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What Happened To Amelia

By Michael Shrimpton

There’s no question mark in the title because we know what happened to the intrepid American aviators Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan. They were shot down by the Imperial Japanese Navy on July 2nd 1937 whilst on an overflight of secret Japanese bases on the Marshall Islands, captured and brutally executed.

Whilst this is an intelligence, not a current affairs, column, and from time to time I cover intelligence topics of historical interest, this column has obviously been prompted by the with respect inflated claim from Deep Sea Vision to have discovered an aircraft which may have been Amelia’s, near Howland Island in the Pacific. I did actually cover the shoot-down around the 80th anniversary, in two columns (Amelia Earhart – The Truth and Amelia Earhart – The Truth (Part II), in July 2017. I respectfully refer readers and researchers back to those columns, which are archived on site.

Since the plane is over 2,000 fathoms down on the floor of the Pacific it was a fairly safe claim to make by Deep Sea Vision, in the sense that we’re not likely to be seeing the actual airplane any time soon. My guess is that they’ve picked up a wartime bomber, possibly a Japanese Betty, or an American transport aircraft like a C-53 Dakota or C-46 Commando.


JB COMMENTS: I was always brought to believe that she vanished into the ocean and no one knew her whereabouts and cause of death or anything at all, yet Michael makes some claims never heard before. Read on for some more new and interesting 'Michael Shrimpton facts.'


Why forgetting is a normal function of memory – and when to worry

Forgetting in our day to day lives may feel annoying or, as we get older, a little frightening. But it is an entirely normal part of memory – enabling us to move on or make space for new information.

In fact, our memories aren’t as reliable as we may think. But what level of forgetting is actually normal? Is it OK to mix up the names of countries, as US president Joe Biden recently did? Let’s take a look at the evidence.

When we remember something, our brains need to learn it (encode), keep it safe (store) and recover it when needed (retrieve). Forgetting can occur at any point in this process.

When sensory information first comes in to the brain we can’t process it all. We instead use our attention to filter the information so that what’s important can be identified and processed. That process means that when we are encoding our experiences we are mostly encoding the things we are paying attention to.


Seattle police recently raided four gay bars and clubs,

searched the premises, and threatened potential citations for "lewd conduct." What the actual heck? This is Seattle in 2024 — are authorities there really trying to bring back the regressive eras from decades ago?LGBTQ+ bars and clubs are supposed to be safe spaces 

for queer folks to find a respite from the wider heteronormative — and often discriminatory, homophobic — world. Of course, that's partly why authorities have specifically targeted these establishments in the past.

Police have a terrifying and notorious history of raiding and violently attacking patrons at queer businesses, with one of the most famous examples being the attack on LGBTQ+ folks at New York's Stonewall Inn back in 1969. It wasn't the only such event, but its wide publicity helped shine a light on hateful, homophobic police brutality.

This is very targeted and clearly discriminatory. It's chilling to know that police are still using their outsized authority to intimidate queer businesses, patrons, and community members in this way, escalating a normal Friday night into something that's suddenly scary.


The return of the US right’s satanic panic is more worrying than it sounds.

Two states’ moves to ban satanic displays are reminiscent of moral panic used to criminalise LGBTQ people in 1980s


Here are some simple guidelines for getting along with others.

Don't interrupt when someone is talking.

Don't judge someone by their appearance.

Always respect someone's personal space.

Never assume something about someone.

Apologize when you're wrong.

Don't talk badly about someone behind their back.

Be honest, even if it's hard.

Don't gossip or spread rumors.

Don't stare or make inappropriate comments.

Treat others how you want to be treated.

Offer help when you can.

Don't let your anger control your actions.

If however someone goes on a tirade because you mis gendered them, - used the wrong pronoun ( yawn yawn ) calling a woman a woman when she recognises as a parrot - or especially when a man looks like a man but wants to be known as Miss, Madam or She / Her - then with my permission, tell them to go fuck themselves. I it looks like a duck

If it looks like a duck.

Walks like a duck

Quacks like a duck,

Swims like a duck

Then it's a bloody duck.

If a man looks masculine

Has stubble and a hairy chest

Shows a bulge in his shorts

Walks and talks like a man

And complains he wants to be called Sara Jane,

and recognised as a Lady - then forgive me for getting it wrong - as many will.

He looks and acts like a man.

If however he recognises as a lady or she/her then (s)he at least needs to look like a woman and not complain when people get it wrong. That sort of petulant behaviour WILL NOT BE TOLLERATED at Hamilton Hall and if you take offense because we/someone mis genders you - ( yawn yawn ) , then it is SO BORING and I - quite simply - do not care what you want to be called as long as you are respectful and understanding that - any errors - are human nature and it is THEY / THEM who are the odd one out and I rarely have met women with full beards and a pair of balls and if you take offense, THEN YOU CAN OWN IT - as I am NOT INTERESTED when YOU CHOOSE - and everything in life IS A CHOICE - to be offended when no offense is indicated. It is SELF SEEKING - SELF SUPPORTING - ME ME ME ATTITUDE when other than this, there is probably NOTHING AT ALL of interest in the person and this is just a way of screaming for attention.



My father was 70 years old when he was admitted to the hospital. Eventually he was no longer awake. For a week he was in what seemed like a coma. No communication whatsoever. One night while at home, he called my cellphone from the hospital.

He was awake and wanted to talk to his wife. I handed my mom the phone. We couldn't believe he was awake! He said he wanted to come home and missed her and he loved her. She said she was so happy he was ok and that she would see him in the morning.

She never did.

About 4 hours later the hospital called and said he wouldn't make it through the night. We rushed to the hospital just after midnight. He passed away shortly after. They said he had a brain bleed. I'm still battling rather it was some divine intervention for him to talk to us one more time or if somehow the brain bleed released some pressure to where he was lucid before he passed. Any thoughts?


Dear John: Love your weekly newsletter, it absolutely makes my Sunday. I sit up in bed and read it on my laptop with a cuppa and some toast and spoil myself for an hour or two.

Wanks, well I have to at least have one wank - it is after all, a Sunday morning and you do send such stunning pictures. Very much enjoyed. Martin

Don't always agree with you but love your newsletter each week. Why doesn't the ECC offer us members such a thing. You really do offer some insightful articles and opinions and I do so admire you for what you do. The ECC group is run by committee members who seem to be doing what they do all out of ego and attention whereas you do what yo do for the love of sharing and to assist in peoples journeys. Love you for that Mr. Bellamy. ( name withheld )

Your newsletter each week John. How do you manage it ? Love it. So insightful. Not many have the bollocks to voice their opinions these days for fear of being shot down in flames but you - what can I say, you just say it and let those people who oppose get on with it and good for you. You do talk sense John and I always get a chuckle at how you say what many of us are thinking. Keep it up John. You are one in a million. Victor.


Billy Dee Williams once politely declined Marlon Brando’s amorous advances

“I’ve been getting hit on all of my life,” Williams explained. “Gay, straight, whatever, somebody’s always hitting on me.”

Billy Dee Williams says he once had to turn down a romantic proposition from none other than screen legend Marlon Brando.

A legend in his own right, the star of The Empire Strikes Back and Lady Sings the Blues has a new memoir, What Have We Here?: Portraits of a Life, out this week, in which he details his adventures in Hollywood.

He says his comments were misinterpreted and he identifies as “a very cute man.”

“I figured maybe I need to talk about a few things that might interest a few people,” Williams recently told People. “I’ve had a lot of very interesting experiences throughout the years."

JB :- Maybe decades ago - but you haven't aged very well.




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