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Generational Trauma - WTF is that ?????

Generational trauma is trauma that extends from one generation to the next. It begins when a group experiences a traumatic event that causes economic, cultural, and familial distress. In response, people belonging to that group develop physical or psychological symptoms.

When an individual experiences trauma, their body may adapt by adjusting gene expression, and some of these changes can be passed on to their children, akin to inherited “notes.” However, these changes are not definitive but rather adaptable and can be rewritten by our own life experiences and actions.

The Garman and the Japanese psyche - generations later have to draw a line under the guilt of what their countries have done in the past and have to teach their children that what was done - was very wrong - and they need to learn forgiveness and understanding - for all concerned - offer reparation to those who suffered, and move on. We CANNOT AND MUST NOT blame people today for things their Grandparents did 80 - 100 years ago.

Those who then blame their fucked-upness on Generational Trauma are just using that as an excuse to act up, and that gets absolutely no sympathy from me at all and in fact, just really irritates in is offensive to those with REAL TRAUMA - not imagined.

Those with genuine trauma, howsoever caused, need all the help and support they can get and when these 'other' people use it as an excuse to act badly and makes excuses for their obnoxious manner, then that takes it away from those who seriously need the help and I DO NOT support those who fake and exaggerate and use - just to get what they want.

African Americans SCREAMING how they deserve TRILLIONS in payments for what happened during the slave trade 300 years ago - is just dumb M'Fers screaming for attention and trying to get something for free and their past generations would be appalled at their narcissistic behaviour.

Too many use their mental health to get extra extra extra -

Know what I mean Matt ?

Watch this video of a women stopped for being drunk while driving her car who uses all the excuses under the sun to get sympathy and nothing - I am glad to say - receives a reaction from the policeman who - to be honest - is a LOT more patient an calm than I would be if dealing with this Karen who assumes claiming mental health, anxiety and Generational Trauma, and it's a damned joke.

It makes me sick when people with any kind of mental health - USES IT TO GET A LEG UP, AN EXTRA HELPING AND MORE MORE MORE and I have known many people, bright and educated people who are quite capable, use mental health to get so much from the state and council and it simply - offends.

It takes it away from those who genuinely cannot cope and need the help that is now not available as this asshole is using the services when quite capable of doing it for themselves, but oh no, they insist on having help just to be difficult and to gain attention.


Know what I mean Simon ?

There are too many people like this and it betrays the good work offered.

I am glad to see that in the video above, it does not serve her at all and the end is that she gets arrested anyway. Being drunk behind the wheel and claiming Generational Trauma and anxiety - FUCK OFF - How about the anxiety of other drivers having some drunk women - with special needs - behind the wheel of a car coming towards you, and she is drunk .... and in denial ...and wouldn't know the truth if it smacked her right in the puss.

How about THAT for anxiety.

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