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How can depression be treated without taking anti-depression pills?

  1. First of all, there is nothing wrong with you for being depressed. Depression is like every other life experience. Being depressed and stressed out is a normal part of human life. Don’t let people make you believe that there is something “wrong” with you for being depressed. The issue is when you dwell in depression for too long. Because negative thoughts multiply and grow, depression that doesn’t get addressed in time grows like a snowball.

Plus: Some people just love being depressed in the sense, that they do nothing at all to help themselves and just sit and be depressed. That is self indulgent and self destroying. Some need the attention and some are just lazy.

Accept loneliness. Almost everyone is lonely, even in a crowd of people.

  1. Meditation cultivates your awareness. You will need awareness to hold the deep emotional disturbances and energies that rise within you.

  2. There are a lot of toxic conditionings and beliefs that need to be released until you find harmony and peace in your heart. Find a good meditation teacher, meditation center, and start practice meditating. Meditation is a tool you can use for you to examine, analyze, dissect, and dismantle all beliefs, thought patterns, and experiences that led you to depression.

  3. Breath work, like we teach here at Hamilton Hall can be an ENORMOUS HEALER of all sports of things that trouble you emotionally and mentally, and can heal mind, body and soul.

  4. Pursue activities that would calm your mind and soul. Do yoga. Eat light and healthy. Exercise. Get a massage. Know your body. Know your emotions. Know what your body and emotions are communicating to you.

  5. Keep an open mind. Try alternative healings. Reiki. Acupuncture. Hypnotherapy. Spiritual Healers. I had my shares of good experiences and bad experiences. If conventional science and pills fail, do not just to give up. Keep in the mind that saying when there is a will, there is a way. My biggest will in life at that time was to heal myself.

Cut out toxic people in your life. Cut all people and situations that make you feel belittled, unworthy, unloved, and not good enough. Don’t be around people who don’t respect and love you. Cut with determination and courage. The chance is that these people probably contributed to your conditions today.

  1. Get out in nature. Get away from noisy streets , social media and consumerism. They fuel insecurities, comparisons, and judgment. Spend more time in nature and enjoy it. Let Mother Nature’s healing energy calm you down and uplift you. Mother Nature doesn’t judge. It provides healing environment to every being in its grace.

  2. Forgive people who have hurt and wronged you and move on. We are forgiving them not because we need to be the bigger person, because we deserve peace and be released from toxic and negative connections that drain our vital life energy. Our life is very precious. We should not waste our energy and thoughts on people who are not worth our time.

If we carry past hurts around with us, then the person who hurt you - has won - and is continuing to hurt you long after they have left your life and in this instance, YOU are hurting yourself. Period.

  1. Sometimes, we have to let go of people we love. That doesn’t mean you don’t love or care for them. It means you understand that at this particular time and point of your life, being around of each other is not good for anyone.

Read self improvement books and spiritual books to broaden your perspective and views. Allow the mind to expand its awareness capacity so you can open your heart to see different perspectives. Read stories of how others got out depression. Everyone’s story is different. In these stories, you will find commonalities, useful tips here, and there that can help you. Use them!

  1. In your healing process, a lot of nasty emotions will come up. These can range from deep hatred, sadness, anger, shame, guilt etc. When these emotions come up, our first reaction is to reject and repress them. We need to learn to accept and embrace these negative thoughts and emotions because they are parts of you. We all have to go through it at some point. That is why cultivating mindfulness is so important.

  2. Pray, pray, pray. It doesn’t matter what your religion is. When you sincerely ask for assistance, you will be answered. Pray for understanding, wisdom, compassion and love to release you and others from suffering. Compassion and love heal. Positive prayers will fill your heart with faith, gratitude, and love. These positive love energies can transform and heal negative thoughts and emotions little by little until they are all gone.

  3. Reduce mind stimulating activities and food. Eat more natural food like veggies and fruits. Reduce alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and other heavy food and avoid diet drinks full of chemicals.

  4. Refrain from having much sex or any sort of strong mental stimulants. If you don’t have a stable partner, avoid having sex with random people if you can and of this is your ay of healing, do it for the right reasons and relax, take your time and enjoy. Don't rush it and don't make it sleazy when it is a thing of beauty. The temporary highs would only make your depression worse in the long term. Sex can be very stimulating and addictive. You want to keep your mental and physical states in a more calming and peaceful state.

  5. Work with a professional therapist. I also hear many stories of people taking depression pills their entire lives and never got over the depression. For these reasons, stop taking them and see how you are.

  6. Surround yourself with positive individuals who love and uplift you. Love and forgiveness are ultimate enemies of depression.

  7. Don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone’s experience in life is different. If you compare yourself with others, it will make you more frustrated. Think of depression as an invitation for you to outgrow your conditionings and beliefs. There is no need to compare.

  8. Too many men ruin their lives with Penis Envy and it can really fuck you up if you allow it to. Accept what you have and make friends with your dick and to hell with those who take the piss or make you feel small.

This book was a really good read and well worth getting if you want to understand depression.

  1. Make getting out of depression the purpose of your life with 100% determination, courage, and will power. Even if you feel like life is not worth of living, clench your teeth and hold your pants to get through those days. Because it’s okay to feel miserable, lonely, and very dark. It’s all part of life.

  2. As long as you are alive, you have the opportunity to heal.

  3. The worst time will eventually pass.

  4. Look back 3–5 years from now and see the kind of person you have transformed into and always remember, we at Hamilton Hall are always here for you and even if you cannot afford it, speak to me and we can come to some arrangement to offer a few days for free and see if we can help sheer you up and get you on anew path. Who knows, it may just be what you have been waiting for. We care. We understand. We are here for you. ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT.


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