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"Empath" isn't an official psychological term, but it's generally defined as a person who is highly attuned to the emotions of others. Empathy is an essential skill for all kinds of relationships. Some people with very high levels of empathy - commonly known as 'Empaths' may have a hard time setting boundaries between themselves and others until they learn to observe / create boundaries.

For instance:

I am an identical twin.

It is quite common for identical twins to have that ' connective link' between them, where if one bangs his toe - the other registers the pain.

An example - I asked my brother if a certain digit on his right hand was sore, and he showed me how he had broken it some time ago and while it recovered, it was mis-shapen. That exact same digit on my right hand was suffering severe pain - and while his had healed, it had somehow transferred over to me.

Another time, I was cleaning my teeth and as I looked up into the mirror, I immediately saw what my brother was seeing - for at that exact same moment, he was cleaning his teeth and we ' connected'.

THERAPY: Many therapists are crap. They may hear your words and witness you crying - or whatever - and they may offer sweet words - platitudes - to help you feel better, but it is rare to get someone who actually ' connects with you' on a deeper level. They don't just hear what you say, but they FEEL what you say and the pain and emotion attached to your words. They actually KNOW what you are going through as they FEEL it.

THAT is the best therapist as then - and only then - can they TRULY understand where you are at and how to help.

There are a lot of cold fish out there - or as some call them - reptiles. Emotionless and belligerent to true emotions.

My own Mother, long dead, was someone who didn't get it. She was not cold - but love evaded her, the actual meaning, the feelings and the depth evaded her somehow, and this is common with a lot of people.

I said to her once that my brother and I would help her in any way she wanted and to STOP MANIPULATING US TO DO SO, as we will do whatever because WE LOVED HER, but that concept evaded her and she didn't - ever - get that.

It made for a LOT of family problems growing up and only as mature adults, now with a therapists mind in my head, did I get to understand that she sim[ply didn't understand love.

Many then cling onto something that others adore, like music or poetry or more common, religion, and they gather with others and sing the songs, raise the roof with praise and declare their undying love - but even then, the actual understanding evades them and often , they will ridicule others as fools, ignorant and even mentally unstable when the truth is the other way round.

We are all connected, and on some level, if only the chattering mind could quieten itself enough, either through meditation or sleep, we can connect our thoughts and be more sympathetic and understanding of others.

Many are trapped inside their own heads, their own problems and their own shut down experience of life, love and the universe and they are unwilling to open up to change and so stay stuck. The unknown territory frightens them and ' Better The Devil You Know' attitude, which keeps them locked in to old ways that are not working, but change is too far to stretch as that may mean - realizing how the old ways have not worked for you and - what a waste of years stuck - as when change happens and when enlightenment to change happens, life can be so good - and this can be scary place for some. realising how simple it was - and what a waste of so many years stuck in that box.

Empathy - it's a natural occurrence within the mind body and soul and is there for all to be be a part of if only you just accepted and opened yourself up to hear a higher resonance of the human consciousness.

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