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Absolute madness and this is what they wish to turn the UK and most of the world into, a Muslim conclave where marrying girls as young as 8 to old man up to 5 times their age,- and I think we can all figure out how this young girl ended up dying with internal bleeding - can't we.

He fucked her to death.

So for one fuck, this old paedophile - this disgusting old fuck, fucked her to death even though she is far too young to be able to - and this cunt of a man, this bastard, this absolute evil personified, butchered an innocent young thing with his hard penis and brutalized her insides. This is murder if ever there was a murder.

Personally, I feel he should be castrated. No sympathy at all. Castrate - take off his balls - stop him ever having sex again. He doesn't deserve even a wank after that abuse of someone so young.

And this is what Shia law wants to introduce across Europe ?

This is what many Muslims men believe is their right.

This is why we must fight against this invasion - this occupation and eventual take over of our country, religion, culture and lifestyle.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and if you don't think this affects you - GROW UP - as how do you think these Muslims feel about you being a cock sucking faggot ? How do you think these Muslims feel about LGBT ?

The madness is - most rapes of young girls in the UK these past few years have been at the hands of Pakistani Muslims, or Muslims in general, and while they consider fucking and destroying a young girls life at the age of 8 - acceptable - somehow a grown man having sex with another grown man IN PRIVATE is of the devil...

So while channelling the Koran from Allah, Mohamed obviously fell asleep during the bit about not abusing young girls but was fully awake for the damnation of others- but not for what you do yourself.

Isn't that called SELECTIVE REASONING ?

Isn't that what the Catholic Church has done for two thousand years ??? Selectively choose from the Bible what to believe and what to damn, even though it is - ' supposedly ' - the word of God, then who are we to edit that and change its meaning. What gives us the right ? Or more to the point, WHAT GIVES THEM THE RIGHT and then deny and damn others because of your editing and damn them to hell.

How holy is that ?

It isn't.


13-year-old Barbara Kent (center) and her fellow campers play in a river near Ruidoso, New Mexico, on July 16, 1945, in the hours after the Manhattan Project's Atomic Bomb detonation just 40 miles away. Barbara was the only person in the photo that lived to see 30 years old.


I am 47 years old and I’m single. I have never had sex. Never been on a date. Never had close friends. Never really talked much to people as I live with my parents, work from home and have done for the last 15 years, My work pays very well and I suppose I have a hefty savings in the bank. My parents are in their 70's and we all get on very well. How do I go out there and meet people. Should I ? Gerry


Well what do you want to do? I’m 61 and have never been on a date. Its brutally hard but about 10 years ago I think I finally accepted my fate. I’ve had a great career, I am educated and wealthy never having wasted money on others as many do. None of that made any difference. Despite my best efforts I look forward to a retirement of solitude and have to enjoy the many other great things in my life.

There have been moments - times when I longed for a hug, a shag, something intimate and when I watch a movie and it gets all sloppy, there was a time when I hankered for this, but eventually I started fast forwarding through these sloppy bits as it was unnecessary. I knew I didn't need it any more when I started getting annoyed during films for slowing down the plot for the romance scenes... BORING.

You do get use to your own company and the older you get the longer the list of guidelines and expectations we have for a partner, as when you become set in your ways, it would take a very special person to change that.

There are no magic answers as there are no magic love affairs either. When I see all the hassles my straight and gay friends have in and within a relationship and the heart ache / jealous tantrums / needs and wants that are not met by someone else, I actually thank God I am single and do not have to suffer those negative emotions while trying to live a positive lifestyle.

Larry J.


John Bellamy Answers

As a former sex worker I found it very hard to have a boyfriend during those years as - who would put up with knowing their lover was out someplace having sex with strangers all day long, or hearing sex noise coming from the back bedroom - even if bringing home the bacon - and not just the bacon, but financially speaking, the whole fucking pig.

So while I had a few ' ding dongs' during those years, nothing was very deep and was superficial and easy going and most the while, I was alone, no partner, and it did strike a strange chord with so many who questioned me as to why - ' You are handsome John, so how come ? ' - type of thing, and when I explained because of my business and how hard it would be to cope with, they saw my point of view.

Part of me would love someone special to help give life more meaning, somehow, but then I do know that my life HAS meaning and that I do not need someone else to help make me feel whole - I already am whole - and all someone else can do is help me feel ' more.' - and when I think about it - they'd have to be fucking special and offer something extra even just to get my attention.

Too many lonely old people hanker for love and what they should be looking for, is friendship, it's far easier.


John: I got fired from every job I have ever had. The reason for them firing me was 100% not true. Why does this keep happening?

Reminds me of an old bad joke: a guy goes to the doctor and says “Doctor, I have a problem: I touch my chest, it hurts; I touch my forehead, hurts; I touch my hip, hurts” -the doctor checks on the guy and says “I’m afraid your finger is broken”.


John Bellamy Answers

I don’t know exactly why you are fired from every job, as clearly, this has something to do with you and how you interreact with others or are just useless at your job ?

I had a friend decades ago who would go through the same trend, the “they will hate me in my new job and fire me” and guess what - within months, they hated him and fired him. Time and time again I heard this story, even as far as moving into a flat share ' they will hate me and want me out,' - and guess what - THEY DID.

When you work or live with someone else, you have to adapt to certain rules and the way things work at the specific place. Some companies have strong culture settings, while others are department-specific. In all scenarios in which you work for someone else, you are the one that needs to adapt.

Sometimes it’s just that, issues with authority, with being told what to do or how… leave your ego at the door and work things out, otherwise, it is your ego with yourself walking out and your ego will destroy everything good in your life and for what - ?

Grow up and welcome to the real world of COMPROMISE.


This might just be one of the saddest emails we've ever written.

Pamela, Mercedes, Andrea, and Sofia, four lesbian women between the ages of 42 and 52, were in their room in a shelter in Buenos Aires when a man set them on fire. Only Sofia survived.

This horrific case of lesbophobia has shocked us and spread both anger and fear across the LGBT+ community in Argentina. Lesbian women, once more, cannot feel safe – not even in their own homes.

Argentine activists are now calling out to you and thousands of All Out members for support.

It's time to send a clear message that such violence will not be tolerated.

This might ask if you are John Bellamy as this is sent to me personally so before you sign, it gives you the opportunity to put your own details in as I have already signed.


The boy in the banker, a young boy, puts $100 in the bank every single day. One day the boss at the bank noticed and asked, hey buddy, why do you keep dropping $100 in here everyday? The kid says, Can we talk in your office? The boss says, yes, and they go to his office. Then the kids spills the beans. Well, I make a bet everyday with someone new that I can kiss my right eye.

The boss laughs and says, no way you can do that. The kid smirks. Wanna bet? The manager agrees, and quick as a wink, the kid takes out his fake eye and kisses it.

The boss feels kind of silly and gives him $100. But he wants it back. So The kid says, okay, but with a twist. I'm pretty sure that you are wearing red girly panties. If I'm wrong, I'll give you back your $100 plus another 100. Thinking he's too smart, the boss agrees.

The kid adds, but before you drop your pants, we need 10 witnesses to make it official. The boss gathers his team and after taking his pants off, he feels very proud to have won $100. Then he notices the kid is all smiles about losing money. Confused, he asks, why are you happy about losing your cash?

The kid grins. Well, I had a bet with your team about how fast I could get you to drop your pants.


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