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God orders you to kill.

I wonder how many of these sins I can cram into one short story... plus a few others not mentioned...

I was unfaithful to my wife, as sex was just so boring with her - and whose Mother ( my mother In law ) is an old witch, and Jesus Christ, she is a difficult old bitch, and she read in the tea leaves that this was going to happen.

So as a curious kinda guy - I thought I'd shag with a man for a change and I heard it was so much better with another guy, so I chose a black man - a non Christian or Jew as he was Jamaican Rastafarian, and hung for days, and he told me he was the bastard son of a non believer, and Dear God, it was hot.

He told me he had left home after beating up on his father for beating up on his Mother and warned him never to abuse his wife / his Mother ever again or there would be more of that .

I was at work on the Sunday and after having a crab sandwich for lunch, and the black guy came round after I finished my shift, but not before I put the kids to bed for disobeying me - as I brought them up to be well behaved and not - as on this occasion, to disobey me.

We went for a walk first down past the church to the sex shop to get some poppers. It was raining so I wore my mixed fabric - cotton and polyester coat to stay dry and we chattered as we went and he shared that his battle with his Father had a resounding success as he never hit his wife again... and the asshole he called father , actually learned from this.

So, back to the sex with the big black dick, who was clearly not a virgin, and Jesus, I worshipped his massive cock for hours, and Fuck Me Sweet Jesus, it was amazing. That was one hell of a Sunday afternoon and evening.



If America is going to start banning books, even the story of Anne Frank - as they claim the books in question are sexualizing children, then YOU HAVE TO BAN THE BIBLE.

Full of paedophilia, incest, rape, mass murder, witch craft ( raising the dead - walking on water - changing water into wine ) and as far as Leviticus goes into banning all sorts of things as detailed above - plus a lot more things besides - and as most of us have enjoyed a crab sandwich or a lobster dinner at some time - we have worn mixed fabrics and who hasn't fancied a friends wife / boyfriend and had sexy thoughts about them, then as it also says in the Bible,


and please don't tell me that would be Donald Trump and that he is the next Messiah, the new Jesus, the most holy of holies... here to save America from the evil clutched of paedophile child abusers who allow their wives to have abortions, take Trumps name in vain and who actually enjoy the pleasures of the physical and - evil of all evils, enjoy a bit of cock now and then...


If it wasn't so dangerous and evil:- If it wasn't so damaging to society :- this could almost be funny, like some dumb movie like ' The Life Of Brian'- where we would watch and laugh and say ' Well that was funny but thank God it's just a movie.'

RELIGION - Sadly, the most evil, destructive and murderous belief structure there is.


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