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I am Celine Dion Documentary

A raw and honest behind-the-scenes look at the iconic superstar's struggle with a life-altering illness. Serving as a love letter to her fans, this inspirational documentary highlights the music that has guided her life while also showcasing the resilience of the human spirit.

Chris Azzopardi of The New York Times stated that Dion's voice made her a star and this film is keen on making her a person. Peter Debruge of Variety wrote that like all things Celine Dion, the film documentary feels intensely personal and sincere.

According to Suzannah Ramsdale of Evening Standard the film is a raw, heartbreaking and deeply moving window into the reclusive life of a once-in-a-generation talent cut down in its prime.

Diego Batlle of wrote that I Am: Celine Dion is a visceral, cathartic, confessional film and - in its way - as beautiful as it is valuable.

Dennis Schwartz of Ozus's World Movie Reviews concluded that the film is an inspirational documentary.

Detailed above is how this film is promoted and was one of the hardest, most brutally open and honest account I think I have ever seen, and Woody and I were traumatized after watching and it has haunted us both ever since.

To be a part of someone you have loved for 4 decades - to have them in your life and to have had a song to suit any moment in your life, from a break up to a happy day - It absolutely broke our hearts and we were both ' filling up' and had I been alone, would have balled my eyes out as the documentary followed her through the last year - and tragic is not the word... although there is no word to describe the sadness and anguish of what is happening to her with Stiff Persons Syndrome.

She talks to us about how her voice has gone and she struggles to sing and cries after giving us a brief demo, and you can see and feel how her heart is breaking - and how as singing was her life and how saddened she is.

It's all very well being a very wealthy women with millions of fans and known all over the world - but when your health is shit and you have multiple spasms that lock you in a certain - painful - position and where there is little anyone can do, it is so mournful to be a part of and we were both full of melancholy for days after.

The end of the documentary shows her going into a spasm and screaming in pain and while some would say ' switch the cameras off, why show this ?' - it is very brave to see her - no make up, looking like a farm worker - clearly in pain and anguish - and still being there for her fans and hoping they will understand what Stiff Person Syndrome is, and how it affects 1 in a million and how debilitating it is - and watching this was brutal and so emotionally draining for us both, as we sat with our heads in our hands, sitting forward on the couch watching intensely with that look on our faces that said a lot, and it was so well done but so very sad to witness.

I pointed out that if such a thing was to happen to Streisand, you would never see a documentary such as this - never see her vulnerable, in pain, screaming for help, - WATCH HERE - crying as her throat gives in and how she will in all probability - never recover - and while Streisand would keep this private and her fans would never know the trauma she was going through, I totally support Celine in allowing this to be shown - the real side of fame and not the ' smoke and mirrors' we are usually only privy to.

The heart ache and the pain.

The realization that the life you have always known, is over and will never be even vaguely the same again.

It is well worth watching and have a box of tissues handy and be prepared to see Celine Dion like you have never seen her before - vulnerable - a victim to something out of her control and saddened by the loss to humanity of such a great voice.

It will break your heart.


Naples woman with same condition as Celine Dion

shares story of Stiff Person diagnosis


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