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Gary O'Toole's astrology for July


Mars continues to transit Aries for the beginning of the month, forming a sextile with Saturn. Although this aspect is helpful, it’s also tense, as Saturn’s strength, now stationing retrograde, pulls back on the forward momentum of Mars.

Saturn’s retrograde and aspect on Mars demands careful consideration, prompting us to rethink impulsive actions. This may be a case of having to revisit our long-term plans repeatedly.

On July 12, Mars enters Taurus, joining Uranus and Jupiter. This transit could be very disruptive, but whether that’s good or bad depends on what’s being disrupted.

This may disrupt supply chains, for example, possibly due to power outages or issues with infrastructure. Natural disasters may be to blame. Expect some disruptions, especially around July 15, when Mars conjoins Uranus by an exact degree.

The more positive expressions of Mars in Taurus, that of determined action with fortunate outcomes, are more likely as Mars joins Jupiter by mid-August, signalling a more hopeful period after some initial disturbance.

Another expression of the erratic Mars-Uranus combination is likely felt at the Olympics, which may have a lot of stops and starts. But it may also show some new world records and personal bests. Let’s hope that’s all that’s broken.

Jupiter buoys up Mars and Uranus. Ye whether that increases the chaos or holds things together depends on the circumstances. This combination may bring all kinds of breakthroughs and innovations in science and technology. Yet it may predominantly express itself in more extreme weather and major seismic activity.

Mercury quickly moves from Cancer into Leo in July but slowly returns with its head bowed in contemplation come August. July prepares us for the review. It does so by slowing down the planning so we can reassess.

In Cancer, Mercury is more emotional and reactive, especially when it’s opposed to Pluto in Capricorn. This brings a need for more security to offset the challenges we face around changes we have no control over.

By July 19, Mercury enters Leo, crossing a sensitive point it will revisit twice more because of its retrograde in August. This may bring some initial chaos and uncertainty in practical matters such as travel, trade, and communications. The world may seem more unsafe.

Mars aspects Mercury in both Cancer and Leo. This square aspect can cause strong reactions to perceived threats (Mercury in Cancer) and the need to express oneself (Mercury in Leo). With Mars also conjoining Uranus, we may say things we later regret, or try to push things through prematurely.

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