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Can you smell smoke ?

I set fire to my new hob top in the kitchen this week and accidentally melted a heavy plastic container all over the thing as it went up in flames.


I put it out quick enough with a couple of wet towels and smothered it.


So I have a new hob top coming tomorrow as this one is fucked.


It wasn't even a big enough fire to set the alarms off.

But still - OOps.

I had left the gas on low after making breakfast and you could not see the low flame with the kitchen lights on, and well, totally my own fault.


THIS IS NOT MY KITCHEN PICTURED - but a picture from the internet. I had absolutely no damage at all except the plastic container melted all over the hob top and I caught it in time and with a couple of wet cloths, smothered it before it got out of control.

I need a carer. ( That's a joke... although... Woody does say he's going to be driving me around like Miss Daisy... ha ha )

Three weeks ago the entire fire alarm system here at Hamilton Hall had its annual check up and passed with flying colours, as it always does - as I live at the top of Hamilton Hall and want to know it works and is active - yet ever since the check up, it has repeatedly gone off and yet not a single problem was found - no red light on the smoke detectors, nothing at all throughout the venue.


After this happened - at different times and different days - 7 times, I called the company and they - today - double checked the system and can find nothing wrong, but at least we know it works even if we cannot be sure there really is a fire.

Better safe than sorry.

It went off last night. 10.30pm. Only one guest came out from his room - cup of tea in hand, and when we told him what was going on, he complained that his cup of tea had been moved, as Woody saw a half empty cup on the landing and took it downstairs for washing, and the customer made such a fuss and I did have to point out I WAS DEALING WITH A FIRE ALARM AND YOU ARE DICKING AROUND WORRYING ABOUT YOUR CUP OF TEA ?

For fuck sake.

Some people have absolutely no sense of emergency at all - although - in all the years here ( nearly 24 ) and in all the times the alarms have gone off for various reasons, he was the only guest EVER to come out of his room when the alarms have gone off to check if it was real, cup of tea in hand...

So well done him.


With so many using sites that rent rooms in private houses and flats etc. through groups like Airbnb - and where many houses with a few spare rooms do B&B with no legal requirement to have a fire system, insurance, licenses for music or TV, no Health and Safety - no Fire Certificates or anything - YOU ARE PUT AT RISK.

At least Hamilton Hall is fully protected in that instance and fully insured and where you and your possessions are protected - and remember, I live at the top, so -

It also amazes how these places CHARGE MORE THAN WE DO - while pocketing the money - paying no taxes, and putting you at risk with no fire precautions, no health and safety, nothing at all and this is questionable.




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