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Family at Christmas - Good or Bad ?

I have always been the generous one in the family, often hosting dinners and treating my relatives to meals at nice restaurants. However, this generosity led to an unspoken expectation that I would always pick up the tab, a situation that an Uncle seemed to take advantage of.

Each time we dined out, this Uncle had a knack for choosing the most expensive items on the menu. Whether it was the lobster, the aged steak, or the fine wine, he never hesitated to indulge, knowing I would be paying. At first, I laughed it off, but as this became a recurring theme, it started to piss me off.

This Christmas I decided to approach the situation differently. We were planning to dine at a new seafood restaurant, and I knew my Uncle would be eyeing the priciest dishes. Before the dinner, I casually brought up the idea of a budget for the meal, mentioning how I had some upcoming expenses and needed to be mindful of my spending.

At the restaurant, as they perused the menu, Uncle eyes lit up at the sight of the lobster thermidor, but I again gently reminded him of the budget. To my surprise, Uncle nodded understandingly and opted for a more modestly priced dish. The rest of the evening went smoothly, with everyone enjoying their meals and the company.

I was relieved and a bit surprised at how well this Uncle took the budget constraint. It was a simple yet effective way to address the situation without causing a scene or offending anyone.

I hope that this will be forthcoming in the future and that my Uncle will not be so rude and obnoxious in this manner again. It is common and vulgar and actually appallingly badly behaved and one would think a grown man would have better manners.



John: Relatives. Who fucking wants them. Not me.

Family came to visit over Christmas. Expected me to put them up in my small flat. They were all over the place - sleeping on the couch, chairs and even in my bed and I was expected to sleep on the fucking floor.

After 2 nights of this - on Boxing Day - I reached my limit when I was once again expected to provide all the food for yet another day of family feasting as they brought nothing, offered nothing, wanted everything and were expecting it all for free, all served and washed up while they did fuck all.

I said ' NO FOOD TODAY UNLESS YOU LOT GO BUY SOMETHING AND PREPARE IT.' and that went down like a lead balloon. Tears started, Moans were load and ' you mean bastard' was heard - and THAT made me even more adamant to now KICK THESE FUCKERS OUT.

I just stood there and said they could leave now as I had had enough of all you lot free loading off me and not even a fucking bottle of wine brought - and when one started complaining about my language, THAT WAS WHEN THE SHIT HIT THE FAN.

I was livid. OUT THE FUCKING DOOR THE LOT OF THEM... as I threw them all out - literally throwing their luggage and everything out the door, they just stood there looking at me as if I was nuts. They didn't get it at all and I was treated like the meanest fucked up family member when I do not feel I was.

They Left and to be honest, I really do not care if I never see them again as 5 people turning up without an invitation at Christmas, was astounding and expecting me to let them stay - WTF ? never again.



Back last August my Mother announced she wanted to spend Christmas with me at my house and that Father and my 2 younger brothers would be coming with them, and I assumed she was joking. I never agreed this in any way and nothing else was said - not a single phone call, email, text or anything and I mean - total silence - UNTIL - December 23rd they all turned up at my door.

I am the black sheep of the family. Gay. Single, Big house bought through working 18 hours a day 7 days a week for some years and I have done better than any of them. We do not speak from one month to another and since August when Mother first mentioned Christmas, I have not heard a word. She is a difficult old duck and I want as little to do with her and family as I can. They are racist bigoted bullies - they are really unpleasant people and I am best off without them. It saddens me, but that's how it is.

I come from scummy people.

I was absolutely astounded to see them through the bedroom window emptying cases from the car and coming to my front door.

I panicked.

I pretended to be out.

They banged and banged and I could see them through the security cameras trying to see through the windows and even trying to get round to the back garden to see if they could get in that way but the alarm system has some serious locks on various outdoor gates and they were unable.

I could see they were getting irritated and angry with me not being there to greet them with Egg Nogg and a home mad mince pie - as to be honest, I had plans to spend a sexy fuck fest Christmas at a friends for the whole of Christmas and New Year and it was only by chance that I was there to see this unfold, as a few hours later I had plans to go to my friends.

I stayed hidden for over two hours as they simply would not leave - they even shouted through the letter box, threw stones at windows and banged and banged the door and windows.

I stayed hidden from view and called a friend for help. He was brilliant. He drove past the house a while later and stopped - pretending to just be passing and saw them at my door, and he stopped and asked what they were doing as I was out of the country for Christmas and New Year and not returning until the middle of January.

That's when I saw my Mother throw herself on the ground and throw one almighty hissy fit - screaming and carrying on and I have to admit, I did laugh - and stay hidden.

My friend stood there watching this and I did hear him say ' What the fuck are you people on ? He's had this planned for ages. Why would you assume to just turn up in this fashion.'

Words were exchanged and after a few minutes my friend got in his car and simply left - and he called me on my mobile ( which parents do not have the number of - just my land line ) and with phone on silent, he told me they were furious and he left when she was screaming on the ground as he had said his piece and felt it time to go. It took yet another hour of them banging on the door and ringing the bell before they left and it was so awful.

I otherwise enjoyed a very nice fuck fest Christmas at my friends house and I am glad to say I never gave it another thought. Mind you, it's only December 28th as I write this to you so God knows what will happen after the New year and after they think I fly home. Actually, I don't care what they think, I have had it with them .

Chris G.


John. My parents both died this year. Mother was 91 and Father 89 - and within weeks of Mother passing, Father passed as well. I was dreading Christmas. Spent the whole of the Festive period with a friend and enjoyed a gay Christmas for the first time having spent every Christmas of my entire life at home with parents and siblings, but this was my first Christmas FOR ME - and not for family, and while I deeply missed them both, I did so enjoy the freedom to do my own thing, have sex, get drunk, smoke a spliff ( first time ) and chill out with like minded friends and not boring family.

I miss them dearly, but Christmas from now on is for me and not family.

Mark T.


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