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Cult of Christianity

I was sent this amazing e mail below a few months ago and wanted to share it with you here :-

As a gay Christian, I have personally shared the Good News of Jesus Christ with cult members but many of them aren't receptive because they are brainwashed by their leaders. What should I do, as you are a spiritual men John, how can I get them to listen ? Jason.

You are also brainwashed Jason - into believing Jesus is real - so who is the one that is brainwashed here - ? And what is the difference.

Leave them alone and stop pushing your own Cult of Christianity on those who do not care about you or your Jesus. What makes you think you have the right, the audacity and the nerve to push your Jesus down any one elses throat and when they say no, you assume it's because they are brainwashed - and THAT is where your trouble starts Jason. THAT is why so many Christians loose any semblance of believability - when they start assuming everyone else is wrong - that all other belief structures are brought about by brain washing when - my dear Jason - what do you think Christianity is other than a brain washing, fear mongering, paedophile filled church abusing its congregation and casting doubt on all other religions as evil and of the Devil - and you talk to me about other people being brain washed ???

Think the expression '.Physician Heal Thy Self' comes to mind.

Jason my dear - I think it about time you cleaned out your own headspace and make sure that what you are saying is true and accurate as - to be honest - not one single word of the Bible is provable and ONLY goes on your gullibility to believe - or even FEAR NOT to believe, and what makes that any different to any other - as you see them - evil brain washing cult ?

Just because you assume you are right - does not mean you are.

Just because Christianity has been around a long time, just proves how well they did at brainwashing people and keeping them in a state of God Fearing fear.

Your assumptions and the way you expect others to listen and adore Jesus as you do is EXACTLY what is wrong with the Christian faith and how belligerent and obnoxious it is when you look down on those who do not believe - as evil, second rate, not going to heaven and that attitude - Jason, REALLY sucks.

Do you REALLY think that if Jesus and all that stuff is real, he would accept the manner in which you act ? Do you REALLY think Jesus was the only prophet or that Christianity is THE ONLY way to God - and in your thinking, all others are wrong and THAT is what is wrong here, your attitude that you are right and everyone else is wrong.

WRONG JASON - DEAD WRONG - and Jesus would be ashamed if he knew how you were using his name to betray and put others down in such an arrogant and misleading manner.

It is absolutely UN ENLIGHTENED Jason and YOU are displaying the brainwashing aptitude you complain about.

What gives you the balls to assume you are the only one who is right, Jason ?


John: I lived in a 'cult' from 7 years of age to 22 when I left. It was a family thing and in all there were 70 of us, gay - straight - Christian - Jew - Non believers, all sorts and it worked very well and I had no brain washing, we were all free people living as a commune and not as some would think, a brain washing machine.

I evolved and went into law and helped the group. It had no formal religious / spiritual backbone and so worked well as individuals just living and sharing.


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