly Parton and her so very friendly and relaxed manner and no spoiled brat about her - or even Streisand who is actually very shy and a really nice person in real life, not a Diva at all.

See Woody, I had to get Streisand in there some where. Sorry I haven't mentioned your idol, Kylie Minogue.


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