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Indonesia set to ban sex outside marriage in overhaul of criminal code

Indonesia is on the cusp of ratifying sweeping changes to its criminal code that would criminalise extramarital sex and prohibit unmarried couples from living together.

Unmarried couples visiting places like Bali will be banned from living together if changes to Indonesia's criminal code go through.

People in Indonesia who have sex outside of marriage could face up to a year in jail if officials ratify sweeping changes to the country's criminal code as expected on Tuesday.

As well as criminalising adultery, the revised code would ban unmarried couples from living together.

The law, if passed, would apply to Indonesian citizens and foreigners alike, including tourists to the hotspots of Bali and the islands off Lombok.

Insulting the president and spreading views counter to the secular national ideology, known as the Pancasila, will also be outlawed.

Legal experts and civil society groups say the changes are a "huge setback" for the southeast Asian nation.

"The state cannot manage morality. The government's duty is not as an umpire between conservative and liberal Indonesia," said Bivitri Susanti, a law expert from the Indonesia Jentera School of Law.

JB Comments:

Sadly many countries are backtracking on many of the human rights given and it appears are now being taken away.

LGBTQ rights in many countries are being reversed and even the USA where we think it to be a fairly open country IS NOT, it is fast back tracking on many laws and taking away rights of women, LGBTQ , blacks and anyone non white and non Christian.

As usual, many use the church as an alibi to claim all sorts of things and do so ' In God's Name' and this kind of dangerous rhetoric taken from ancient writings NO LONGER APPLICABLE TO MODERN MANKIND is dragging us backwards and stuck and society and man/human kind grinds to a halt and remains stagnant.

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