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'Don't fuck with me fellas' PART 2

Last week I wrote telling you about a couple who made a real mess here and left the venue before I saw the mess, and how I charged them a £50 surcharge for :-

1) Setting the fire alarm off in their room.

  1. 2) Stealing drinks without paying for them.

  2. 3) Leaving a pissy loo for me to flush and clean.

  3. 4) Left the room after just one night like a litter of pigs had stayed and not two grown men.

  4. 5) Left all the lights on in the room deliberately running up our bill, even in the day.

  5. His e mail was one of those that hides and denies ALL RESPONSIBILITY for his actions behind his mental health and that kind of excuse is precisely that, an immature excuse - an avoidance - blaming something that is beyond his control when in actual fact, using mental health as a shield does a disservice to all those with mental health who struggle to ' live normal lives ' and to all the carers who work so hard protecting people from the likes of this man USING his mental health as an excuse to act up.

Sometimes you have simply misread the situation and need to re examine your thoughts on the matter BEFORE acting up. Change your mind set and find a happier path.

You DO NOT have a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD when you act up badly in public and then use your mental health as an excuse, when what you are failing to do is exercise restraint if you feel yourself ' triggering' - and more to the point, my venue was disrespected and made a mess off, things were not paid for ( stolen ) and alarms set off which costs us - and no excuse blaming mental health allows for that.

I am DISGUSTED by those who act in this manner and hide behind their mental health as this is usually facilitated by those whose mental health is quite controllable and they know EXACTLY how to use it to get what they want and when they meet someone who says NO they don't like it.

Know what I mean Matt ?

Society and various government and council bodies set up to help and protect do so to help - but when that help is abused by the very people it is set up to help, and where innocent people and business's are targeted, then they need telling - maybe - just maybe - as you would a child - or maybe - just maybe - a severe telling off will do - and maybe, just maybe, a programme of re education of acceptable behaviour, or even the courts and police, and remember this guy booked and paid using his own credit card so is not incapable - he has a job and a bank account and people like this who use it all as an excuse - don't like it when they meet someone not prepared to tolerate it and where if damage is caused or something stolen or left unpaid, YOU PAY - AND WHERE YOU DO NOT GET TO USE YOUR MENTAL HEALTH AS AN EXCUSE TO ABUSE OTHERS. PERIOD.

This does tens of thousands of people with serious mental health, who struggle with the system and carers and where it can be hard to get any help, a massive disservice and betrays those worse off. People like this abuse the very system designed to help and there will always be those who will be scroungers, takers, always there with their hands out wanting help, cash, food, bedding, a new TV - anything they can get for free using their inability to work or do anything for themselves ( which is all too often one massive con ) and to those genuine people who do struggle, Hamilton Hall has offered free holidays for 24 years - whole weeks for free with meals and everything, and then this asshole, this user, this thief and pissy loo leaver, finds fault and claims I am anti mental health when he knows fuck all and seems destined to keep trying to destroy other people he comes up against and who does not buy into his fucked up rhetoric of demanding attention and things - and then finds fault. This man was and is an absolute DISGRACE to the mental health world as all he does is a massive disfavour to all those who follow behind.


Just recently a men just out of prison, homeless and with nothing, eventually was found somewhere to live by a local charity a friend works for and his flat was empty with just a bed, table and chairs and the very basics. So I offered a free TV, Kettle and pots and pans, a quilt and bedding and other items he needed and that were not available as he had no money and the social was taking months to sort his claim out and in the meantime he was just left by the system with all the boxes ticked but very little actually accomplished to actually help this man, and he was so very grateful and thankful, not abusive - not entitled - just a nice guy I never met, who sent a very sweet message of thanks and appreciation, and yet this other abusive wanker finds fault with those who are there to help and causes and creates nothing but disharmony and distress for others.

That is the attitude and behaviour of one fucked up, entitled, attitude faggot I absolutely despise. Too many men abuse others be it women or other men but usually always for their own benefit.

Too many in society act up and abuse the system with crimes against others and use their mental state as an excuse to get a lesser sentence or even be let off, when the fact remains, they broke the law and abused, and for that, there is a penalty as in this case, he was charged £50 which now I realise, was not enough and should have been double considering he is still screaming his garbage about how I abused him with his mental state. Such cobblers and such nasty one sided rhetoric that could get lesser people into trouble but in my world, take your best shot, do take aim, go on, try it and see exactly where it gets you Babes. Just be careful who you try and take on.

Anyone claiming I am disinterested and abusive towards those with mental and physical health had better know what they are talking about as I will defend myself and will not take it laying down as you cause and create trouble for others less able and THAT is where I draw the line. THAT is where I make a stand - for those less able to defend and stand up for themselves and against assholes like this man, I WILL ALWAYS make a stand.


John Bellamy


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Hamilton Hall Productions.

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