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From Russia with Love.

At least 6 times a year I get into conversation with people from Russia, although in the first instance they are usually claiming to be somewhere else and NOT in Russia and after sending me photo's, I guess they are in Russia as there is a very typical Russian look, and I am always proven correct.

This young lad below is 24 and we write each other often and I think he would like me to write daily, but twice weekly is about all I have time for and I asked what it was like for him being gay under the current Russian political regime and how difficult was it for him to be 'out', and his e mail below, while the language is slightly off - he uses the word ' cancer ' and I think he means condom - and I am sure you will make sense of what he is sharing.

It all sounds very sweet and somewhat naïve and innocent and from the 1950's compared to what we have available here in the UK and this is a reminder that we MUST NOT take anything for granted.

Hello John, my dear friend.

It's +20-27 degrees in our city, but it's raining and it's getting very stuffy outside. I'm sorry that you have a problem with politics in the country, I hope everything will get better.

I am also a Christian. It's very difficult for me to live in Russia and I'm afraid if the authorities say that I'm gay, I'll start having problems or they'll put me in jail and do very terrible things to me, because they don't like gays there and they'll punish me or give me a very huge fine. It is very difficult to find a gay partner in Russia. I did it spontaneously. 

I had only 2 sex stalls. I want to tell you about 1 first sex and about the first sexual partner. It happened 2 months after I realized that I was gay.  It was a day off, we were going to go camping with my college classmates. Not everyone knew that I liked boys. We went to a river in the forest 15 km from my city.

There were girls and boys with us. We arrived at the river and set up tents. We have divided our responsibilities, someone is fishing, someone is going to get firewood. And I went to pick mushrooms with a new classmate.  He was quite handsome, and he looked after himself. We went to the forest and picked mushrooms for an hour and a half. When I was picking mushrooms, I got caught on a branch and tore my T-shirt. 

We found an abandoned gazebo in the woods. We decided to sit down to rest. I look at him, I see he has a dick. I started asking what it meant. He confessed that he was gay and he really liked me, but he didn't know that I was gay too. I took his cock and put my hand through his jeans. And I told him that I was gay too and kissed him on his tender lips. And we started kissing, and he touched my abs, and I fucked ( sucked ? ) his dick.

And he took off his jeans and whispered in my ear so that I would enter it. 

And he became cancer, and I entered his ass. From the beginning, I did it gently. I was overwhelmed with emotions, I was very pleased, then I started doing it roughly and intensely. Then he told me that he wanted his cock in his ( my ) mouth. I knelt down and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking and licking his balls. Then we started kissing, and I liked the taste of his cum. He forced me to put cancer on me and started fucking me very roughly. I was getting the maximum orgasm. After that, he started to screw my dick, and I finished.  1 I had sex with a man for 30 minutes. After that, we went to our classmates and forgot buckets of mushrooms in that gazebo because we were overwhelmed with emotions. The classmates were angry at us, but they were very happy. In Russia, the school day begins on Monday. He picked up his college papers on Monday and was never seen again. I called him and wrote on social networks to repeat this, but he was not available and he did not respond on social networks. I couldn't forget him for a whole month, but at the moment, when I write you a letter. I don't remember his practical one. Tell me about your 1st sex, I would be very interested.

I've found my photos and I want to send them to you.



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